My Vampire System Chapter 1814

: Gather the crystals.

Due to Quinn’s multiple experiences with confrontation and clashes against deadly beasts and creatures, he was pretty good at reading someone’s following actions and intentions. However, when he saw the woman walking over to the crowd of people, he had no notion that she would latch onto him, which was why he found himself speechless.

For a second, Quinn looked down at her face, wondering if he knew her from somewhere, but he couldn’t recall ever meeting anyone like her.

“HAHAHA, WHAT IS THIS?!” The giant fishman hollered, “You act all tough, and then you run behind a man? Can’t you protect yourself on this ship?!”

Turning around, the man walked forward and naturally, with his large body, pushed one of the staff to the side, nearly making him fall off balance. But before he fell, Nog was there with the palm of his hand to push him back to his feet.

“Thank you, boss. I’m so sorry for everything that is happening.” The staff member lowered his head with apparent fear in his eyes.

“It’s okay. Troubles as such are an everyday occurrence, which is why we are here to solve them. It’s a good thing I’m here though.”

“The Mermerial race is quite the tough one to deal with. You might not be enough on your own.” Nog replied with a straight face.

The giant fishman soon stood before Quinn and was now roughly a metre away from him. The two said nothing, as Quinn was a bit speechless and felt trapped in this situation. Finally, he turned to Sil, only to find him standing amongst the crowd, secretly giving him a thumbs up.

“I don’t know if I should be glad that he doesn’t interfere or be upset because he left me in this mess.” Quinn thought, shaking his head.

“My handsome husband can end you in one blow. If you want to try fighting him, be my guest!” The woman pulled Quinn’s arm closer to her enormous breasts.

She then raised her head, only to find Quinn’s expressionless face staring down at her.

Contrary to her expectations, he wasn’t flushed in front of a good-looking girl like her. And after staring at his face for a while, she couldn’t help but notice his facial features.

Flawless skin without any blemish on it, a stern, strong face, but what had attracted her the most to this man were his eyes, his gentle yet fierce eyes that seemed to see through her thoughts.

“Fine! You asked for it, woman!” The fishman said as he opened his large mouth, and a big rolled tongue came into view. It came out lighting fast like a frog, but of course, for Quinn and his speed, it was slow.

“Now, how should I deal with this?” Quinn thought as he lifted his fist.

“By my shadow? Aura? Or maybe just some of my Qi to knock his tongue back?”

“No, that would hurt this guy and bring unnecessary attention. Maybe just a small punch will do, it should be enough to at least stop him from attacking.”

Quinn threw his fist towards the tongue while controlling his power not to send the fishman blasting through the ship’s walls. However, while mid-way, he noticed that there was some intervention.

Nog, with his arm, had knocked away the large tongue hitting it in the air, and as for Quinn’s attack, he had lifted his arm to block it. The fist had hit, but Nog hadn’t moved from his place. However, he found himself gritting his teeth as his arm shook slightly.

By this time, Quinn had quickly put his fist away.

“Oh, this guy can withstand that? I guess the staff is pretty strong after all. Although I held back a lot of my strength.” Quinn thought. He knew his raw strength alone was enough to defeat most people.

“The staff are to protect everyone on board this ship!” Nog shouted.

“Mr Ryan, you will now be put on watch during your stay here, and if you are seen trying to harm any of the other guests, then we will have no choice but to deal with you.”

The fishman looked annoyed as he sucked his tongue back into his mouth, but he knew he could not go against this man, so he had decided to just walk off in the end.

“I’m sorry that this occurred on your first day here.” Nog bowed towards Quinn and added, Unfortunately, I must go and report this matter.”

“I will return soon, and if you need me, you know where to find me.”

With that, Nog took his leave, and so did most of the crowd, but Quinn still had a certain someone who was clinging onto his arm.

“Thank you so much for helping me back there.” The woman said, still holding on. “I know the two of us are strangers, but if I could reward you in any way.”

“It’s okay,” Quinn said, gently moving her arm off his. “I’m afraid, due to your beauty, if I were to hang around with you, I would only bring myself more trouble.”

With those words, Quinn walked away and met up with Sil. Without waiting for their order, the two took their leave to discuss what to do next, while the girl couldn’t help but stare at his back in a stupor.

“Sis, are you interested in him?” Another young blue-haired girl asked, with a few shiny blue scales on her face.

“I thought you said you only liked strong guys. He didn’t look so strong. He couldn’t even beat a fishman. I think that spiked draconic guy is better.”

Although it was all true, carefully watching the man act made her wonder. She thought she had seen the young man’s eyes glow red for a moment before they quickly disappeared. Without a doubt, in her mind, she knew he was holding back. The question was, how much?

*** *** ***

The front of the ship was quite a distance away from where Nog was before, but there was a reason why he had to quickly travel through the multiple doors to head this way, and it was because he was heading to the command centre to meet a certain individual.

Standing there, looking out into the space, was a man in a bright white outfit and donning a captain’s hat. He was tall, around 8 feet in height, and had a similar single horn sticking out from his head like Nog.

“So, how are our two new guests then?” The captain asked.

“They have been getting on well, and as you expected, their intention didn’t seem to be originally joining the Cruise.” Nog reported.

“Which means the two of them must be after something else.” The captain licked his lips.

“I trust you, Nog, and you have done a good job, but we have to be extra careful this time.”

The captain glanced behind him and noticed Nog holding onto his forearm.

“Looks like you got hurt. It is a rarity. Someone made a mess?”

“Well… This was actually from one of the new ones. But it wasn’t them who started the confrontation, but I stepped in to stop the attack. One thing is for sure, our two new guests are strong. So I understand why you are suspicious.” Nog replied.

“On top of that, they seem more wealthy than I initially expected. One can even do some magic to access his crystals.”

“He handed me the demigod crystal, just to talk about nothing. ” Nog explained. “I suspect they have more as well.”

“Based on the strength of the other, I can only assume that the black-haired man is a type of bodyguard for the blonde one.”

Finally the captain turned around, and a smile appeared on his face.

“We lack crystals for this trip. So we must get as much as we can. And the solution is in front of us.”

“Go split the two up and get the crystals from the weak blonde guy. I trust that you know what to do.” The captain ordered.


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