My Vampire System Chapter 1825: A God's fear!

Chapter 1825: A God’s fear!

Sil’s ship was state of the art, at least it was when he had last left earth, so it was relatively fast, but at the same time, according to others, quite slow as well. In fact, it had already been two days of space travelling, and they had yet to reach the planet that they were heading for.

At the moment, Quinn had even regained the ability to re-enter the celestial space, but he decided that now wouldn’t be the best time. If he did return, he wanted to have an impact. Returning now would just catch more unwanted attention from others, and would just end up dying again, temporarily losing a lot of his Celestial energy.

“I still not sure about the Celestials’ strength in general. From the sound of it, Athos was quite a strong one according to Sil, but even he hasn’t had much experience.”

“Okay, everyone!” Wince said, clapping her hands.

“In about half a day’s time, we should be approaching my home planet. Before that though, I think it would be best if we all discuss how we are going to approach this.”

Nog walked over to stand close to where Wince and Ceril were standing, but as for the others they looked partly disinterested in the whole thing.

“Come on!” Ceril said. “Can you guys take this seriously? Don’t you already remember what happened at the cruise?”

“Do you think that was the full force of their attack? The Mermerial Race that Yanny is in charge of is strong. We can’t just go there, defeat them and save the day.”

“We can’t?” Sil replied, which sounded a bit sarcastic but he was actually somewhat serious. They had done that with the towers owned by Athos’ before. The only reason; they didn’t do that with Athos was because they didn’t even know where he was located, but this was a different story as they had their own personal tour guide. Why not just storm the place and get this over and done with?

“The danger is real.” Wince explained.

“Yanny is in charge of a group known as the predator fish. In the past, they had ruled all of the Mermerial race planets. They were naturally stronger than the other types and did well to defend us from attacks and more.”

“However, as time went on more peaceful times were ahead of us. The predator bloodline was mixed with several other fishes creating mixed bloods, but Yanny, and his group of people had always remained pure.”

“Many people support them thinking that strength is the answer, rather than talking, communication and technologies.”

“Either way it’s true, the predator type are the strongest by far, and they have only gotten stronger.”

“He was what he calls his ten generals. Those that have been by his side for a long time and who receive a strange power.”

Hearing this, Quinn was a little interested now.

“The strange power, is it the same as the commander that attacked us before? And is he a general?”

If he was a general, then Quinn knew that the whole thing would be a walk in the park.

“Yes, it’s the same power, but no the commander from before was relatively new, he was not a general and they are more powerful.”

“Before, they were reluctant to use the new technology that our side had created but now they are openly accepting it, which has just made them even more fearful.”

It was true, Quinn was surprised by the power that was outputted by their weapons. It was more powerful than anything earth had come up with, new or old. Quinn wouldn’t tell Logan that, but once again, he had been introduced to a race that would have easily been a threat to earth, even with all their abilities.

“This is why I suggest we first go to the Royal Vault.” Wince suggested.

“There will be items that will help us win. Items that my father kept in there for use at times like this.”

“In fact I have a feeling that the legendary beast, the trident, might have been sealed in there before my father disappeared.”

“He was good at predicting things and how the other side would move. He might have even predicted his own disappearance.”

Sil was sweating once again, and started to avoid eye contact.

“I’m sorry, but the beast, and the trident you are talking about isn’t in there, it would be useless to go in there!” Sil thought, but was wondering how to word it so they didn’t have any false hope.

“I doubt it will be easy.” Sil finally spoke up.

“I mean if they know there are powerful items inside, then they will definitely be protecting it, right? Maybe we should just use our own powers to defeat him.”

“Are you an idiot?” Ceril asked.

“If we are strong enough to defeat Yanny and his generals, then we are strong enough to beat the guards or whoever is guarding the royal vault. Getting what is inside will make us stronger and give us more chances of winning this battle!”

“If the spear is in there, it will be able to transform it into the legendary Hydra, and the weapon itself is even more powerful when used in the right hands.” Wince explained.

“I know it’s unlikely to be in the vault, as my dad took it with him many times, and I have a feeling that… the others have already dealt with him, but we have to try, and with that weapon, I feel like we have more chance of victory.”

Sil looked at Quinn, asking, almost begging for his help in some way to stop these girls from entering the vault, because every word felt like he was being stabbed in the heart, as if the world wanted him to tell them the truth.

“We won’t be going to the vault.” Quinn said.

“This vault is our reward, it was your words, not mine, and I don’t want to waste my time going to one place when we can fix the problem faster by going to another place.”

The girls stayed quiet after Quinn spoke. They respected him, and were thankful that he had even come on the trip. After hearing Quinn speak multiple times, they knew that he was serious about getting this done as soon as possible, and they would rather do it his way, than without him.

“This Yanny.” Quinn questioned. “Is he the one that is giving powers to the others, the generals you are worried about?”

“Yanny is the leader of the Predators. However, he is not the one supplying them with power. There is another that Yanny is able to summon.”

“I have only seen him once, when going up against my father, but it is possible that if we can take the item off him that he won’t be able to summon him.”

For Quinn, though, he was pretty sure this was the Celestial, and he wanted him to be summoned. Worst case, he would take the item himself so he could summon the god.

After some time of discussion, they could see the ship approaching one of the planets. There were several large ships orbiting it, with fleets of smaller ships, the same type that had attacked the cruise.

“It looks like this isn’t ogling to be as easy as just getting on the planet and getting rid of Yanny.” Nog stated.

Rather than the large ship and the fleet of smaller ships, Quinn was more concerned with another problem.

“Hey, this planet we’re going to, I don’t see much land on it, or anything that looks like a big city.” Quinn asked, his voice a little shaky.

“Of course, that’s because we mainly live in the water.” Wince replied.

The others looked at each other, because it was a bit of a problem for them all, since none of them could breathe underwater.

“We aren’t going to be able to fight at our best.” The Dalki stated.

“At all, for some of us!” Nog added.

The two sisters looked at each other and their eyes widened. The thought had never crossed the mind, that the others might not even be able to reach the city in question.

As for another thing, seeing the sea and the idea of getting into it was causing Quinn’s body to shiver, as he had a deep fear of the sea.


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