My Vampire System Chapter 1813

: Trouble maker.

The two saw what they believed was a Dalki coming out of some kind of steam room in the upper decks. It was only for a moment though, as it quickly moved and headed in another direction, but when Quinn turned to look at Sil, they both confirmed that what they had seen wasn’t just in their heads. It was indeed a Dalki, and not a weak one either.

“Why is there a Dalki on this ship? It makes no sense.” Quinn thought.

“Shouldn’t the Dalki now be extinct? The whole reason the war started in the first place was their short life span.”

While Quinn was pondering about this, Sil proceeded with the payment, and the young staff member walked out of the oval desk, and it looked like he was ready to be the two’s guide.

“Hey, don’t you think the Dalki might know some information about Earth,” Sil whispered, turning towards Quinn.

“I know it’s not the best place to cause trouble, and I’ll avoid it at all costs, but he should know something, and I might be able to find out even more information.” He added as he opened up his soul weapon and the book appeared in his hand.

The guide had come over to them by this time. He had a badge on his chest with two words, one of which was his name: Nog.

And seeing Sil’s book, a weird expression appeared on his face because it certainly was something he had never seen something like this before.

“It looks like these fleshy creatures were able to produce some magic.” He thought.

“In the meantime, let’s just take a walk and figure out the situation with this shit. We can approach the Dalki later, when we know what we’re dealing with.”

“I don’t know if you noticed, but Dalki had five spikes on his back.” Quinn replied.

Although it had been a long time since they had fought against a Dalki, Quinn had defeated Graham, who had more than five spikes. However, it still meant the Dalki had a certain level of strength, and if a fight were to break out here, they would need to finish it before it disturbed the others because there were just far too many different races on board and far too many variables as to what could happen. Not to mention there was no need to take an unnecessary risk.

Since they both agreed on this, they started to follow Nog around the ship. He walked them through all of the facilities and revealed how they worked, what they could use and what to do if they needed any help, but Quinn wasn’t interested in that.

“Sorry, but we wanted to ask some personal questions if that’s okay,” Quinn said, cutting to the chase.

“What exactly is this cruise ship? Who uses it and runs this place? And what is its purpose.”

Nog’s steps paused, and after a slight nod at Quinn, he turned back around without saying anything as he walked away from a crowd, and the two continued to follow him. He soon stepped into what looked like a restaurant. The three then walked towards the back, where there was a private booth, and it even had a large window from which one could stare at the scenic view of the space.

A waiter soon greeted them and offered them complimentary food and drinks. It was all high class, and service was beyond what anyone could ever want or imagine. After a while, Nog instructed the waiter not to disturb them for a time.

“Well, you have come to the right person.” Nog pointed at his badge, which had the word ‘Manager’ engraved above his name.

“There aren’t many that know the ins and outs of this place as much as me. However, I find it a little strange.”

“You two are obviously wealthy individuals. Everyone on this ship is since they can afford a Demi-god tier crystal just like that.”

“As for you, not just for the admission fee but also to let my lips be more… let’s say, unrestricted.”

“Anyway, this cruise ship is for the wealthiest people from all sorts of galaxies. The Marpo Cruise is for people who wish to experience a luxurious trip and enjoy themselves away from the troubles of their planet.”

“We do different routes from time to time, but we always make a round trip past several galaxies. This allows people to hop on, enjoy a holiday and then hop off when we pass their planet again.”

“However, the truth is the Marpo Cruise also acts as a transporting service simultaneously. Since we visit so many galaxies, planets can pay us to transfer their goods to any destination we are heading to.”

“As for why they chose to deal with us, that’s because of the great staff!” Nog pointed at himself and flexed his biceps a little, which hardly had any muscles.

“Due to the nature of our business, all staff members on board are highly trained and considered top warriors of their home planet.”

“We pay well, and we protect each other. At times there are disputes on the ship, and each worker has to be strong enough to deal with them.”

“At the same time, we have to be careful of space pirates due to our transporting business. Many wish to board the ship, try to pocket our goods, and sometimes even assassinate our customers.”

