My Vampire System Chapter 1826: Owner of Marpo.

“WHAT!” Ceril screamed so loud that nearly the other ships through space could hear her.

“I don’t understand. Didn’t you say you were some god of blood or something, and you’re afraid of the sea? I mean, isn’t like water and blood are quite similar?”

“Look.” Quinn said, giving out a deep breath.

“I just feel more comfortable being on land. What is wrong with that? In the water, I can’t move well, I can’t see well, all my senses are dulled, and there is no telling what is in there. It’s like the dark but ten times worse. I see no reason why everyone shouldn’t be afraid of the sea, other than you guys.”

Although the others weren’t scared of the Sea like Quinn was, they all thought he had brought up a good point. Even the Dalki would struggle to fight in the water, so it looked like the group needed a plan after all. Especially if they couldn’t dive down.

For now, the ship was staying a little way from the planet, as they also needed to figure out how to get past the fleet of ships without attracting attention.

“I know!” Wince said with a smile on her face. “There is a special item in the Roval vault, just for situations like these. Pieces of beast-tier equipment that will allow you to breathe underwater. I can get those…” Her voice soon started to trail off as she realised what the problem was.

“And how do you want to get those without us if the place is guarded?” Nog asked.

It was time for them to put their thinking caps back on again, but that’s when a solution arrived.

“Well, I can travel in the water somewhat.” Doguth said. “I’m not as strong as I am on land, but we can hold our breath for around six hours.”

“I never knew the Dalki were Whales,” Sil commented.

“Anyway, it won’t be so much a problem for me either. I have an ability that will allow me to breathe underwater. It is just the restricted movement that will be the problem for me.”

It looked like in the end that the Dalki and Sil were the only ones that could go with the girls, so the plan would have to be just that. The girls, along with the two, would try to get to the vault.

“Then what about us?” Nog asked.

“There is an island,” Ceril said. “One of the cities is located on an island. We can stop there for you guys. You stay put while we dive down to the city centre and come back.”

It sounded like a good plan, and Quinn was somewhat relieved that he wouldn’t have to go into the water and would actually be able to stay on land. Surely there would be some way to convince this Yanny character to meet them.

Steal something precious of his and rise up, who knew? Either way, knowing that Sil was going gave Quinn confidence, and it might also be something that he could complete on his own.

Surprisingly, there was another solution put forth by Sil about avoiding the space fleets and that was another ability Sil had. In his large book of abilities, he had many that would have seemed useless in a battle, but they are proving useful here.

For one, he was able to turn any object he touched invisible as long as he was holding it. At the same time, everything inside of the object he would touch, as long as they were touching the object as well, would turn invisible. So that’s what the group had currently decided to do.

The ship was now travelling in stealth mode while being invisible, so the engines were dead silent, but it also meant that it would take a bit longer for them to reach the planet. It was a shame that Sil didn’t have the power to just teleport them all. But then again, although the distance looked small from the ship, it certainly was vast.

Since there was some more time before they would leave the ship, Quinn had decided to approach a particular person that was on board.

“I know the two of us haven’t spoken a lot,” Quinn said.

“I’m sorry if I seem a bit nervous when talking to you. I’m sure you know the situation between our two races?”

The Dalki nodded but also looked Quinn up and down.

“From what I know, our two races have a different problem, though?” Doguth replied. “Aren’t you a vampire, not a human?”

From the sound of it, the Dalki knew a lot more than Quinn originally thought, which was perfect for what he wanted.

“Oh right, and our relationship is even more complicated. I’m quite interested in you.”

“I have a lot of questions, how are you even alive and more, but I know from Sil that you won’t answer that, so I thought I could ask you more about the Marpo-Cruise, when it all started, and when did you become captain?” Quinn asked.

In a roundabout way, Quinn was trying to find out if was related to the Dalki that he knew. Something didn’t seem right. If the Dalki were still alive, there were only a few people that Quinn imagined could keep them that way, and they were meant to be dead, both of them.

“The Marpo-Cruise. I have been there since the beginning, I guess. Originally there was just one, but soon the company grew…” Doguth stopped there. It was as if he was about to say something.

“I know why you are talking to me. You wish to get home, but as I said to your friend. I have never been to Earth and have no idea about it, but there is one person who will know.”

“The owner of the Marpo-Cruise line, he is a Human himself. Everything I know about Earth, myself and the Dalki past is thanks to him.” Doguth explained.

Hearing this, Quinn stopped there, thinking who on Earth could it be that was still alive or had information about back then. Was it Jim Eno? Was he somehow still alive but the fact was that the Dalki had specifically said human instead of a vampire?

It was then that Quinn’s eyes started to glow red, and he looked toward the Dalki.

“And the human, the owner of the Marpo-Cruise, what is his name?”

Using the influence skill, Quinn was hoping to get a truthful answer, His heart was thumping louder. Something was going on in the universe. Something that he wasn’t able to see, there was a deep dark feeling that he had, but he wasn’t quite so sure what it was.

That was when the Dalki didn’t answer and tapped his nose.

“Your name is Quinn, right? I will pass on that you wish to meet him, and let’s see what he says.”

“The influence skill didn’t work… he is a five spike, so that would make some sense, and it never worked against beasts well. Still, I thought it had a chance.”

“Alright, everyone, we were nearly there in the city. Everyone remembers the plan and don’t cause too much attention.” Wince ordered.

Walking over, Quinn headed back to Sil’s side and looked over at the Dalki. He then folded his arms and whispered.

“Keep an eye on the Dalki. See if you can get any information out of him. Don’t harm him…he seems like a nice one, but if he’s in trouble, don’t help him out so much. Let’s see how strong these guys are.”

There was a strange feeling and thought going through Quinn’s mind, and it was a dreaded thought. The threat of the Dalki was meant to be over. It was in the past, and a thousand years had passed without that said threat coming back.

Learning of what was happening, a thought crossed Quinn’s mind, what if he wasn’t the only one, and what if he wasn’t the only special one that could hold an ability? Before anything like the thoughts that were going through Quinn’s mind would come true, he needed to meet this human.


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