My Vampire System Chapter 1811

: Marpo-Cruise.

The celestial space that Quinn could create with his system was intriguing, to say the least. It was completely white and one might mistake it as an endless, but it did, in fact, have an end. When Quinn walked further into the space that he had created, it would begin to distort and he would even see the parts of the ship around him in the real world.

At the same time, when he tried to expand it further, he found that the white space could be much broader than the whole ship they were on. However, when he reached the edge of the space, and the distortions would begin to form, he would himself on the exact spot at which he was sitting earlier when he made the space.

To put it simply, the celestial space that Quinn could create wouldn’t be linked to the outside world, but when he returned, he would always be on the ship. It was a bit strange since, technically, the ship was always moving, and the space was also moving with it.

Either way, it was how it worked, which was perfect for Quinn. However, there were some downsides that he found. For one, although he could increase the time flow by around ten times and believed he could do seventy days worth of training in just seven days, he didn’t take note of a few things.

Sil could use his powers in space to train himself as well. Using his powers made him the perfect partner for Quinn. The system had prompted Quinn, informing him if he wanted to suppress the former using his energy.

Quinn didn’t try to find out how many points that would cost, but it was nice to know in space, that there were more things he could do with his Celestial powers. For someone like him who couldn’t utilise his celestial energy well.

But when they were sparring and training, they found that it would damage the space, which would take Celestial energy to mend it, just as how the shadow would take up more MC cells when using the Shadow dome. So, in the end, after about fifty days of training within the space, Quinn’s Celestial Energy ran out, and they were back on the ship.

“Man, I’m hungry and worn out,” Sil said, lying on the floor immediately. “It’s weird. Earlier, I could go for a long time without eating.”

“Is it because my body is reacting in real-time? Is that why I got tired in just five days? Anyway, who cares? I need to eat something.”

Looking at Quinn’s points, it was the first time he had completely used up his Celestial energy like so. Before, he would only use it to enhance his attacks. But, even if he ran out, his blood aura and Qi were enough to push him through.

“I didn’t try to learn more about celestial energy because if I used it, I knew it would lessen our time inside.” Quinn thought. “So I decided to just focus on Blood skills and, more importantly, improving my shadow powers.”

He found it quite funny that while in Celestial Space, he could only use his celestial form, and now in his own space, he just focused on everything but his celestial form. However, that was just how things had worked out.

Also, now that his celestial energy had depleted, it also gave him a chance to learn how long it would take for him to fully regain his Celestial Energy.

On the other hand, since it hadn’t been seven days either yet, he couldn’t access the Celestial Space at the moment.

“You were trying out some new things, and I’m surprised with how quickly you were able to improve. Whenever I think you’re at your peak, you keep improving.” Sil said, taking a long sip of a canned drink.

“Well, I never really had time to focus on these things. I trained a bit of the shadow with Arthur and Qi with Leo, and blood control was all over the place as I learned it on the flow with Vincent”.

“I’ve had a lot of teachers that have helped me improve and get stronger within a short period of time, but I never really had the time to focus on just one aspect as things kept piling up and I would have to focus on many things at once.”

“And honestly, even shadow powers have been at a standstill for a while, and after learning that this is some God Slayer type power, I feel like it could be more powerful than it currently is.”

Now that Quinn could create space and change time flow, he would have plenty of time to train himself, and whoever he would face next, be it celestials, Dhampirs, or even God Slayers, they would be in for a surprise.

*Beep *Beep *Beep

“What’s that noise?” Quinn asked. He had just gotten out of a cold shower and was in the middle of putting on his clothes when the beeping noise came. Wearing the clunky armour all the time was tiring, and since there was no ongoing threat, he had I put it all away in his shadow space.

Sil had done something similar. He had an ability through which he could equip all of his gear at once like thought and also had his storage ability to keep his ship and all his other items.

“I don’t know. I’ve never heard of that sound before.” Sil replied while scratching his chin. “Wait a sec. now that I think about it, I think the last time I heard about it was when I was…” Immediately, a surprised expression appeared on Sil’s face, and he rushed to the ship and looked at the scanner.

He could now see a giant blip on his radar, and it was bigger than anything he had seen before, bigger than the blip he saw when a colossal beast had attacked his ship, which was the last time he remembered such a thing happening.

“I think I might know what it is,” Quinn said while looking through the glass. In the distance, they could see an enormous spaceship. It looked like a giant blue whale floating about in space.

It was far bigger than anything they had seen. It looked like one hundred Cursed ships or ten Bertha ships were put in a line to create such a thing. Yet it looked far more impressive and powerful than any Bertha or the Cursed ship.

“Well, we wanted to find life. There should definitely be life on that thing, right?” Sil asked.

“Where are we, though? Are we out of the Amra solar system yet? It doesn’t belong to one of them, does it?” Quinn asked.

Checking the map, they had gone entirely out of the Amra solar system in the five days, and we’re in a new area altogether. As for who or what was on board, it was hard to tell all the way out here. It could be a new race, humans, or maybe humanoid beasts.

As the large ship got closer, another part of the console also began to flash. This time Sil knew what it meant, so he didn’t hesitate as he pressed one of the buttons, opening up a line of communication between the two.

“This is the Marpo Luxury line. We are communicating to confirm if you are friendly, over.”

Sil looked at Quinn, who just shrugged his shoulders as he had no clue what to do in this situation, but at least they were able to communicate.

“Umm… We’re a bit lost, but we’re friendly squishy soft beings… over.” Sil awkwardly replied.

“Squishy beings? Are you saying we’re fat?” Quinn said.

“Well, I didn’t mean to say that we’re fat and that they want to eat us, and I didn’t mean to scare them away.”

“Anyway, if you don’t like that I’m doing the talking, then why don’t you do the talking?”

Just in case, Quinn was ready to battle with whatever was on board. And he wasn’t being reckless, in fact, more times than not, he had been attacked, and even if it weren’t the case at first, they would eventually need to fight anyway based on his luck.

“If you wish to get on board and enjoy your time here on the ship, that is possible. Although there will be an admission fee, please reply if you wish to come aboard, over.” The ship responded.

Honestly, there was nothing else for the two of them to do, and with how large it was, there were sure to be multiple people on board- the more people they encountered, the higher chances of them finding a way back home.

“Do you think they’ll accept credits?” Quinn asked.

“Um, we would like to board. But before that, I would like to ask what form of payment you would like? We don’t know much since we aren’t from around here.” Sil asked.

“Usually, we would accept “Bon” tons, but if you are not from around here, we also accept beast crystals. It will be one Demi-God tier Crystal per person.” The voice on the other end responded.

In the past, hearing such a thing would have made Quinn faint. Demi-God tier crystal wasn’t something an average person would be able to come by.

“I don’t have any crystals that high, do you?” Quinn asked.

“Of course,” Sil replied, pulling out two from his storage and holding them in his hand. “It looks like we’re going in then. Just a little longer, you guys, and we’ll be back.”


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