My Vampire System Chapter 1812

: Everyone is here.

Technology was always a fascinating subject for Quinn. And looking at the massive spaceship in front of him reminded him of the technological state of the Earth.

It has come a long way and has advanced far quicker than any time before the Dalki Attack. Although, Quinn did learn that these technologies had existed for a long time, just that the vampires kept them to themselves.

Beside him, Sil had set up a link connecting them to the larger ship, and now their spaceship was making its way towards the docking station. The docking station was at the side, near the large ship’s underbelly.

What was even more surprising for Quinn was seeing Sil could semi-operate the ship-pushing buttons away like it was a natural.

“It’s still hard to get used to. Every once in a while, when I look at him, he reminds me of Hilston. He’s not as big or muscular as the latter, but they definitely have a similar character.” Quinn thought.

“He’s come a long way though. In fact, everyone has. Now, he can talk much better, and after traversing alone in space for so long, he’s become independent, which I never expected.”

“So, what’s the game plan here?” Sil asked, pulling Quinn out of his thoughts, “We go in looking for Celestial on board? Ask for information from the others, or what?”

“Let’s just keep a low profile for now. Many saw what we looked like in the fight against Athos but not all, most of the celestials know me as B and don’t know what I look like.”

“Depending on the circumstances, this can work as a disadvantage or an advantage, so let’s not take any risk by betting on announcing who we are.”

“Also, remember that we cannot reveal we’re from Earth because that will cause problems and complicate things. Rather, we will say we’re looking for Earth, Mars, or any other planet nearby.”

*** *** ***

A small panel on the side of the ship opened up, and automatically, everything was set up so the ship would find somewhere to land inside. Now finally inside, the two of them could see a Ship park.

Around a thousand or so small ships the same size as theirs were parked in an orderly manner. This type of setting would only be seen in military events back on Earth. The large difference was that all the ships were uniquely different.

Each had a different shape, thrusters, sizes, colours and patterns. Some of them didn’t even look like ships, or at least, the two would never believe those were ships unless they were inside here.

The exit ramp of the ship descended on the floor once their ship was carefully docked and they were set to head out. To avoid attracting too much attention, the two weren’t wearing any of their usual beast gear.

“I can’t sense any celestial energy in here.” Quinn thought. “I had a feeling we wouldn’t be so lucky to just run into someone so quickly.”

When their feet touched the ground, a blue light appeared beneath them. Sil almost immediately acted, but Quinn pulled his shirt back down and made him halt.

“I can see you must have had some bad experiences.” Quinn smiled. “But this is just harmless light.”

A blue pathway lit up on the floor, directing them through the space between the other ships, and turned away in another direction at the end.

[Welcome to the Marpo Cruise. Please follow the blue path. It will lead you into one of the many reception areas throughout the entire ship. If you need assistance with anything, please don’t hesitate to ask one of the staff.]

[We hope you enjoy your stay on the Marpo Cruise.]

Suddenly, calm music started to play through the area after the announcement.

“It’s a change, that’s for sure,” Quinn said. “It doesn’t seem like it’s a threat or anything. So why don’t we just listen and take it easy while we are here?”

The two of them followed the path which took them through the gaps between the parked ships and finally up to a small staircase. They then went through large Security doors that asked the two of them to scan their hands and eves. And whenever they walked into a new area of the ship, Quinn couldn’t help but be impressed by the scene in front of him.

Everything inside the place had a grand way of doing things, an elegant way of treating people and more. Then, finally, they reached two huge sets of doors, and the sound of laughing, talking and cheering resonated in their ears from the other side of the door.

Stepping through, they could see a large empty space with multiple things in just one room. It looked like some type of gambling area, with strange slot machines, leaderboards and more.

Then had relaxation areas, game areas, swimming areas and more. On top of that, this was just one large room which was nowhere near the entire ship. Every single entertainment one could think of was in this single space alone, and this couldn’t help but make him wonder what was even in the other rooms.

“Look at them,” Sil pointed out as two guests on board walked past. They had a humped back and two large tusks in front of their face. From Quinn’s inspect skill, they didn’t seem to be beasts, even though they looked like a type of humanoid beast.

Instead, it was more like they were their own race. However, onboard, they weren’t the only ones that were different. The room was filled from top to bottom with creatures or races they had never seen before.

Many had a humanoid shape with some creature or beast-like features, but a few didn’t. This indeed was a universal cruise ship where people from numerous races had gathered.

“This place is too much. What type of luck do you have, Quinn?” Sil asked. “I travelled for so long, and never in my life have I found something like this. I could have lived here for at least a few years and enjoyed myself.”

In front of them was a large oval desk with several staff members standing straight on the other side, doning nice, buttoned-up uniforms. It was easy to tell who the staff were since they were all wearing the same uniform, even though they were of different races.

“Welcome to the Marpo-Cruise!” An enthusiastic young man greeted the two of them.

Looking him up and down, Quinn tried to figure out if he had seen anyone like this person before. He was a head shorter than Quinn and had straight blonde hair down to their eyebrows. The hair was split though, to allow for a small upward curved red horn.

Quinn would have assumed this person was human if it wasn’t for the horn.

“I can see that you two have not been registered, correct?” The young man said after the greetings and then asked, “Since that is the case, would you please pay the admission fee?”

Taking out the two Demi-god tier crystals, Sil handed them over. They were then placed into a large tube behind them to be sucked in and never seen again. After that, the two received wrist bands that clicked around their wrist.

It reminded Quinn a little bit of what the academy used to have.

“These wristbands will allow you to use all the facilities on the Cruise and give access to all the public areas.”

“If there is a specific climate that is more to your liking or activity, please just ask so can point you in the right direction.”

“Based on your image and body temperature, we have escorted you from your ship to this location, believing it is the best place for you, but as I said, you’re allowed to choose anything as per your liking.” The man smiled.

It was amazing, and with what Quinn had seen so far, no doubt this person was telling the truth. This also meant there was the possibility that they had just seen the tip of the iceberg when it came to this ship.

“Hi, it’s actually our first time on this Cruise. Is it possible to ask you some questions about it all? Who you guys are, the different people here, or maybe even some general information.”

The smile never left the worker’s face, which was creeping out Sil a bit, but after asking this question, he turned his head to look at the other staff. They seemed somewhat busy as well.

The young staff member then placed out his hand, revealing an open palm.

“We also offer a personal tour guide service. Where I can show you around everywhere, how to work all of our facilities and answer any questions you have to the best of my ability. However, as you can see, we are swamped.”

The man moved his open palm a bit when saying these words. With a glance at Sil, Quinn was telling him to do something.

“Fine, but I mean, you can tell we’re getting conned, can’t you?” Sil asked as he pulled out another Demi-god tier crystal and placed it in the hand of the staff. Just as he was about to let go, Sil’s hand froze.

Not just him, even Quinn had his eyes widened in shock.

“You’re seeing that as well… right?” Sil asked.

“Yeah… how come there’s a Dalki on this ship?”


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