My Vampire System Chapter 1810

: Seven days.

The current situation was quite strange for Quinn, to say the least. He was currently with Sil in the latter’s spaceship, and they were travelling through the endless space but without a planned direction. Although they had their goal: to head back to Earth, they had no clue how to get back there.

Which was why Sil had said for them to just travel. In fact, this was what Sil would usually do. He would go from one Solar System to another, finding new life as he searched for these celestials to hunt.

And this was what the two were currently doing. They were heading out of the solar system, which once belonged to Athos’ and had all the planets with the Amra on, knowing that none of them could help, in search of someone who might be able to.

“Is there really not a better way than this? Don’t you even at least know the direction that Earth is in?” Quinn asked as they had been floating through space for a while now.

Sil pressed a few buttons on the ship, and a list of locations appeared, but a big red sign also appeared, displaying an error.

“I’m afraid not. Although Logan had installed a navigation system that would create a map as I went on, in fact, I could get back to Earth or the Blades that way, at least before.”

“But I travelled for a long time, and one day I encountered a few strong beasts that sent me completely off course and must have ruined that system.”

“I have no clue where I am and just continued for a few years since. Ever since then, the system hasn’t been working.” Sil explained.

“Anyway, from what you explained, as long as there is life in a particular solar system, there should be a celestial or celestials overlooking them, right?”

“I’m sure if we travel enough, we’ll be able to find a celestial or a beast or anyone that can help us in getting to Earth.”

“Not everyone will be like Athos. I’m sure there will be those who care for their life, and besides, if you don’t want to do this, I have something else you can do.”

Quinn knew what Sil was hinting at because Quinn had been trying to write a message for some time. When entering the Celestial Space, he managed to survive for quite a while, and had received a message from Bliss.

The person who got him in this mess could also effortlessly get him out of here. The contents of the messages sounded like she actually cared about humans, and if she was warning Quinn, there had to be a reason.

But he was confused with deciding on how to approach his message to her. Should he send an aggressive one, a threatening one, or one that seemed open to communication and working together? Whenever he thought about the last option though, he would feel like vomiting.

In the end, Quinn couldn’t think of any nice way to put his message, so he decided to use his time better and standing up, he began to stretch.

“Let’s see what this Celestial system can do.” Quinn thought. “Now that I can no longer enter the Celestial Space and have a lot of time to kill, I can focus on figuring this thing out.” Just like with the system before, this one was also a shortcut for him to learn skills. All he needed to do was select the skill he wanted to use. Although there weren’t many and the two systems from the old and new had somewhat merged.

After selecting the skill, the energy was already being drawn out of him. However, as he had done with every skill he learned before, he tried to remember the feeling of doing what the system was forcing his body to do.

Closing his eyes was the best way to heighten his senses at first. It was taking him back to his time with Leo.

Once he learnt how to do things himself, he could always activate things quicker rather than going through the system. Quinn did notice that it was the first time he could expel celestial energy out of his body.

“How does this exactly work? Whenever I try to use the Celestial energy, I can only activate it in my body and only then I can use it as a type of blood armour.”

“So if I can learn to add it to my blood aura this way, I’ll be able to use it in my attacks without hurting myself.” Quinn thought.

Either way, it was food for thought for now. Using the Celestial Energy to create space was easy enough because it was similar to how Quinn would control his shadows and make a dome around himself.

The smaller the circle of energy, the fewer Celestial points it would take, and the larger the circle of energy, the more it would take, just like his MC points. When he created a space enough for himself, two prompts appeared in front of him.

[Basic Celestial Space has been created]

[Current time is 90 percent of that on Earth]

“90 percent? Does it mean the time spent here is 10 percent slower than on Earth? So for every 11 days I spend here, it would be ten earth days. Is that correct?” Quinn scratched his head, realising that maths wasn’t his forte.

He soon realised though, that keeping the space operational cost a certain amount of points, but if he used more Celestial points, he could upgrade the space to slow down time even more.

“It is not as good as the Celestial space, but it works the same way. So this must have been what Bliss took me in at that time. But, wait, so where am I right now? Am I still on the ship?” Quinn thought.

While he was busy with the Celestial Space, Sil was busy on his own. He suddenly noticed something strange. One second, Quinn was there, and the next moment, a bright white light enveloped him, and as it dispersed, Quinn had disappeared. It seemed like quite the magic trick to just disappear from the spot.

However, walking through where Quinn once was, Sil suddenly sensed something in the area. He continued to pace backwards and forwards, wondering if he had just imagined things, but the energy certainly felt strange at some spots.

Almost as if something was there but at the same time not. Then, while reaching out to the energy, suddenly Quinn appeared out of nowhere, and now Sil had his hand directly on Quinn’s mouth.

“Right, what are you doing,” Quinn asked with a muffled voice because of the hand over him.

Retracting his hand, Sil laughed and explained himself. It made Quinn wonder if it was something Sil could feel because of his own ability, or can anyone sense and break the space from the outside? He had many questions, and there was no way of getting answers right now.

“What were you even trying to do anyway?” Sil asked.

“I’m just testing something. The ship is on autopilot to… well, nowhere, right?” Quinn asked.


“Well then, great. I want to see if you can come in this space with me.” Quinn suggested.

Without asking any further questions or waiting for Sil to agree, Quinn created the space again, and this time he made it large enough for both him and Sil to move freely. When they opened their eyes, both of them found themselves in a large white space.

“Whoa, did you just teleport us? Where are we?” Sil asked.

“This is my space. I think it’s like a world that I’ve created myself. It’s this place that you could feel earlier.” Quinn explained. “Anyway, inside this space, time passes one-tenth faster than it does outside.”

Sil couldn’t believe his ears. What Quinn was explaining certainly was something that only gods could do, but then again, Quinn was one.

“I upgraded the space as much as possible, and this was the maximum I could slow down time here, for now at least.”

“With the number of points I have, I can keep this space open for 70 days, which would equal to 7 days on the outside.”

Hearing this, Sil could only think of one thing. With time passing more slowly inside here, it meant one thing: extra time for them to train.

“That’s not the best bit. Do you remember when I told you about the Celestial Space? I could only use my celestial energy.”

“Well, inside here, I can still use my shadow powers and blood powers, which is why I invited you in here. I want you to be my sparring partner for the next few days. 7 Earth days to be exact.” Quinn smiled.


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