“Therefore, we have pledged that as long as one is a customer and is on board our cruise, they will have our protection.”

It seemed like the staff on the Marpo Cruise had great confidence in their skills. From what he said, they had to be strong and robust enough to deal with guests such as the five spiked Dalki. Unfortunately, due to Nog not being celestial or having any energy source that Quinn was familiar with, he could not tell the strength of the person in front of him.

“Thank you for answering those questions. It looks like we have really come to an interesting place. I wonder if you happen to pass by a place called the Milky Way system?” Quinn asked.

As he thought about it, Nog placed his finger on his chin but eventually shook his head.

“I have worked on the cruise for years, and we always take the same path. However, I have never heard of such a place before.”

It looked like their luck had finally run out.

“What about the Dalki?” Sil asked suddenly. “The big draconic human guy. Do you know where he came from?”

Nog raised an eyebrow when he heard this, but he soon realised who they were talking about.

“I’m sorry, I know you have paid a lot for my service, and I am happy to help you out by being your guide, but unfortunately, I can not talk about other gueste.”

“It would go against our code. We value the privacy of our customers more than anything.”

“I can help you some other way, though. Our captain had traversed through many parts of the universe.”

“He has visited many galaxies and encountered various races, even outside this cruise ship’s course.”

“So if anyone on this ship has an idea of this Milky Way place, it would be him. I shall ask him to meet you two when he is on a break.”

The two nodded with a smile and thought they should enjoy a nice meal while they were here.

Hearing this, Nog called the waiter, and Sil ordered what food he wished to have from a huge exquisite menu of cuisines.

However, when it came to Quinn, he wasn’t sure whether he should order something or not. He mainly consumed but wasn’t sure if asking for blood would be weird since he didn’t know of any other race that drank blood.

Then, suddenly, they heard a man’s loud voice.

“Who are these two, and what are they doing in my seat?!”

Turning their heads, Sil and Quinn couldn’t help but glance at what the commotion was. After all, it was on the table just behind theirs.

“Are you more important than us? I don’t think so, then why does your opinion matter? We simply got here before you.”

“There are plenty of seats in this place, be a good boy and take one of them.” The woman seated behind them replied.

She was quite a slender looking female that looked more human than most apart from a few shiny scales that showed on her face, but even with this fact, she was quite a stunning beauty if she were to head to the Earth, even compared to some of the vampires.

“Quinn, did you see her?” Sil asked.

“Ah, I have seen better,” Quinn replied, thinking of the prettiest.

“I’m sorry, sir, but you were 20 minutes late from your reservation which is why we gave your seat to these two.”

“So, please, feel free to have a seat anywhere else, and we will make sure to have this place reserved for you next time.” One of the staff members who had arrived after hearing the commotion tried to calm down the situation.

“This is unacceptable!” The man yelled. Although, calling him a man would be an overstatement.

He was large and looked extremely young. He had a large wide mouth and grey skin. His appearance was more of that of a giant catfish. Even when speaking, it was as if his huge tongue would get in the way making it hard for others to understand his words.

“I want these two out of this place, or I will remove them myself!” The fishman patted his belly.

“Sir, please, I hope you would change your mind before taking such drastic actions.” Nog had suddenly disappeared from his seat and was now standing right by the other table. It was quick, but even more impressive was the fact that it was silent.

“Should we help him if he gets into trouble?” Sil whispered, already standing up and walking over. “He has been a good guide.”

Soon, Sil and Quinn walked over as well, but they stayed away, just like a few others in the restaurant who were listening to the commotion that was going on.

The woman had stood up from her seat while her friend remained seated.

“You would hurt a woman, huh?… well, do so if you dare!” She said as she looked at the crowd and started walking towards the two. Then suddenly, she grabbed Quinn’s arm, wrapping hers around it. “If you dare to hurt me, you will have to deal with him.”

“Wait-what? What the f#ck? How did I get involved in this?” Quinn was speechless.

“What is wrong with this woman? I don’t even know her.”


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