My Vampire System Chapter 1827: Hydro Station.

Sil’s ship was heading to what looked like a relatively small island. The landmasses on this planet were mostly of island sizes, but this was one of the few with a city built on it.

The city was quite normal and similar to those on earth. It was filled with large skyscrapers, towers, streets and more. Only the architecture and colours differed from the cities on Earth. Most buildings seemed to be made of a light blue material, almost jade-looking while they would also have hints of green and yellow.

Several round giant pearls were also used on certain parts of the building to join them together, or on the outside for decoration. It was hard to get used to, but it always was when they travelled to a new planet.

The most luxurious things were the long large white sandy beaches. There were several fishmen.on them, enjoying food, drinks, and more. There were huts for people to live in with large legs for bases that stood in the sea and a giant oval floating object in the water.

“What’s that?” Nog asked.

“It’s a hydro station.” Wince replied. “They have giant tubes that send people through the water to travel between the different cities, including the capital centre.”

“So there are two options for us. We can either try and sneak in and take the Hydro station, although I believe we would most likely get caught. Or we can choose to just swim through the sea.”

Even though Quinn was no longer travelling with the others through the sea, he shuddered at the thought of having to do something like that. “The sea?!” Ceril looked panicked. “You can’t go through the sea. You might not survive. Just take the Hydro station. I’m sure we can figure out a way.”

“What’s so bad about the sea?” Sil had to ask since it looked like the better option in his head. At least for a task like this one.

The sea is dangerous, even for us. Wince explained. “Because there are dangerous Sea beasts that travel in the water.”

“They don’t attack the cities or the groups of Mermerials because they know that they can get hurt if they do so, but a small group like ours, we would be sitting ducks.”

There was another reason Sil wanted to enter the water. He wanted to know how effective his powers would be, flames, lighting, wind, etc. Perhaps the only ability and the best ability to use in the water would be water, but how effective that would be against the fishmen was unknown. However, there was still one trump card that would definitely work well underwater.

“I can’t use that. If I use that, it will cause all sorts of problems.” Sil scrapped the idea instantly.

The ship soon landed on the part of the beach that looked to be the least crowded. There were plenty of trees near the beaches, so there were enough spots for them to hide the ship. The only problem was they couldn’t avoid making noise if the ship bashed and landed through the trees.

Even though it wouldn’t be a loud one, anyone nearby could notice such a thing, so they decided to land it at the top of the trees, allowing it to hold the ship up.

“The ship has a camouflage option, but it will no longer be invisible.”

“It can fool some people, but if someone looks at it from above, it might only be a matter of time until they find this, so we need to move fast.”

All of them jumped down from the ship and stepped on the ground. It was time for the group to head separate ways.

“There’s no need for you two to wear disguises when you enter the city. We have plenty of ones that look similar to you.” Wince explained. “Just don’t catch the attention of the others, not until we have the equipment we need.”

Nodding, Quinn and Nog headed towards the city while the others ran towards the Hydro station.

Walking through the jungle, Ceril and Wince picked up a few colourful fruits, squeezed them, extracted some juice, and then rubbed the strange juice all over their face as if they were painting on it.

“Is that your disguise?” Sil asked. He could still separate them apart, not to mention the lines on their faces weren’t really helping them in this disguise.

“Not many know the face of the Princess and her sister.” Wince replie.

“Our father was the leader who was killed before we even got any chance of limelight or to be revealed to the world. These disguises are good enough.”

“They won’t recognize us at a glance here or there, and besides, the Hydro station is automatic. The only problem will be getting a ticket, but the rest is done by itself.”

Walking on the beach, they noticed that quite a lot of people seemed to be leaving the city and heading towards the station for some reason. A large wooden walkway that reached the station was crowded, and others who looked in a rush decided to travel by water.

What was fascinating was that as soon as the human-like figures touched the water, their bodies transformed into different types of fish, allowing them to swim quickly toward the station.

“I wonder what these two girls would transform into when they touch the water?” Sil thought, but they would see that soon.

The large crowd and the busy station were to their advantage. The guards stood still and seemed to allow everyone to walk in. The group of four kept their heads down as they walked through, and finally, they were inside the station.

It was far more spectacular than Sil had imagined. Right now, they were walking through a large glass that allowed them to see the sea. Numerous fish were swimming around in the water, and it all looked beautiful.

Until, for a brief second, Sil saw a large tentacle snatch one of the bigger fish and pull it into the deeper and darker water. Whoever that tentacle belonged to, one could not see its dark body.

“I think Quinn was right about the sea.” Sil gulped.

Trying to ignore what he had just seen, he looked at the large plastic-like tubes travelling in the sea. In front of them, there were about ten of these pods that the people would step into.

Then, a sound would go off, shooting through the pod. Finally, the passenger would be sent through the plastic tubes deep into the water to the location stated.

“You guys wait here,” Ceril said. “I’ll go get us all tickets.”

Wince’s face looked like she was ready to stop her, but Ceril shook her head.

“If they catch you, it’s all over. Remember, you’re the princess, not me. I won’t be recognized, and once t get the tickets, we can all queue up and head to city.”

Ceril had already run off before Wince could respond. So they waited for a while, but Wince was nervous as she bit her fingernail and walked around in circles.

“Yes… make us look even more suspicious,” Doguth commented.

After a few minutes, Ceril returned, and she had a smile on her face.

“Come on, let’s get moving quickly!” She said as she handed each person their ticket. They then all picked a line and lined up.

The queue was moving quite quickly, and Sil could see what one needed to do. First, scan the ticket before entering the tube, and the door would open, then stand inside to be blasted off. It was simple.

Sil and the Dalki, at times, would move back a little to adjust their position, allowing the Fishman behind them to go before them because they wanted to go in at the same time as the girls.

If they went in before them and there could be a problem they would need to deal with it. In the end, after exchanging places with others a few times, all four reached their respective tubes simultaneously. They scanned the tickets and stepped inside.

There was a bit of excitement in Sil, and he felt as if he was going to be going on a theme park ride. The next second and the arm buzzer sound went off. It blasted all four of them down the tube and into the sea.

They were travelling at the same speed, and when they looked to their right and left, they could see each other. Now, Sil was where he had seen the fish from earlier. As they got deeper into the sea, Sil noticed several different creatures.

It was amazing, as there were several light sources that floated about in the sea, allowing them to see.

Then Sil noticed that up ahead, the tubes breached off into several directions, and this was because they could travel to several other cities and directions from one Hydro station. This made sense until Sil and Doguth were sent down another tube and taken to the right. Then, the two girls pods deviated and sent them to the left.

“Wait, this doesn’t look right! We’re going to completely different places!” Sil was alarmed.

They turned towards Wince and saw her scream a few words towards them, and her face showed similar shock and panic. But they could not hear her and, within a few seconds, the two pairs were separated and heading into two different directions.


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