My Vampire System Chapter 1834

: Belongs to you.

A distinctive memory had appeared in Sil’s head when he heard the Dogthus speak, about claiming he could breathe underwater for at least six hours. The reason why he remembered, was because it sounded as if the Dalki was bragging to everyone about how much better he was compared to the others.

At least, that was how it sounded in Sil’s head. Regardless, even though they had been in the water for a long time, they hadn’t been in for six hours.

“Is it because of all the fighting he did before, or was he just trying to sound impressive? Either way, fighting ten of these guys on my own is going to be troublesome.” Sil thought.

As he made what looked like a blade out of the water. It was condensed and constantly moving like waves. Swinging it, Sil had managed to deflect a few stingers that had been shot out with the sword and used his other hand to send out three Hydro cannon shots at the others. It had missed two of them but hit the third one in the chest, sending him back and blood to spill in the water.

“This one is powerful, we have to be careful!” A member of the predators shouted.

Sil then raised his new water sword he had created above his head, and it began to grow larger by the second. When swinging it down, it looked to be still growing larger but was able to rip apart, part of the sea moving it away and creating pockets of air.

At that moment, Sil’s blade had gone right through one of the predators, one that looked like a sting ray that was constantly sending attacks from the back. Its body split apart, and its blood had entered the sea.

The others didn’t need to turn around to know he was dead, they could smell their fellow teammate’s blood in the water.

“It’s okay.” Sil stated. “It just means we’re on a bit of a time scale right now.”

Unlike Sil, who was faring quite well despite the fact he could only mostly use the water ability.

Dogthus was struggling. His movements were slow and in order to avoid his red eye Lazers that seemed to be the only thing that was fast when attacking, the five predators that had gone towards him were constantly swimming around him.

He fired Lazers from his eyes, but they would hit nothing but the water, or some part of the city buildings off in the distance.

Eventually breaking out of the formation, one of the predators swam towards him at a great speed and when getting close, it lifted its head forward and slammed it down right on top of the Dalki.

Dogthus was able to react in time lifting both his hands but the blow was incredibly strong, as he saw that this type of fish man looked to have a head of a hammer.

The thing was, its hammer-like head wasn’t the only weapon it had, as it swung both of its arms right towards the side of its body. The second it hit the Dalki it had heard parts of its rib’s breaking.

Out of anger, more of the Dalki’s Lazer powered eves were shot towards the Hammer head, but he had already escaped and the five of them had begun their formation once again, swirling around the Dalki.

“I can’t breathe well, and that guy just whacked a load of oxygen out of my body. Even if I get stronger the more blood is split, I might not survive if this fight goes on.”

“We need to find a way to the surface. Doesn’t that humans have any good ideas.” Dogthus thought, and also looked towards their sea creature friend.

Somehow, Sil was able to control the giant Sea creature, after defeating its allies it looked like one of the sea creatures was quite compliant in listening to the human. Using the Sea beast was how they were able to swim to hear the capital city. While going through the vast ocean without getting attacked.

So the Dalki thought that they could use it again to head to the surface, otherwise, there would be too many beasts for them to face on their way up. However, it didn’t look like a viable option right now, and possibly never.

An endless amount of lazers were being shot from the army and guards towards the sea beast. It was in pain with some of its eyes already destroyed and pierced. There were several wounds on its body and blood was pouring out of them

Still, out of anger, the sea beast seemed to be continuing to put up a good fight, already defeating a quarter of the guards that were at the scene, How long it would last though, it was hard to say.

Meanwhile, the princess was watching everything play out, and although the two were struggling she was surprised with how the two of them were faring. Especially since the one that looked like Quinn, another human had killed one of the predators.

“What’s wrong?” Wince asked seeing the look on Yanny’s face. She could tell this wasn’t how he expected the fight to go on.

“Is this not what you expected? Your powerful Predator race being killed just like you did to my sister!?”

Yanny turned his head to Wince and walked over to her, with his hands he brushed the guards away, and grabbed her himself. The rings on his body didn’t light up, so whatever he had done to her sister he wasn;t planning to do to her.

“I don’t know what you did to get people like that on your side, but that’s not important, what is important is I have you.”

“So why don’t the two of us pay a trip to the Royal vault? Maybe there’s something in there that can deal with them.” Yanny smiled.

Moving her away with his great strength, Wince tried to resist. She began to kick and scream, hitting every part of Yanny’s body as hard as she could but it was doing nothing. Using her hands, she had even controlled the power of the water and created a strong slash right across Yanny’s back but it still had done nothing.

“LET GO OF ME!” Wince screamed. “LET GO OF ME. I would rather die, than let you have what you want. You… you.. you…” No matter how hard she tried it was useless.

Everyone who was hiding from the battle was watching the poor princess struggle with all her might, but not a single one of them wanted to risk their own lives, stepping up to help her. Instead, they just whispered their prayers for someone to keep her safe.

“Father… I wish you were here.” Wince cried out.

Her final cries had managed to reach one person, a person who was desperately fighting. The shark fish had swam straight towards him again, and rather than using the strength ability as he did before, Sil placed his hand up and grabbed its face.

He used the Qi inside his body to try and make up for the strength, but it wasn’t enough and wouldn’t hold out for long. His body was being dragged across the surface of the water floor but something strange was happening.

The shark man could soon feel intense pain, as the skin on his whole face was burning. Eventually, he could see boils appearing before they popped exploding right in his face. The shark man swam away in pain shaking its entire head in the water left and right, while the water was bubbling around Sil’s hand.

“I can still use other abilities while down here, I just can’t move so easily without the water one” Sil thought as he opened his book changing his abilities again. The next moment, he opened a portal, and pulled out a weapon, throwing it directly towards Wince.

It travelled through the water as Sil controlled it, and made it so it landed in her hand. The crying had stopped from Wince’s eyes as she felt a great power, looking at the trident that had appeared in her hand.

“That belongs to you, so use it to get your planet back.” Sil smiled.


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