My Vampire System Chapter 1824: A Red Deal.

After the Great War against the Dalki, the planet Earth lost most of its landmass, leading to a significant rise in water level and even less land for the populace to live on. To resolve this problem, Logan built a city above the sea, and the Pure came up with a different solution.

Cruising through the waves as if they were nothing was a gigantic city on a ship. It was enormous, as if someone had attached ten battleships and built a city on them. On top of that, there were more ships around it, ahead, to the left, to the right, at the front and behind. And all of them were moving at the same and constant speed to protect the large ship at any point and time.

However, this wasn’t just an ordinary ship. It was the Pure’s base. This ship city of Pure, and their solution to the crisis that was on Earth. This enormous ship, which could be best described as a floating city. It looked like bits and pieces which had been put together, rather than a singular made ship. There were no restrictions for people to live there. But here, there were mostly those that supported Pure. Eighty percent of the human population currently on this floating city ship had no Ability as this was their believed philosophy.

Only those that had recently switched sides still had their ability, but they chose not to use it and were kept under meticulous watch. However, those that didn’t wish to be left defenceless had the option to join the Pure Military, and in return, they would be taught the ways of Qi.

Small spaceships would board the large vessels from time to time for various reasons. For example, if they were here to trade with port cities linked to Pure, the small ships would land on the helipad at the front of the enormous ship to deliver supplies and Crystal from other planets.

It was a well-built society on board the ship, and they had done well, protecting the people for a while now, unlike Green City, which seemed to be having problems as of late, being targeted by the very vampires that they were trying to protect.

On board the large floating city, on the top floor of one of the highrise buildings, there was a high-class restaurant decorated primarily with golden and red shades. But right now, the restaurant was empty because it was cleared for a crucial meeting.

Three figures were sitting at a fairly large square table. They were the leaders of the Pure. To the left was the red-headed macular man with scars all over his body, Chris, or Agent One. Then to the right, there was Agent four, with his glasses.

Both were sitting down with a straight back, waiting for someone. Then, there was a man who looked to be in his middle thirties. He had a black beard reaching up to his moustache and black hair on the top of his head.

As for his attire, he wore a tight robe and a belt with two blades on its sides. This man was the leader of Pure and the one known as Zero.

Just then, the gates of the huge hall opened, and two figures stepped in. The three men looked up, albeit they remained seated.

“It’s great to meet the Queen herself in person finally!” Zero said with a smile to the two ladies walking toward the table.

These were none other than the Dhampir Queen Erin and the second Dhampir, Flora. The ladies bowed a little to show their mutual respect and took the seats opposite Zero.

“I’m sure you know I am a heavily wanted person, which is why I could not meet you before, but it is good that after working together for a long time, we’re finally meeting face to face.”

“Even during my time in Pure, I had never met you… so this really does count as a first.” Erin replied.

There was tension on the table, as it was easy to tell that Chris wasn’t happy about this at all. He had his arms crossed, and the frown on his face showed it quite easily. His attitude was annoying to Flora because she wouldn’t let someone disrespect the queen like that, but she chose to remain silent for now.

“It’s far-fetched to say that we have been working together.” Zero replied. “More or less, the two of us just happened to have a common enemy. So please tell me, what brings you here?”

Erin had initially been asked to remove her weapons before entering the room, but of course, she refused. This meeting in itself was a gamble for her. It wouldn’t have bothered her earlier, but now there were only two of them, and they were at the heart of someone else’s faction.

As usual, Erin’s aggressive nature allowed them to have their way, and they entered the room like so.

“You wish to take out Green city, but with the Vampire Corps supporting them, it’s nearly impossible for you to do so. Which is why I suggest we team up for real and take them out together.”

Zero tapped his finger on the table for a few seconds before giving his reply.

“You are only two people. I was hoping you wouldn’t assume I don’t know that you no longer have an army. Yes, you are strong, but I doubt just you two would count for much against the enemies.”

“I feel like you two coming here was more for protection rather than aggression, isn’t that right?”

These words made Flora nervous because, in many ways, Zero was right.

“Because we have more to offer than just us two,” Erin, on the other hand, wasn’t bothered by Zero’s mocking tone. She pulled out the red heart and held it in her hand for everyone to see.

Flora, who was by her side, was stunned to see this. When Erin said she had a plan, she never suspected this. This was an item that everyone was looking for, and they had made many sacrifices to get their hands on it. Was she going to give it away just like that?

“I’m sure you know what it is. In return for the red heart, we ask to join Pure. I admit that our position no longer makes us equal, so just let us be part of your group. If you wish to get rid of Green city or the vampire corps, then so be it.

“However, if you try to betray me after taking this red heart, then I will not leave this planet until I have sliced your head off and fed it to all your children,” Erin said with a straight face.

“Unfortunately, I don’t have children, not anymore.” Zero shrugged his shoulders.

“Nonetheless, I will accept your offer. Agent Four takes the red crystals and shows the queen and the princess to their new abodes.”

“Please make them feel welcomed and allow them to use any of the training facilities as they wish, and if they would like to meet me, and discuss anything, give them a direct line.”

Letting out a long sigh, Agent four did as he asked and walked over, but he soon had a hop in his step as he approached the red Crystal. When he stood opposite the two, he stopped for a second, being cautious. He was reluctant to take it from the blond dhampir at the start, but when she placed it on the table, he was a bit more inclined to do so.

Picking it up, and feeling it in his hands, he began to look at the item from every angle he could. Without a doubt this was the real deal, it was the red heart that was so highly sought after.

“With the armour, and this, things are falling into place.” Agent four thought.

When they finally left the room, Chris couldn’t control himself and let out his frustration.

“Why are we working with her?!” Chris asked.

“I understand when we supported them, even collaborated with them, but taking her in as one of our own? Where have your morals gone?”

Zero didn’t say anything and just stood up and headed towards the door.

“You know what she did, right? You know what she did to him!!” Chris shouted, which finally had the effect he wanted because Zero turned around and looked directly at Chris.

“Don’t you dare mention him!” Zero said in a heavy low tone that vibrated his own chest. Instantly, a tremendous amount of energy radiated off his body, and all the tables and chairs in the room started to float from where they were before quickly falling back down onto the ground.

“If everything goes as intended and planned, then there won’t be a problem no matter what happens. You have to keep your eyes on the end goal and put all your focus on it.”

“Then, all the hiccups along the way won’t matter. What happened before involving her was a hiccup at most, and there might be more to come, but we will push through.”

“Besides, now that the Red heart is in our hands, don’t you want to find out why the others want this thing so badly?” Zero asked. “Now, come… let’s see what this can do.”


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