My Vampire System Chapter 1833

: Six hours.

The currents moving this deep in the ocean and in the city no less was a strange phenomenon to them all. It was something none of them had experienced before. It caused everyone to go silent as a tingling sensation was felt all over their bodies.

“This feeling, it’s a bad omen for us all.” An old frail fish woman stated. Although many thought the old woman was one of those that constantly spouted tales of doom or gloom, many felt like she was right this time.

“What is that?” Wince said as she leaned back and looked at the large dark figure that was moving through the ocean, coming closer and closer to their position. Eventually, it was close enough for the people to figure out what it was.

“SEA MONSTER!” A member of the crowd shouted.

The light reflected off the sea monster’s body and now it could be seen in full view. It had a hard red outer shell with a large orange underbelly that was showing to the rest. On the belly itself, there were several large legs like a centipede.

What made the beast look disgusting most of all though was the several large floating balls it had sticking out. There were around ten of them dangling on long thin parts, but they weren’t just balls, but the eyeballs of the beast.

Opening up, each one of them was around the size of a car, and they soon turned to look at all of the people below. Spreading out wide, the Mermieral race gulped. Although they were strong, most of them weren’t fighters.

That part belonged to the royal family and those that had been recruited into the predators as guards. A sea beast of this size and power was simply too much for them. Which was why panic had started.

The Fish people had started to swim away from the large beast. They scurried through the water as fast as they could, but rather than leave the square completely, many decided to take cover in the shops, or behind large scale buildings, while looking at what was to occur.

After all, leaving the city was not an option, as entering the sea to get out would mean running into even more of the sea beasts, but there was one option for them all, and that’s when many began to run for the Hydro stations.

“I’m sorry for involving you all, but these have to go, so no one can escape.” A voice said.

Wince taking a closer look at the beast, noticed that on top of one of the eyes, there was a human figure.

“That’s… that’s the one that was with Quinn all the time. The one named Sil! So they made it!” A slight smile appeared on her face, but it also went away quite quickly as it is unlikely Quinn was here.

She was sure his companions were strong but strong enough to get them out of this situation, she was unsure.

“Wait a second, how is he even riding on top of a sea beast like that?”

This was why the guards, the predators and Yanny himself were cautious about attacking the Sea beast having noticed the one on top of it.

Just as Yanny was about to open his mouth to ask who this was, a large explosion was heard. Turning their heads they could see that the Hydro station had been completely destroyed.

When the dust started to settle they could see that there was a large Lizard man now floating where the Hydro station once was.

“I saw what he did, he punched the Hydro station and destroyed it in a single hit. What is that!” One of the people yelled and panicked.

“Don’t worry, there’s another Hydro station on the other side.” Another replied and turned around, only to see a red beam go straight over her head. The next second and the other Hydro station was destroyed and had crumbled, burnt to bits.

The mechanism that was used for the tubes were ruined and the people could no longer escape. Because of this, the only thing they could do was hide in their homes and behind structures as they watched what was going on.

“I’m guessing, you are the help that Wince talked about?” Yanny stated.

“Let me ask you if there is anything I can suggest to you so that you don’t interfere?”

Sil was quite surprised by this, and had ordered the sea beast to drop him down slightly moving one of the large Eyeballs closer to the others, so they were at the same level yet still far away.

All the guards had their pistols ready and they quickly got ready and aimed at Sil.

“Ah, so you were the guys that tried to attack us last time I see.” Sil replied. “Unfortunately, there is nothing that you can give me because you see, I have a debt that I need to pay back.”

Putting both hands to his side, Sil had created two balls of water that were constantly hitting against each other, and before the others could react he threw them out towards Yanny.

Both of them had expanded in size, creating two large balls of water, but around them, there were several slashes going through it. The water was pressurised and controlled in such a way that it would slice through anything it would touch. If a person was to touch the large ball a constant strike would hit their body.

When the ball got close to Yanny, he simply touched the balls and the slashes had stopped, the balls got smaller, and crushing them in his hand they had turned to nothing.

“You have a lot of power over the sea I see. No wonder you are confident. It’s a shame for you, that it’s the same for me.” Yanny stated, clicking one of his fingers.

In that moment, all of the guards fired their guns and began to hit the large beast. At the same time, controlling the water, Sil was able to block the lasers from hitting him, and leapt up off the beast so he was now on the floor.

The beast was enraged and began to run through the guards swinging its large eyeballs towards them knocking them out, and soon swimming and landing right next to Sil, there was the Dalki.

“Predators!” Yanny shouted, and out of the lot of them 10 fierce looking fish men had come out on display. They looked like they were fighting humanoid demon tier beasts in front of them, and Sil felt the same way if they were all as strong as Yanny.

“Take them out!,” Yanny order.

The predators immediately started to swim toward the two, adn Sil knew this was going to be trouble.

“With my abilities, I have to switch every once in a while so I can breathe, and If I don’t use the water ability my movements are slow.”

“This really is a pain in the arse fighting underwater, I need to figure out some way we can get to the surface.” Sil thought.

It was annoying him that all of these would be easy to deal with if they were just outside, Although he had a large amount of MC cells to use his water ability on, it didn’t mean he was the best at using it.

Throwing out his hands, two large slashes of water came out of them. This attack was faster than the Clash balls as Sil had called them. Still, in the water, they were able to easily avoid them, and the next second he could see a type of shark man come towards him with his mouth wide open.

“Switch to strength.”

Sil thought in that second and grabbed the mouth of the Shark. Its jaws were incredibly powerful, so Sil was glad he had decided to use his strength ability at the same time.

The next second, he slammed the shark man onto the floor, but another crocodile man had bitten the back of his leg, his teeth sinking through his skin and armour. Switching back to his water ability, Sil shot out a vortex of water, hitting the crocodile man right on the head, and spinning him, sending him away.

“Alright, you damn lizard!” Sil said.

“I’m going to need you to at least take on five of these guys, so I can deal with the rest.”

“I have bad news.” The Dalki said, shooting out his Lazer at the others trying to keep them at a distance. “I can only fight for around thirty more minutes before I need to breathe.”


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