My Vampire System Chapter 1835

: Blue Pearl.

At first, Wince thought the sudden turn of affairs was nothing but an illusion. In her hands was the trident, but it wasn’t just any trident, rather the one that had belonged to her father, who had gone missing years ago.

His disappearance was one of the reasons why the conflict between the two factions escalated to the degree that it led to today’s events.

Yet, she knew straight away that this trident was once her fathers. As a child, she had seen her father carry it many times, and she could feel the energy inside the weapon bonding with her.

Right now, she didn’t care why the human had her father’s trident or how he had come across it. Instead, her whole attention was on what was in her hands and how she would use it to fight back.

In the next instant, Wince lifted the trident and slammed it on the ground. A wave of incredibly strong currents with a slight blue glow began to spread out, and Yanny was knocked off his feet.

Even she was surprised by the power when she felt her whole body being pressured from all sides. The pressure was actually coming from the trident itself, but she held on tightly for her life onto the trident until it finally settled down.

Firmly putting her feet on the ground, Wince lifted the trident and started to spin the weapon. It was extremely light, and even in the water, she had no trouble using it. However, when she thrust it forward, she felt a burst of energy from the trident and three hydro pumps of water shot out from its tips.

“I didn’t even try to use my powers to activate this weapon, it just did that on its own with a simple thrust.” Wince smiled.

“Please, I hope you recognise me. I’m the daughter of your previous owner, and I need your help. I want to borrow your power, and I hope you grant this request of mine.”

Earlier, when she saw the weapon, there was one thing she was sure of though: her father was no longer.

“Help me defeat the one that killed your last owner!” Wince pointed the trident out towards Yanny, who had just gotten up from the ground.

Not too far away, Sil had overheard the princess, and once again, he felt like someone had stuck a knife in his heart.

“I’m sorry, but he wasn’t the one that killed your father. Please just use that weapon to get this over with.” Sil thought.

As for his own fight, Sil was doing quite well. He was learning how to use the water ability beyond what he would have before. Even after a thousand years, it seemed like there were things that he could learn to improve his combat prowess.

“If I want to keep up with Quinn, then I’m going to have to keep putting myself in tough situations. He was asleep for a thousand years, and I only just got on his level.” Sil thought.

Thinking about Quinn, Sil had come up with a nice idea to deal with the Predators in front of him. There were still the two water blades in his hand, and when the enemies were coming toward him, he threw one of the blades out. Then, he controlled where the blade went using the water currents.

Sil threw out another sword with his other hand, which chased after one of the other Predators.

“As I thought, these guys are fast, but speed won’t matter soon enough.” Sil, in his hand, had created another water sword and threw it out. Then there was another and then one more. Sil was swiftly making and throwing more and more water blades, and the Predators realised they had to face more of these blades around them.

“Haha, this is like a game now.” Sil thought, controlling them, trying to catch his attackers. They were no longer trying to attack; instead, they were just running away.

“How much power does this guy have… what is going on?!” one of the predators explained in terror.

At the same time, some of the water blades veered off course and went close to the guards. Sil decided to move them off track and attack the guard instead, aiming to help the Sea beast that had been helping them out so far. Honestly, Sil felt a little bad, but the sea beast had attempted to kill them before all of this and was only helping because of another ability of Sil’s.

“Who would have thought that the Bree family’s ability would have come in handy at a time like this?”

Not too far from Sil, someone was still struggling, and it was Doguth. He had been hit several times, and although he felt more power, at the same time, he felt more vulnerable due to the lack of oxygen that was getting out of his body.

“I can’t keep focusing on all five of them. I should take them out one by one.”

After making the decision, he started focusing his eye on just one of the Predators swimming around him, and it was none other than Mokoon. He hadn’t done much so far, which is why Doguth assumed him to be the weakest, and right now, just lowering the number of enemies he was facing was the best thing for him to do.

Focusing his eyes, he fired lasers at the target and also started to move ahead. Mokoon, noticing this, had started to swim in the opposite direction, and the predators had all split up before coming at the Dalki like five torpedoes. However, not all of them were here.

“Where’s that Hammer-head?” Doguth frowned.

Turning to his right, he suddenly noticed that the Hammerhead shark predator was ready, and instantly, he swung his head while holding the two arms of the Dalki to deliver a decisive blow on the latter’s skull. Far stronger than before, there was a current following behind, giving him more power.

Each predator had some control over the sea, influencing it to give more power in their strikes.

“Why don’t you just freeze.” A voice said, and suddenly, the area around the hammer shark was frozen in seconds. The Hammerhead was unable even to see his own body being frozen.

Then, coming out from the area was none other than Sil.

“Well, you can do the honours of smashing him up.” Sil said.

“You… you have the power of ice?” Doguth replied in shock.

Thinking that in the sea like this, it was certainly a dangerous ability to have, he wondered why he hadn’t used it. On top of that, he wondered what had happened to his other opponents.

Turning his head, the Dalki suddenly noticed Sil was still away from him, fighting against the other predators.

“Wait… there are two of you?”

“Let’s just focus on what is in front of us, shall we? Besides, we’re not doing any of this for us. All of this is for the princess.” Sil replied as he got ready to help the Dalki.

—— —— ——

The fight between Yanny and the princess was on. She was confident with the trident held in her hand, and there was a boost in power. Quickly, she could swim in the sea above and began to spin the trident above her.

Power was gathering in the weapon, and she swung it down towards Yanny. Seeing this, the octopus gathered four spikes of water in its hands and threw them out towards the weapon, but princess destroyed them in seconds.

“That damn trident!” Yanny shouted as the lightning hit his arm. Sparks of energy collided, and a marking on his head started to glow.

There was a reason why all the predators were far stronger compared to the others, and it was because of the gift and marking they had all received.

With the marking on his forehead empowering him and his attacks, he went to punch Wince with all of his arms, but she was quickly able to move the trident, knocking his punches away one after another, and then she thrust it forward again.

Yanny had jumped back, avoiding it from stabbing him, but was hit by the hydro blasts soon after, which pushed him back and through the sea.

“I knew that trident was going to give me trouble! Why has it appeared now?!” Yanny shouted in frustration. This wasn’t the first time he was dealing with the trident, and he was well aware of its prowess, which was why he was alarmed as soon as he saw the trident.

“Forget it. If you’re going to fight with help, then so am I.”

Opening his mouth wide, a strange large blue pearl had come out of it. The pearl itself was radiating with energy, and suddenly all of the predators in the area were reacting to the energy as well.

“We who complete your wish, help us win this battle!” Yanny commanded, and the pearl started to light up.

Sensing the energy, Sil knew what it was straight away.

“It’s celestial energy, but what is that item? Is it a celestial item or the God itself?” Sil thought.

Suddenly, the currents in the deep sea started to move again, and looking around them, they could see several large shadow figures beginning to surround the entire city.

“I guess it’s time we get out of here.” Sil thought.


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