My Vampire System Chapter 1809

: ” I’ll be back!”

Quinn was thrown to the floor from his sitting position as if something had hit him. His body had slid across the spaceship floor before Sil moved and stopped it. Upon checking the former’s condition, Sil found out Quinn was sweaty, and his chest was strangely rising up and down, which nearly never happened before, and after a moment, he finally opened his eyes.

“Quinn, Quinn!” He heard Sil call him out, bringing him out of the trance, “What happened, Quinn?”

“I think… I just died.” Quinn replied. “Just like before, next to no time had passed in the real world. However, after being through such an intense situation for an incredibly long time, it felt all strange for him.”

It was as if he was stuck in a dream, but it wasn’t fake, and everything he did was real.

“What do you mean you died? What happened to you, Quinn? Is this because you were in slumber for a thousand years or something?” Sil asked again.

After sitting up on the floor, Quinn decided to explain everything to Sil. About the Celestials and the Celestial Space. He also revealed how they were after perhaps not just him but Sil too, after what the two of them had done to Athos.

What was frightening to Sil in the story that Quinn told was the number of Celestials in the Space. From the sounds of it, Quinn had fought and defeated many of them, but the number of Celestials seemed endless.

“You did what I would have done as well,” Sil replied. “In my travels, I’ve seen some strange things in the places I have been.”

“These Celestials don’t see life anymore, and I’ll be honest, as time passed, the perspective of life has changed a bit for me as well.”

Quinn somewhat knew how Sil felt. Although he hadn’t lived through the years that Sil had done, the feeling after becoming a celestial and seeing how the universe reacted to things made everything just feel a bit pointless.

“We can’t think like that,” Quinn said, shaking his head. “There are still people that me, you and everyone care about. We must think of them and ensure these Celestials can’t just do what they want.”

“Heck, I don’t want to even think about leaving this world or the next until I have gotten a good hit on Bliss,” Quinn swore.

The Spaceship was soon approaching the original Planet where Geo and the others had come from. During this time, Quinn checked a specific notification he had received while fighting.

[Your celestial body has been destroyed in the Celestial Space]

[You are unable to enter the celestial Space for one week]

“I knew there would be a drawback to dying in that place, but a whole week before I can enter again?”

“It means I won’t be able to travel using the celestial space function and will have to find another way out of this place.” Quinn thought.

“Still, can I even go back to that place? If I do, the same thing will ensue again. So what the hell do I do then?” Quinn thought.

On the bright side, at least Quinn’s celestial energy, among other things, had remained the same. So there was not a huge downside to dying in the Celestial Space.

The Spaceship soon entered the planet’s atmosphere, and upon reaching close to the land, they decided to dock just in front of the Tower. Seeing that the Tower was still the same, Quinn was quite surprised.

However, several Amra guards from the first few floors were also outside, with confusion on all of their faces.

When the ship landed, everyone was on guard, but as soon as they saw Geo, an evolved version of the Amra, and one of those from the higher level floors, they bowed down. They knew he was at least a Sedi rank based on his colours.

“Well, this is unexpected,” Nock said as he looked at the Tower Guard Leaders, even those that were condescending to him in the past.

“It’s good that you are all here in one place. It will make things a little easier for us.” Geo addressed the Guards.

Geo explained what had transpired and how there was a battle between gods, although he chose to skip some details. Because many didn’t know what Athos looked like, Geo claimed that Athos was the same shape and appearance as Quinn.

This way, Quinn getting rid of their current god didn’t seem to hurt them as much. While speaking to the guards, Geo learned that the Tower was still functioning how it used to before.

Sil and Quinn looked at each other. It was possibly this was the only Tower they hadn’t taken the nest Crystal out of and claimed its energy.

“Then… what should we do?” The Captains asked. “Is this our new god then? The one that has invaded us?”

Geo turned towards Quinn as he wanted the latter to answer, and it was then that Quinn walked over and put his hand on Geo’s back.

“Don’t move,” Quinn instructed.

A red marking started to burn into Geo. It was the marking of the Celestial Quinn: a red dragon with two large wings. Quinn had informed Geo on the ship what he had planned to do and even taught Geo a sign to make him stop if he began experiencing pain.

[You have gained a dedicated follower]

Energy continued to transfer from one to the other, and it was a surprise for Quinn when Geo raised one of his arms at around the 10,000 Celestial energy mark. This action was the subtle sign Quinn had told him to make if he felt too much pain.

“He can hold a lot of energy. Is it because of his race or something else? Anyway, he deserves it. This is their place to look after, and I technically took this energy from their God.” Quinn thought.

The others could see a red radiating glow around Geo. Some also noticed that the energy was similar to a few places in the Tower. Although it wasn’t exactly the same, they had somewhat felt it before.

After this, Quinn decided to do the same for Nock and Dober. For these two, the Celestial points reached around the 1000 mark, which was still impressive compared to what Quinn had expected.

“I am a god of another world,” Quinn then addressed the confused and amazed guards in front of him.

“So I can not stay here, but I have passed the energy that I have gained from your previous god onto these three here.”

“They are all good people who helped me, and with their newfound prowess, they will be able to protect you. Heed to these three, if you have any problems with the Tower or what to do from here on.”

It took a while for the Amra to realise what was happening, but surprisingly they seemed pretty welcoming of the change. These people needed someone to follow, give them orders and guide them, and none of them felt ready to step up to the challenge.

After the Guards dispersed, it was time for Sil and Quinn to head somewhere else, to try to find a way home because there was nothing else they could do here, but Geo wished to say his goodbyes.

“Quinn, I can’t thank you enough. I plan to completely change this place into a far more peaceful place.” Geo stated. “Our people didn’t live horrible lives, but they certainly did live difficult lives.”

“I want everyone to be able to experience everything they can in this world during their lifetime, and I hope I can achieve that.”

“Quinn, do you remember what I said before? If there is ever anything you need, you are free to contact me.”

Quinn smiled at Geo, and a thought came into his head.

“There is one thing you can do. If you can, can you build a statue of me? Then, once a month, you can get your people to present a few drops of blood with the statue’s image in their heads, it would be a big help.”

It was a strange request, but after finding out who and what Quinn was, Geo thought it might just be something they did, so he nodded to the request.

Turning around, Quinn had a small smile.

“In the celestial Space, I only have my celestial body to fight with.”

“So I will now focus on gathering as much Celestial energy as possible, and when I re enter the Space, I’ll make an even bigger entrance.”


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