My Vampire System Chapter 1823: Guilty.

As soon as Quinn heard the words coming out of Sil’s mouth, he stopped him there and quickly used his celestial energy to cover the two of them in his white space. Although he hadn’t yet fully recovered his celestial energy after the practice, there was enough to secure the location. He believed it was important that no one else ends up hearing what Sil was saying.

“Sil… please tell me it isn’t true?” Quinn asked, still surprised by what Sil was trying to imply.

Using his powers, Sil opens the portal to reveal the glorious trident he used in his battle against Athos. Admittedly, it was more elegant than the commander’s, but on closer inspection, both the trident seemed to have similar craftsmanship and design. And upon seeing this, it only added more worry to Quinn’s mind.

“I’m sorry, Quinn, but you have to understand my point of view,” Sil said.

“When I landed on the planet, there was nothing but water, and then this damn giant Hydra-looking fish came out of nowhere and started attacking me.”

“What do you think anyone would do in that situation? It was clearly at the level of a demon-tier beast and a strong one as well. So I thought that it would make a great weapon.”

“There were plenty of times when I would land on a pallet and kill beasts and demon-tier beasts, so this was no different. How could I have imagined this would complicate things in future.”

So far, the story seemed quite fair, and Quinn was with Sil on this one. He would have done the same thing.

“Anyway, in the middle of the fight, this muscular old man with a white beard came out of nowhere. He was also the same.”

“Without saying anything or listening to me, he started to attack along with the Hydra. I had no clue what was happening, but the man kept yammering about this Yanny guy sending me to kill the beast.”

“I have to admit it was a really tough fight, but what was even more impressive was that the man could transform the demon tier beast into this weapon right here.”

“Furthermore, it had the same replication ability, allowing one trident to become many, just like Hydra’s many heads.”

“It was clear that this man was going to take me out, so it was either him or me, and after he disappeared, I took the spear, and it’s been like this ever since. But I won’t lie, this trident has been one of my best and most favoured demon tier weapons because it helped me gain an advantage in countless battles after that.” Sil was shaking his head as he thought back to the fight.

It certainly was one of his most challenging ones, especially for not going against a God Slayer or a Celestial. It was almost as if the demon-tier beast and the man were more on the level of a god slayer, but that wasn’t the important bit now.

“I have to admit… I feel a bit guilty.” Sil added, “Ultimately, it’s because of me that her family and the people on the planet are being turned into slaves. Can’t we help them?”

Quinn’s eyebrows furrowed. If he were honest, he would have preferred Sil to keep the story to himself, but he understood why it was eating him up inside and why he felt the need to tell someone.

For Quinn though, this story just made it harder for him to be selfish. They had absolutely no responsibility or reason to get involved in this, unlike with the Amra race, but now Sil had presented a reason and not a simple one either.

“If it’s really such a big deal, maybe one of us can continue to focus on finding a way to get back to the Earth while the other helps them out? I don’t think there’s a need for the two of us.” Sil suggested.

While thinking about it, Quinn didn’t really want to split up with Sil. Splitting up last time didn’t turn out to be the best decision, even if the two were titans in terms of power. Hearing what Sil had suggested though, did give him an idea.

“Maybe there is a way.” Quinn sighed.

“The commander for before had a marking, that means there’s definitely a Celestial on that planet. So that’s one way of us getting back. Then there’s the treasure for helping the princess.”

“Honestly, we don’t know which side is the right one, but we have to be selfish in this situation.”

“The princess has promised us rewards, not to mention we’re the reason their race is in danger, so let’s help them, and with the rewards, there might be a way back through them, and there is also a third reason.”

“If you’ve been to the Meremerial planet before, it means we’re heading in the right direction.”

“Right now, the best way to return to Earth is to retrace your steps, and maybe your ship will kick in and pick something up again. So that’s three reasons we should help.” Quinn nodded with his arms folded.

“I mean, we didn’t really need three reasons, but if that’s what you need to convince yourself to help these people, then do it, Quinn. I knew you were going to help them anyway.” Sil smiled.

“Maybe I should keep this trident away, so no one sees it? Otherwise, maybe both sides will be after us.”

Although Sil said it jokingly about the bad luck that Quinn was having lately, this was a big red flag for them.

After getting out of the Celestial space, Quinn decided not to use his celestial energy freely. After all, they were possibly meeting another celestial, and after defeating the last one, although he was more confident than before, he didn’t wish to do something reckless.

They were back in the hallway right now, and the two of them decided to turn around and head back to the meeting room. Only the sisters were in the meeting room, and it seemed like the Captain, and his manager had left the room after Quinn and Sil stormed off a few minutes ago. Even the sisters were about to leave when Quinn suddenly stepped in and made an announcement before they did.

“The two of us, we have decided to help you, Princess,” His words surprised everyone in the room.

They were only a few words but were enough to bring the two sisters to tears. They turned to each other, locking hands and began to jump up and down for joy. They were truly happy, and Quinn also smiled at this sight, knowing he was the reason for their hope.

Soon after, both sisters ran up to Sil and Quinn, giving them a big, tight hug.

“Thank you… thank you! We promise that we will forever be in your debt after this is over. We will do our best to support you if there is a problem or anything you need.”

The group didn’t waste time, and it was mainly due to Quinn. He wanted them to move on and not add any more delays to their original plan. So they decided to take Sil’s ship as it could comfortably fit everyone inside and head to Meremerial planet.

Both of them didn’t quite know what they were expecting, but the sisters would tell them everything they needed to know along the way. However, just before they left, surprisingly, there were two figures standing near the ship’s ramp.

“Hey, what are you two doing?” Sil asked.

It was the Nog and his Dalki Captain Doguth. They were notified by the other staff members of these four heading to the docking area, and after a small discussion amongst themselves, they headed for Sil’s ship.

Seeing the confused expression on Sil and Quinn’s faces, the Captain clarified. “These people destroyed my ship that I have given my life to. I don’t care too much about the princess’s vendetta.”

“I want to avenge this ship against the people who did this, so they would never consider doing it again. Which is why we decided that the two of us will be coming.” Doguth, stated.

Sil stood on the ramp, refusing to budge. He didn’t particularly like the fact that these two were going on his ship until Quinn pulled him by his shoulder and to the side.

“I know you said that Dalki knows nothing about Earth, but we also know nothing about him. If the Dalki are still alive and they have abilities, then we should gather information about them as well so that we can be ready for anything.”

“Maybe after this thing, it will bring us closer together, and he’ll explain to us.”

A large huff came out from Sil, which showed his displeasure at the idea. Seeing a middle-aged man act like this was strange, but Sil had improved vastly from the last time Quinn saw him, so he didn’t really say anything.

“Fine” Sil said while walking off. “But if you guys betray us attack us, or pull any of that crap, then I’m going to deal with you all personally.”

Walking up the ramp, Nog and Doguth entered the ship, and everyone soon embarked on their journey to the Meremerial race planet.

—— —— ——

Not long after the group had left, a fleet of ships arrived from none other than the Marpo headquarters. A man stepped out of one of the ships and onto the large Cruise ship. After observing the ship’s state, the man shook his head as a frown appeared on his face, and his eyes began to glow red.

“What dared to create this mess?!”


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