My Vampire System Chapter 1818: Side by Side.

In the strange desert-like area of the ship, Sil was trying to figure out two things. One was who these people were that had just tried to attack them right now, and the second was whether or not the Dalki had used an ability.

The Dalki were already powerful beings, and those with more spikes on their back would get stronger the more they fought and got injured. However, Sil also knew they would discover an inherent ability unique to themselves after their fifth spike.

One Horn was able to change the size of his body. Slicer had a tail that was fast and could regenerate, and then there were even those that shared similar traits to the clones they were made out of. The only thing was when these inherent traits were actually an extension of their body rather than an ability.

This time, however, Sil was sure it was an ability because of two things. One, the type of energy felt when being used, and two, the fact that it was one of Sil’s many abilities in his book.

“I think we should concentrate on the ones trying to get rid of us!” the Dalki shouted, emitting a red beam from his eyes towards one of those dressed in black, but just like before, this one had stopped the attack with his axe weapon.

However, the next moment, Dalki was already in front of them and caught the axe with his bare hand and, before the enemy could react, he knocked him to the ground and, using his laser eyes, shot at the attacker, sending him far into the distance.

Quickly another tried to attack with a dagger, but when it hit the Dalki’s hard scales, it did nothing, and the weapon merely bounced off.

Turning around, he had whacked the attacker off in the distance. When the Dalki went to look at the others, he could see that the human with him had managed to deal with the intruders on his own and was standing there with all the enemies knocked out and on the ground.

“You seem quite strong. I was told that many humans were weak compared to us.” The Dalki said.

“Well, clearly, you haven’t been to Earth. There are plenty of strong guys there… I believe.” Sil replied, realising he hadn’t been there in a long time. “Besides, if we were that weak, we would have lost the war against you. But did we?”

Since it was unlikely that the Dalki would straight up answer Sil’s questions, he was going for another approach: by angering him and making him slip up. Perhaps this way, he could get the answers he sought and know the information the Dalki had.

“Ah yes, but most of it could be credited to just one person, and he’s no longer with you. So if another war happens, do you really think we would lose?” The Dalki asked.

The question did pop up in Sil’s mind. If it was the past Earth, then probably not, but with him and others, they were much stronger than before. They would be able to have done something, but then there was one more thing he had to take note of.

What if all the Dalki that had attacked last time had an ability like this one? Would they have stood a chance then? The images of chaos and battlefields from the Great War flashed in Sil’s mind again. It was something he didn’t want to see again. They already had enough worry about the Celestials, Dhampirs and vampires, and now Dalki, an old enemy they had defeated, had also entered the picture.

“How did you get that ability of yours? I’m hoping for an answer. Otherwise…” Sil lifted his hand, and it started to spark blue. A five-spiked Dalki would have been a problem before, but even with an ability, Sil was sure he could deal with him, even without using any of his Demon-tier weapons.

But at that moment, the floor beneath them started to tremble, and the whole area was rumbling. Then, the next moment, they heard the noise of the above artificial ceiling breaking down.

“What’s going on? What is that!” The other guests started to point.

Some had noticed the fighting and gathered, but not everyone was interested, and the fight lasted only a few seconds. But this was frightening as more of the ceiling started to break, and giant shards crashed onto the floor.

Soon, they knew why and what was the reason behind this abrupt chaos as several humanoid figures came through. They were covered in dark blue armour from head to toe and had a helmet covering their face. What was most noticeable though, was what was in their hands because it looked like a gun.

They had jets on their back that allowed them to hover in the air, and like an army of flying ants, they had covered the whole ceiling.

[All staff members are to be on guard! We are being attacked. I repeat, staff members are to be on guard! The Marpo Cruise is under attack!]

The announcement reverberated throughout the ship, but it was too late.

“Fire!” One of the attackers shouted.

Immediately lasers came out one after another toward the crowds of people. The guards did their best to protect their employers. They were able to block a few shots here or there but were eventually getting hit. The laser attacks went through their armour like a sharp arrow, leaving a deep wound from which blood would ooze out.

The ship staff quickly arrived at the scene. They instructed the people to stand back and those willing to fight to help them.

As for Sil and the Dalki, the laser had hit him, but Sil had hardened his skin in the right place, making the laser attacks useless against him. And when they hit the Dalki, the attack had grazed his skin, drawing a small amount of green blood.

Then, some of them landed on the ground and started to pull out what looked like swords made of energy. It reminded Sil a bit of what Logan used to have, but the power this time seemed more stable and stronger, and judging by the energy blasts, it was far more potent than anything they could come up with back on Earth.

“I will deal with these on the ground. You deal with the ones in the air. That’s fair, right? And I think we should save the people on board as well.” The Dalki said and ran off towards the enemies who had landed on the floor.

Sil couldn’t believe what was happening. Right now, of all things and people, he was about to fight side by side with an actual Dalki. This was something he had never imagined. Nevertheless, he did as the other requested. Sil then put his hand on the floor to create a giant wall of Earth.

The wall instantly appeared, casting a shadow over the others, but unfortunately, the attacks still got through, but that didn’t matter. Sil ran up to the top in an instant, and everyone could see him. But the most noticeable thing was his hands which were electrified and covered in sparks.

“Just like bugs.” Sil smiled as he let out several lightning strikes from his hand.

As soon as it hit the first armoured intruders, his body started to shake wildly, and in the next second, the lightning passed from one to the next and then to the next, creating a web of lightning.

It lasted five seconds before Sil stopped his attack, and all of them dropped from the sky like flies. Now with the job done, Sil slapped his hands together and put away the Earth wall.

“Wow… did you see that they dealt with the intruders so easily!” One of the guests exclaimed. “You’re amazing!”

When Sil heard the word they, he looked behind him and saw that the Dalki was also done. He had dealt with them all incredibly quickly.

“Even if he is a five spiked Dalki, how was he able to… is it because of the ability?”

More and more started to congratulate them both, even offering them beast crystals as payment to be their new bodyguards or to come back with them, but Sil didn’t have time to get bothered with this because of the new announcement.

[Attention all Marpo Cruise staff, please head to Section Three of the ship. The largest enemy force is centred at this position. Get ready to defend the ship!]

After hearing this, a thought crossed Sil’s mind.

“Section 3… wait a second, isn’t that where Quinn is?”


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