My Vampire System Chapter 1832

: The Crowning. (Part 2)

The crowd around Wince began to back off, and within a few moments, there was no one within the ten-metre radius of the Princess. The look on the people’s faces had also undergone one eighty degree change, and many of them seemed displeased.

“Why did she come back?”

“This silly girl, she should have just used the chance to run away. We all know what will happen to her now.”

There was no slander against the Princess’s name, just concern, and pity from the general public. For them, either way, both groups wished to improve their race. They just had their own ideals and way of working.

However, the general populace held no negative stigma for either faction, and they knew that in all of this, the Princess was innocent. She got involved in this simply because she had blood ties to the previous leader.

Meanwhile, Wince had ignored the looks of pity and stood on her spot in shock. She wanted to understand why her own sister, who had been through the same things as her, betrayed her all of a sudden.

“Ceril! I know we don’t come from the same mother, but they will kill both of us. Why have you done this?!” Wince shouted, not caring if the others heard.

Ceril took a step back and began to move away slightly. Heading to where the crowd was.

“You remember what I said before… everyone is selfish. Everyone does things for themselves. Giving you up means that I can live.” Ceril replied. Her voice carried no emotions, and her face looked as if she was talking to a corpse.

Now, Wince understood, at some point during their trip, or maybe even when they had travelled, Ceril must have made a deal with the Predators to spare her in exchange for her sister’s life.

“It means I can live a happy life with my family,” Ceril added at last, and a smile appeared on her face.

Just then, coming out of the crowd behind her was someone who one of the crowd knew well. He was one of the top members of the Predator gang and was always by Yanny’s side. The name of this Predator was Mokoon. His stature was tall, and now he stood with strange curled-up arms resembling a worm’s body.

He placed his hand on Ceril’s shoulder and, leaning over her, gave her a huge kiss, sticking his tongue down her throat in front of everyone. When he pulled his mouth back, saliva could be seen sticking to the two tongues.

“You… you did this to her! You damn parasite!” Wince shouted. “I know how your powers work. Get that bug out of her head now!”

Mokoon was a special fish and part of the Meremerial race. He was incredibly dangerous as he could place parasites inside others’ heads. And whoever had a parasite inside them would naturally be charmed towards the host-doing his bidding for them.

Hearing Wince’s cry, Mokoon’s shoulders trembled up and down as he started to laugh out loud.

“You seem to know my power well, but you should also know how I would need to transfer said parasite into another. I assure you the feelings were mutual at the time. I just needed to have reassurance.”

Judging from what the parasite was saying, the two were in a relationship before everything transpired.

Wince didn’t know whether to believe it or if it was just to throw her off. Either way, it had worked, and now Wince didn’t know who she had on her side anymore.

“Capture her, but don’t use the guns. We need her alive.” Mokoon ordered the guards.

Immediately, out from the crowd, eight guards in the same get-up as the attackers on the Marpo-Cruise came out. They had their energy swords in their hands, producing steam since they were using them underwater.

One of the guards ran forward and swung down quickly as if they weren’t even in water in the first place. Still, the Princess wasn’t powerless, and she promptly avoided the sword and grabbed the man by the wrist.

She then spun him towards the others and sent him crashing into the other guards. At the same time, she now had one of the energy blades in her hand. Swinging it faster than the others, she deflected the attacks coming her way and slashed across the chest of one of them.

Next, she swam forward fast with her tail and threw her hand out, making a whirlpool of water. It smashed against one of the guard’s chest and sent him throwing the water.

The guards were not faring well against the Princess.

“It won’t be easy to take me. I trained with my father every day. The Strongest Meremerial to ever live!”

The guards slowly got up from the ground, and more started to enter the open area. It was then though, landing on his large two feet, that someone jumped into the centre-one with a large fin on his back and a sharp pointy nose.

Seeing this, Wince wasn’t as confident anymore. It was another one of the Predators. When he swung his hands, Wince went to counter it with the blade, but the shark man just opened his palm and quickly grabbed it.

In the next second, the whole energy of the blade had extinguished right there, and now Wince suddenly had no weapon.

“It would be best if you gave up.” A familiar voice spoke, walking through the crowd, it was now Yanny’s turn to enter the stage.

“We will not kill you. After all, we need you, but I promise that if you put up without a fight, we will allow you… no, let’s say allow you to live a life.” Yanny smiled.

“All of my trusted Predators are by my side, and although you are strong, not a single one of them can be bested by you.”

Princess tried to look at the situation around her, the people, her sister on the other side, but there was no one on her side, no one to help, and even her father’s head, although it was just a statue.

“Please, Princess, just give up. We don’t want to see your blood.” She heard a voice from the crowd.

“Life is the most important thing, don’t give it up for us.

For some reason, hearing these words had drained the energy out of her, and she no longer had the will to fight back. She knew it was hopeless if she did.

“You made the right choice.” Yanny clicked his fingers, and immediately, he placed a pair of energy cuffs on her from behind and a large shackle around her tail as well. Then, two guards walked up and held her by her hands.

After dealing with her, Yanny walked over to Ceril.

“You have done well, but we only need one bloodline to continue.” Yanny placed one of his hands on Ceril’s head, and the blue rings all over his body started to glow.

“NOOO!” Wince shouted. “What are you doing? I gave up, and you made a deal with her! She did everything you said!”

Suddenly, Ceril’s eyes stopped moving. Her whole body froze like a statue as she fell over onto her side, hitting the surface. A few seconds later, her body started to float higher and higher, heading to the surface of the deep ocean.

“You murderer! You scum! Liar! You deserve a thousand deaths!” Wince continued to shout until she started feeling pain in her throat.

“Perhaps you are right,” Yanny replied. “But with your father gone, who can stop me?”

Yanny then started to walk away, planning to continue his celebration. After all, everything was dealt with, and he now had what he wanted until he suddenly heard laughter from behind.

“Ha, ha, ha!” Wince laughed with her head tilted back. Her hair had become dishevelled and was in front of her face. Her eyes were bulging as if she had turned into a mad woman.

“Yanny, you are wrong… I have seen people stronger than my father, stronger than you… and I have brought them here! So let me ask you, do you think you are stronger than a god?”

“A god?” Yanny replied, raising his eyebrow.

“Did you forget whose support we have? You have gone mad. If you really have a god, then why isn’t he here? Where is he?”

Just as he finished his words, everyone in the city square felt the ocean’s currents moving.


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