My Vampire System Chapter 1817: Begging a God.

There were many strong individuals on board the Marpo Cruise. They were well travelled and at times needed to protect themselves. On top of that, even the wealthy individuals that could pay the admission fee usually wouldn’t enter on their own and would have a guard of some sort with them.

The guards weren’t weak either, and everyone on the cruise would know this about the others as well. That was why it came as a surprise for everyone in the bar, that there was someone who could force them to kneel suddenly, and it was clear who was the one behind it all.

“This is embarrassing, but my body, no matter how hard I try to lift it, my legs and arms won’t listen to me. What kind of power is this!” One of them thought.

They all were forced to watch Quinn walk back to his seat, and when he had done, the effect seemed to wear off. They jumped to their feet, feeling free, but a few fell back from the exhaustion they felt from fighting against the skill.

“Can I have another one of these bubbly blue things? They were quite nice.” Quinn requested.

Wasting no time, unlike before, the bartender rushed to make the drink. He ignored the other orders he was preparing beforehand and quickly offered the drink to Quinn that the latter had asked for.

Not far from the bar area, one of the managers, Nog, was observing everything. He wasn’t affected by the strange powers, but he knew well what type of strength one would possess to achieve something like that.

“I’ve seen many people visit this cruise ship, and there have been those with similar powers, but I have never seen anyone have such a powerful effect on other people.”

“Just what is he? What is his race and background?” Staring heavily at the back of Quinn, he couldn’t figure out anything. It did remind him of something though, an order he had passed not too long ago.

“His punches are strong. He’s fast and has some strange powers. If he’s the guard of the other one, then trying to steal the crystals from such a person might not be good.”

“It could affect the whole cruise!” Nog thought.

This time, Quinn had drunk the drink a little slower than last because he could tell that he was getting worse by the second, but he was reassured, knowing he had Sil to protect him. As for his new friend, she was still stunned.

“Wait a second, was what he was saying before all the truth? About defeating all of those beasts? Could he really not be lying? Is he really some god?” Wince felt the last question was too far-fetched, but it didn’t matter to her.

She had found what she was looking for: someone who was strong. Walking toward Quinn, she soon sensed something coming towards her from the back, and in the next instant, a foot-long spike went past her.

Turning her head, she saw quite a few angry faces staring in her direction, at Quinn, to be more specific. She somewhat understood what had happened. One of them had sent out an attack.

It was fast, and in the state Quinn was in, she wasn’t sure he could handle it until she saw him raise his hand and grab the spike with two fingers, before it hit him in the back of the head. This scene shocked everyone like it was something out of an action movie.

Spinning on his bar stool, Quinn looked towards the angry mob.

“You tried to attack me. I can hear it going through the air.” Quinn hiccupped in between.

“Qi, aura, shadow, weapons, I have so many ways I could have stopped this, but I chose to catch it to show the difference between you and me.”

Using the strength of his two fingers, he crushed the strange spike, causing it to fall to the floor. That was when a strange hedgehog-looking creature’s jaw nearly dropped to the floor. Since it had come from him, he knew how strong the spikes were. So without any hesitation, he decided quickly to turn away and get away from this strange person.

After seeing this short interaction, no one else wanted to try it on with him. On the other hand, Wince was now more sure than before and took the seat next to Quinn.

“Wow, you really are strong. Although I somewhat believed you earlier, I honestly felt you were exaggerating too much.” Wince had excitement in her voice, but when she saw that Quinn was taking another drink, she couldn’t help but recall what Quinn had said earlier.

Such a strong individual had a complicated past.

“Maybe we can help each other? There has to be a reason why you’re here. Everyone who is on a ship has their reason.”

“Escaping from the troubles on their planet, business deals, or simply a vacation, I’m sure you also have your reasons. So I want to ask for a favour. If you can help me, I will do everything in my power to help you.”

Although Quinn’s vision was getting a little blurry, he noticed a few things from the young lady beside him. One was the serious look on her face, her hands clenched together, and her tensed muscles. She was nervous, but she was serious as well.

“I’m sorry. I have a million problems of my own to solve. I have to worry about my people first. After all, I’m not some charity or god that goes around doing good.”

“In fact, I’m quite a selfish person. Unless you have some way to take me back to Earth, then I can’t even be bothered by any of your troubles.” Quinn replied.

His mood was beginning to get a little sour as these words reminded him of all the things constantly bugging him, so he thought it might be time for him to leave this place, but when he was about to get up, Wince pulled the corner of his sleeve.

“Please, I’m begging you. I’ll give you all the crystals you want! We even have Nest-Crystals that you could use!” Wince bowed her head, and Quinn noticed droplets of tears drip on the floor.

“My entire kingdom is in trouble, and I can’t save them. I have no strength to save them.”

“My last hope was the Marpo Cruise, and you’re the only one I have found to have the capability to help me in my troubles.”

It would be a lie if Quinn didn’t feel some compassion and pity for the young woman and even felt an urge to help them, but as he had said earlier, he wasn’t in a position to get involved in other people’s business. What happened on Planet Amra was a different story. It was only because he thought it would help him get back to Earth that he got involved.

Just as he shrugged her off, Quinn soon saw a blue haired female standing before him.

“She was the one with the other woman.” Quinn thought.

“Please help us.” The other sister cried.

“My sister would never beg anyone for help. She was so proud before, and now… and now we have to do this… it’s not fair! What did we ever do to deserve this?!”

Quinn had never been good with women in the first place, but now seeing the crying women, he didn’t know what to do and could only let out a big sigh.

“I’m not promising to help… it is very, very unlikely that I will help, but I will at least listen to your story, and maybe when I’m done with my troubles, I’ll consider helping you.”

The two sisters felt hope as their faces lit up.

“Thank you! Thank you so much! In return, the two of us will give you our flowers!” Wince replied. Her eyes had turned red from the tears, but instead of helplessness, there was hope in them.

“Flowers? What does that mean?” Quinn thought, visibly confused, but the bartender behind who had heard everything felt embarrassed, and he had to walk away.

Both of them sat beside Quinn. This time, instead of another alcoholic beverage, he decided to go for the water to sober himself up to hear their story better. That was until everyone suddenly felt a jerk and the waiter, who had just given a glass of water to Quinn, suddenly fell face first over the counter.

“Is the ship shaking?” Wince asked in confusion.

Quinn looked down and noticed the water in his glass move, and the bar suddenly began to shake. Then suddenly, the whole ship shook violently, causing people to fall from their seats.

Moving his hands, Quinn quickly grabbed onto both girls, for the blue-haired one he had grabbed from by her elbow, while Wince screamed as she felt a hand latch onto her chest.

“It’s too soft, I need to hold onto something else!” Quinn, still tipsy, shouted in annoyance and grabbed her waist this time, not realising the others around him had heard his words clearly. But before anyone could react, a ship-wide announcement suddenly shocked everyone.

[All staff members are to be on guard! We are being attacked. I repeat, staff members are to be on guard! The Marpo Cruise is under attack!]


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