My Vampire System Chapter 1822

: Not my Problem.

Because of the sudden attack the ship suffered a lot of damage that needed urgent repair. So instead of continuing the flight path as planned to its next destination, the Captain decided to halt the ship’s advancement, and instructed the staff to commence emergency repairs all over the ship.

However, because the amount of damage on the ship was too much, there wasn’t really enough for backup for them to get it back up to how it was, so they had called for help from the main branch, the Marpo Headquarters. In the response, the Captain was told they would send out a fleet to do repairs, but it would take a while for them to arrive.

By the time the fleet comes, the Captain was instructed to figure out the number of lives lost on the ship and the amount of damage done.

There were times when this ship was attacked, but one or two guests would get injured or maybe even unfortunately killed. However, never anything like this had transpired before and the whole matter required urgent investigation to find out the root cause.

However, there was still the question of who would take responsibility for such a thing happening? It was hard to say.

The guests on the cruise had their personal problems they had to deal with, so it would be hard for any of them to act, which was why they had pointed most of the anger toward the attackers, but this led to the most important question; once again, just who were the attackers and why had they attacked since it was clear they weren’t random space pirates?

A meeting had been called in the command room, from the Captain no less, and the people attending it were the two sisters, Nog, Sil and Quinn. They were all now in the same room, sitting at a round table across from each other.

But the mood was strange in the room, to say the least. When Sil learned that Dalki was Captain, he didn’t know how to react. The good news was it didn’t look like their lead would be getting off the ship anytime soon.

Earlier, the Dalki captain, known as Doguth, had asked if they could meet at some point and would call them after he was done assessing the situation. Since Sil could see that Quinn was in no state to reply himself, he had agreed.

The two of them went into a room to relax for the day until Quinn had finally recovered. Then, Sil sat down and explained everything that had ensued during the attack, while Quinn had next to no recollection of what he had done, only bits and pieces here and there.

It didn’t matter though, because while walking back to their room, plenty of people had informed Sil exactly what Quinn had done, while thanking the then tipsy Quinn.

When telling the story back to him, for the first time after a long period, Quinn’s face carried a tinge of red out of embarrassment, which deepened as Sil continued.

At last, the two of them were eventually called by the Captain, which had brought them to the situation they were in now.

The Dalki stood up, beginning the meeting. It was strange for the two humans to see one act so civil and understanding.

Although it wasn’t too strange for Quinn because looking at the Dalki Captain reminded him of Borden.

“First, I want to start this meeting by thanking the two of you.” The Dalki gestured towards them with a hand and a slight bow.

“I have seen what the blonde man can do first hand, and I have heard numerous reports from Nog and others of what you have done.”

“Without the two of you, the number of lives we would have lost on this ship would have been much more.”

In truth. Sil didn’t want the Dalki to treat them nicely because it made it harder for them to ask for what they wanted. Sil wanted to find out why a Dalki had an ability and how it was still alive. They also needed to get information about Earth from him, and if he weren’t going to say anything, then they would have to use force and find out from him, which wouldn’t be easy to do if they became friendlv with him.

Sil and Quinn’s plan before coming here was to hear what the meeting was about first and then act according to the circumstances.

“It’s no problem. I don’t even remember what I did in the first place!” Quinn quiped, half smiling, which received some giggles from both Wince and Ceril.

“Now, I have called you all here because we have to find out why this unknown enemy attacked the Marpo Cruise. According to Nog, it looked like the group’s commander was after you.” Doguth pointed at Wince.

“So, it would be best if vou can please explain.”

Wince turned silent for a second and had her head held down. That was when her sister Cyril held her hand and nodded.

“We should tell them we need his help, right?” She added.

Sitting up straight, Wince also nodded and, after taking a deep breath, she started to explain.

“I will explain everything from the beginning so you can better understand our situation. I am Wince Trail. Princess of the Meremerial race, and currently, we are on the run.

“Our planet has always been split into two factions, two groups of people that believe they hold the right to rule our race. However, it has been impossible for one side to rule the other due to our powers being even.”

The start of the conversation played a lot of similarities with the current situation on Earth, so Quinn was slightly interested. Still, as he stated before, he wasn’t interested in getting involved in anyone else’s affairs.

“On one side, they have a powerful god that supports them. He grants them strange powers to fight us, and on our side, we have a Legendary beast, the Hydra, controlled by my father, the King.”

“One day, my father and the legendary beast suddenly went missing. Even after a long search and many days, there was no news of him.”

“In the end, some of our people began to believe that they were dead, and because of that the tide of power shifted, allowing the other faction to take over and get rid of our army.”

“Because of all this, my sister and I had no choice but to run away, but they continued to chase us. They wish to eliminate our bloodline so there can never be an uprising, but before that, they want us alive. As for why he wishes us alive, it’s because our blood will unlock the Royal Room. It will allow him access to weapons and powerful weapons and items, strengthening the other faction.”

The four in the room understood what was going on. To be honest, it was a tale heard many times, just in different ways. An uprising, a betrayal or just two factions colliding and one side getting rid of the other.

“This is why we boarded the Marpo-Cruise!” Syril explained. “We are looking for powerful warriors to help us fight back. Our people have been made into slaves or tortured just for supporting us. We have to set them free and reclaim our world.”

It was then that Quinn stood up from his seat.

“Look, I’m sorry, but like I said before, I don’t really want to or have the time to get involved. Whenever I get involved, people end up dying anyway, and I need to get back to Earth.”

“So if no one in this room can help us get back to Earth, we will leave this place and continue on our way.”

“It’s not like this doesn’t concern you,” Wince chimed in. “If they capture us and get their hands on those treasures, it will be destructive for the entire galaxy. You have seen what type of people you are dealing with, right? And we are not asking you to help us for free. You are free to have the treasures for yourself if you are successful, we just want our people to be free. So we beg you, on behalf of an entire race, please help us out.”

The look in her eyes annoyed Quinn because somewhere in his heart, he wanted to help them out. It was in his nature; it was just who he was, but he had to prioritise who was more important. So, without saying a yes or no, Quinn walked out of the room, with Sil quickly following him.

They walked down the hallway until Quinn eventually stopped and placed his hands on the side of his head.

“Hey, not to add to the stress of the situation, but are we going to help them out?” Sil asked.

“Now you too?” Quinn replied but noticed something strange.

Beside him, Sil suddenly had a strange look on his face, and when listening closely, Quinn noticed the former’s heart was beating slightly taster.

“What’s wrong?” He asked.

Sil looked behind before replying while scratching the back of his head.

“Well, the thing is… you know how she said that her father and the Hydra went missing? Ahem, well, uh, do you remember that trident that I have?”


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