My Vampire System Chapter 1815

: A hurt man.

After the strange confrontation, Quinn and Sil had gone to relax at the bar. If there was one thing that seemed to be plenty off no matter where they went, it was alcohol. Sil had ordered a type of whisky.

Its smell was so potent to Quinn; it felt like he could taste it in his mouth without needing to take a sip. As for Quinn himself, he was struggling to decide what he wanted since he couldn’t; seem to see any blood.

“Can I have that?” Quinn said, pointing to a square bottle that had a large x on the front. Although Quinn had no clue what it was, he had seen the shape of the bottle before. Lifting the glass up, he took a sniff. It still smelt a bit too strong for him, but closing his eyes and holding his nose, he took it down in one complete gulp.

From the look on his face, one could tell that Quinn didn’t enjoy the drink, not one bit.

“It’s so strange, I mean, it’s been 1000 years, and I think this is the first time the two of us have had a drink together.” Sil commented as he took a sip.

“But then, when I think about it, that makes sense. You have never had a drink. Not during your whole time you were a student, and not while you were asleep.”

“That has to be so strange. Why did you order that anyway?”

A strange feeling was coming over Quinn. It had upset his stomach somewhat and burned his throat. He remembered that Alcohol was a strange substance, something that vampires could still enjoy the taste of. Especially if they had enjoyed the drink as a human, it would taste the same as a vampire.

“A particular person used to drink this drink. I thought I would give it a shot. I’m surprised to see it in a place like this.”

“They really do have something for everyone and something from everywhere.” Quinn commented.

It had been a long time, but judging by the tone of Quinn’s voice, Sil knew that he was most likely only talking about one of three people. Richard Eno, Vincent Eno, or Arthur.

“You still get upset about it. You know I might understand.” Sil said, taking another gulp.

“I mean, remember I had a father that made me fight against my own siblings and then tried to kill me for some reason.”

“So I understand that I have an asshole father. Sorry, I mean ‘asshole father’ figure.”

Hearing this, Quinn didn’t reply and instead ordered another glass, and he had done the same again, knocking it back in one gulp. He had yet to feel any effect, but it was perhaps due to him drinking them a bit too fast. That’s when he went to order a third one, but a hand reached out and grabbed him.

“Hey, stop.”

“I know a lot has happened, and it’s not all good news, and we’re in the middle of nowhere, but I don’t want to see you drunk, I have never seen you drunk in my life.”

“Although I think after a 1000 years it might be entertaining, with your powers, it could be a frightening thing.”

The words for his best friend helped him settle himself a bit, but to be honest he was somewhat just trying to understand why people liked alcohol so much. He never got to experience those days of parties and such. A whole life had been missed out, and if he was to get drunk, he should at least experience it once.

The thing was, after around 10 minutes, Quinn was starting to feel it going to his head. “I thought because of the shaking factor of vampires. They couldn’t really get drunk. What is happening to me?”

His face was feeling hot, and his head started to move about a bit as if it was hard to keep it still.

“Are you serious?” Sil asked. “How would anyone believe that you’re some type of god when you can’t even hold your drink?”

“Look, you just stay here and drink some water. You don’t have to worry about anything. You’ve had too much on your shoulders for a long time.”

“When that Nog returns, ask if you can meet the captain and ask him about Earth. There’s no rush.”

With that Sil left his friend at the counter of the bar. Honestly, Sil didn’t feel he would have to worry, Quinn was a gentle soul, a harmless person in the first place, and if someone did start something on him, if he wanted to, he could probably take the whole ship down.

“As for me, I’m going to find that Dalki and find out what he knows and why he’s here.” Sil thought as he went to the last place the Dalki was seen. What he didn’t know, was Nog had long since returned but had yet to approach or be seen by the others. “This is great, I was thinking of a way of splitting the two of them, but they have done so themselves. Let’s see.”

“We need to figure out where he stores the crystals, so we can’t be too rough on him.” Nog thought.

While thinking about it, there was an upset look on his face, but he soon shook his head. “We need those crystals.”

*** *** ***

Sil had quickly gone up to the second floor, he didn’t use any of his abilities as he didn’t wish to startle anyone, but there were some abilities he could use that didn’t require others to see. For one, there was X-ray vision.

The second floor was hotter than the first and, on one half of the ship, everything was made of a type of rocky terrain. It was a strange area. There were just people lying on the ground, or on the rock made sunbeds taking in the heat.

Still, it didn’t take him long with his x-ray vision to spot where the Dalki was. There was a giant curved rock in the large open space, which was strange to see on a ship. It looked like half of a moon was sticking out.

Reaching the other side, Sil had approached the Dalki, who looked relaxed and lying on his back with both arms behind its head. Now getting a better look at it compared to before, it was without a doubt a Dalki.

“Can I help you?” The Dalki asked.

Sil was wondering how to approach this. He had been wondering for a while and what to say his whole walk here.

“Do you recognise my type, my kind? Do you know about earth?” Sil asked.

The Dalki had somewhat of a reaction, he opened one of his eyes wide and looked at the person in front of him. Stared him up and down before eventually giving an answer.

“I have heard the name, but I don’t really know anything about it,” The Dalki replied.

For sure, Sil thought that the Dalki had to be lying. There wouldn’t be a single one that didn’t know about earth. They were the enemy, the place where they were trying to fight and take over.

“That can’t be. You’re a Dalki, How are you still alive?” Sil asked.

Now the Dalki was really interested as he was no longer lying down and had lifted his upper body up. Suddenly, the Dalki’s eyes widened.

“Move!” The Dalki yelled.


“I said Move!” The Dalki shouted, and both of its eyes lit up. Sil did as the Dalki said, moving out of the way, and red lasers came out of the Dalki’s eyes. It had hit what looked like a person that was dressed in all-black light armour.

He was sent flying away and started to skid across the floor. He used his tools to defuse the energy and looked to be okay, the next second, four more of the same black figures appeared by the person’s side.

“What the? Did that Dalki just save me?” Sil thought. “And what was that crap coming out from his eyes? Don’t tell me…” Sil had recognised this power before. He had seen it used many times, which made him think.

“Does this Dalki have an ability, a real ability?”


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