My Vampire System Chapter 1821

: The Captain.

Keeping his hand on the gun, Quinn stood up from his seat. He had wrapped the palm of his hand around the muzzle. He then clutched the barrel and pulled the man’s arms as he stood up, and seeing this, all eyes in the area were on him.

“Let go! Let go, or I’ll shoot!” The man shouted. Panic was evident in his tone.

Upon hearing this, the others had stopped what they were ordered to do and were looking at the sudden turn of events. Wince’s throat hurt from all the shouting and crying, but now, she thought it was worth it because ‘he’ was now awake.

Nog, standing not too far off, was breathing heavily. He could barely stand on his feet but somehow managed to hold composure because he didn’t want to look weak.

“These guys, they are no joke. I remember he did that trick before but will it work on these guys? Can he really do anything?”

“Either way, it doesn’t matter as long as he can hold them off until the captain arrives. If need be… I’ll help him without hesitation either!” Nog thought while focusing on recovering his strength as quickly as possible.

The wounds and bruises on his body began to heal as the horn on his head pulsated and changed colours.

“Is this the person you were screaming at before?” The Commander of the attackers asked.

“This person is going to help you? Have you gone mad? Very well, let’s see what he can do. Get rid of him”

Hearing the order, the man holding the gun pushed the trigger, realising the energy beam. However, nothing happened as silence descended on the bar. Quinn stood there in no pain or injury on his body. They had expected the energy beam to go through his hand and into his head, but the beam never came out.

“Is it broken?” the man wondered and pulled the trigger again and again. The side of the gun lit up like it usually would, but the energy beam he wanted never came out.

As for what Quinn was doing, he was matching the energy produced by the gun with his own Qi. A while ago, he noticed that some Pure members used guns which created Qi bullets.

It had made Quinn wonder if he could use the third stage of Qi like that of a blood bullet? It would be an almost invisible strong and fast attack. Now that he recalled it, he had the chance to implement it practically, and it looked like he could get the answer to this question here, as the two energies matched with one another and cancelled out the effects.

The gun was made quite well, as he was surprised it didn’t break, but it also worked well as a good practice over realising his Qi as soon as the man pressed the trigger.

“It’s a shame you’re wearing those masks.” Quinn said, with a hiccup in between.

“Otherwise, I might have made you shoot your own friends.”

In the next instant, he tightened his grip around the muzzle, and broke the whole thing, crushing it, he threw it on the ground. The man looked dazed. Everything happened so fast that he couldn’t even react and now was unsure what to do.

Still, they were strong and trained in combat, so mustering all his confidence, he went to throw a punch.

Quinn easily blocked it by smacking it away and kicked the man’s legs causing him to fall.

The next second, Quinn pressed his foot on the man’s chest. Immediately, the others pulled out their guns and pointed them toward Quinn.

“Why… why isn’t he using that strange power that he used before? He can control all of them to do his bidding, right?” Wince thought. She hadn’t caught Quinn’s whisper from earlier.

The main problem was the masks that the others were wearing, and it was unsure if it would work against such people in the first place.

“I would have liked to have tested a few things on you,” Quinn said, nearly losing his balance and falling off the man. “However, I’m not feeling the best today, so I need to end this quickly.”

The Commander laughed, and so did his men. By then, noticing that the firing had stopped and people were laughing, some guests were peeking out of their hiding spots to look over at the scene. Even Ryan, who was lying on the floor but still alive, had opened his eyes.

“Hey!” Quinn shouted, looking at Wince. “Don’t you remember what I said? I’m a god of blood, and these guys have spilt a lot of it.”

Lifting his hands, the dead guests blood and all that was on the floor started to rise up. The blood of the dead was being sucked out of their bodies and slowly rose above the floor. They were in a large area, so it was bizarre for them to see the blood everywhere in the air like rain drops.

As they witnessed the scene, the attackers started to panic, and a frown formed on the Commander’s face.

“How is someone able to do such things?” Wince thought.

Nog’s mouth was left wide open upon witnessing what was going on.

He had met many people on their trips, but no one could do something like this. Combined with what the person had shown before and his strength, Nog was starting to believe that this person might even be stronger than the captain.

“What are you doing? Stop him, fire!” the Commander ordered as he clutched his trident and pointed it towards Quinn. Immediately, all the enemies started to fire at Quinn.

Multiple lasers came toward him, but before they could reach him, the blood droplets suddenly amassed in the air in front of Quinn, forming a wall and blocking every incoming attack. The blood wall continued to move, and even when the Commander used the trident to fire out a jet stream of water, more blood would gather and block it.

It was hard for the attackers to seewhat was going on, as the blood kept accumulating, blocking the attacks from all directions as it had almost created a ball around Quinn.

In the end, seeing their attacks turning out useless, they stopped firing. But they didn’t know this decision would just hasten their annihilation.

“Okay, now it’s my turn,” Quinn’s words resounded throughout the room.

He moved his hand down, and all the blood in the air turned into something similar to the blood bullet skill. In an instant, it went through all the attackers, breaking through the armour they were wearing, hitting their heads, and killing them on the spot.

Before anyone could react, everyone witnessed about one hundred fifty bodies fall to the ground, all apart from one, the Commander. He stood there in disbelief as he looked at all of his men.

“You are an interesting one.” Quinn smiled.

“On this whole ship, there wasn’t one person with celestial energy, so I was losing hope, and then one of you came right to my doorstep.”

Moving just his fingers, the blood from before and the new blood spilt from the dead bodies started to gather and condense into the palm of Quinn’s hand and turned into a solid red ball.

“Wait! Who are you? Maybe you and my master can talk!” The Commander said, now frightened.

The situation had completely turned on its head.

Everyone thought that it was clear they had the upper side, yet they came across just one person with so much power that he alone turned the tables.

Wince, who was being held, noticed that Quinn could even attack them without hurting any others.

Somehow, her stroke of luck had worked, and she was now more confident than ever that she had found the right person.

“Thank you, thank you so much!” She couldn’t help but tear up at the glimpse of hope in front of her.

“I’m sorry,” Quinn replied to the Commander.

“But I already know how to deal with your type. Things never change, and I’m not going to give you a chance. In the first place, the easiest way to make them come to me is by taking you out.”

He thrust his arm forward, and out from the red ball of energy, a large spike came out so fast that it pierced the Commander’s heart before he could even react. The Celestial energy from his body got drained and went straight to Quinn, but the amount was minuscule, and when he retreated the spike, the Commander fell to the floor, dead.

There was silence for a few moments. It took time for the guests to process what was happening until a few words came out.

“Thank you! Thank you! You saved us” A guest cheered.

Applause resounded throughout the room as people shouted tears of gratitude to the person in front of them. Upon seeing all of this, it was hard to say it didn’t make Quinn happy it was a good feeling. a Just then, several staff members, along with Sil, rushed into the casino through the large hole that the attacker had created.

“As I thought, I didn’t have to worry about anything after all.” Sil smiled upon seeing Quinn going back to his seat and sitting down.

For Nog though, as soon as he saw Sil and the others, he rushed over immediately and got down on one knee, not in front of him, but rather to the large man next to him the Dalki.

“Captain, please instruct us about what to do next!” Nog asked.

“Captain? What? This Dalki is the captain?”


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