My Vampire System Chapter 1816

: Drunken God.

It was a strange feeling for Quinn and he didn’t know how to get rid of it. His head was pressed against the cold surface of the marble-like bar, but it seemed like the more he kept his head still, the more it would spin.

Still, his ears were working well, perhaps too well, as the echo sound of high heels against the floor were resounding in his head.

“Please, could someone just turn that off.” Quinn mumbled.

For some reason, since there was already a third drink in front of him and because he didn’t want to waste it, he had gulped that down as well, which only made his situation go from bad to worse.

“Oh, I thought you would be more of a gentleman. I didn’t realise you were so rude.” The voice said.

From the corner of his eye. Quinn could see the shiny light-red hair he had seen before. It was the female that had latched onto him, and almost gotten him eaten by that giant fish.

“I would have stopped in if he tried to eat you.” The voice said.

“Huh, can you read my thoughts?” Quinn said, lifting his head, and his eyes were a little bloodshot. The alcohol was extremely strong and for someone like Quinn who had never had it before, it was affecting him more than it would have done others.

He was wondering why his resistance to substance’s and poisons like this weren’t working at all. Then again, the creator of the system wasn’t the most ethical person.

“Don’t be silly.” The girl laughed.

“You were speaking out loud. It looks to me like someone can’t handle his drink. Why don’t I look after you for the day? Aas a thank you for helping me out from before. The name is Wince.”

“Quinn.” Quinn replied back putting his arm out but missed slightly so the two just didn’t end up shaking hands.

“You know, speaking about earlier, I picked you because I thought you could win, you know.” Wince explained as she ordered a bright light blue drink in a Champagne glass filled with bubbles.

“You had this look in your eyes, while everyone else was afraid of what could happen or was going to happen, you just stood there like it was no big deal.”

“You must be strong right, I was just wondering how strong you are?”

When asking this question, Wince had grabbed both hands of Quinn and held them together, and she started to slowly move up one arm, massaging it gently as she asked.

“Me?” Quinn said slurred. “I am very strong. I saved my planet before and now I need to do it again.”

Wince didn’t know what to make of Quinn’s answer. It was clear he was a bit more open and loose lipped due to the drinks, but saving a planet could just mean she was speaking to a soldier.

“How about beasts, have you defeated beasts before?” Wince asked, propping a bit further.

“Beasts, lots of beasts, crabs, trees. Some demon tiers here and there, like I said I’m quite strong.” Quinn admitted not shying away from the truth and somewhat bragging. He was proud of his achievements but there was never anyone for him to really share them with, In the state he was in, he was saying what was on his mind.

“Demon tiers huh, is this guy just trying to brag to impress me. He’s just telling me lies.” Wince thought.

“I thought since he wasn’t swayed by my looks he wouldn’t lie to me like that, but maybe he beat them with a group or something. There is still hope.”

Standing up, Wince moved her seat closer to Quinn and ordered two more drinks. She pushed over the strange blue liquid to Quinn, who looked at it for a second.

“It should help with your headache.” Wince said. Taking a sip of the drink, it was a lot sweeter compared to the whisky he was drinking before, and he had consumed it on the spot. The only thing was, Wince had lied. It made his headache and stomach worse because there was indeed alcohol inside.

“Maybe you can tell me more about yourself. You said you saved your planet, so what are you, what type of powers do you have?” Wince asked.

“What… what… what… am I?” Quinn replied. “I guess, the easiest way to explain it… at the moment, I am a god.”

Hearing this answer, Wince wanted to slap her own cheek for believing that this guy must have been something. Her blue-haired sister, sitting alone at the other table, couldn’t help but laugh at what was happening. She never believed that this man was anything at all. At least not someone who would pull them out of the position they were inside right now.

“You don’t believe me, do you?” Quinn asked. “I never wanted to be a god, but I received the title, Ruler of Blood.”

Quinn’s speech was still slow and all over the place, but when speaking Wince noticed something else, everything he said, there was a slight sadness in his voice.

“Ruler of blood, it sounds quite romantic if you ask me.” Wince replied, now trying to just play along She decided to just find out about the man instead of the man’s strength and enjoy talking to this person, who for once didn’t just look at her as something to win or get for themselves.

“I mean all life, has blood in their body, correct? Doesn’t that mean in a way you are a ruler of everything that is living?”

Quinn chuckled at this comment.

“Being a god is not as great as you think, and if what you said was true, then why have some of my good friends died in front of me.”

A troubled past, that was for sure, but on this cruise there were plenty of people out there that had a troubled past.

It was then that Wince herself took a big gulp of her drink, finishing it in one go. “Perhaps, if you had more strength you would have been able to save them, maybe you weren’t strong enough.” Wince mumbled.

She said these words out loud, but they weren’t really directed towards Quinn.

“Not strong enough.” Quinn said standing up from his seat, he was a little wobbly on his legs that Wince thought she would have to catch him.

“I wish that was the case. More like it was making bad decisions and not being able to be in the right place at the right time.”

“It’s so annoying!” Quinn gestured in a loud voice looking around at everyone.

“That I have the power to make everyone in this room kneel on the floor. but I can’t even go back to my home planet and help them. What type of shet god is that.”

Since Quinn was speaking loud at the moment, the others not too far could hear him loud and clear. Then one that couldn’t help herself, and bursted out laughing. It was the smaller sister with the bright blue hair.

“Haha, I’m sorry, but you should be careful about what you say. Although making everyone kneel is quite unrealistic, there will still be some people that will take offence to that.” She said.

“You’re right… but it doesn’t matter because it’s true.” Quinn said, as he turned around and looked at Wince. He then gave a posh bow, lifting his other hand like in the movies, as if he was in some type of play before walking to the centre of the room.

All eyes were on him, but most thought he was just a drunk guest. Even Nog was now looking at what was happening along with several workers.

“You asked me, what my powers were, well this is just one of many.” Quinn’s eyes started to glow red, and from the system, something was activated. “Everyone… KNEEL!” Quinn ordered.

The next second, all of those that were looking at Quinn, felt something strange enter their body as they were compelled to go on the floor and kneel. Everyone who was in the area had been affected. Some had resisted a bit, but eventually they were all on the ground, or on their seats all kneeling towards this person.

Quinn turned around with a smile on his face as he looked at Wince, and walked past her sitting back down in his seat.


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