My Vampire System Chapter 1808

: B Rampage.

Quinn did not need to be told twice. It was clear he wasn’t welcome in this place. However, their actions spoke louder than words as they inched slowly towards him.

“Wait, guys, let’s be civil here. I can explain everything. I wanted to return to Earth, but Athos wouldn’t send me there. Why can no one understand that?” Quinn said, stepping back.

The other Celestials didn’t seem to care about what Quinn had to say, as none of them reacted and kept coming closer. This only annoyed him more about the entire situation. One option was available to him though, and that was to exit the Celestial Space as asked.

However, Quinn thought about it for a moment, and instead of taking a step back, he looked forward toward them.

“Since none of you is willing to listen to me. I will consider that you guys have already determined that I’m your enemy,” Quinn said, clenching his fist.

“I never liked you guys anyway, but as I have with everyone in the past, I’ll give you a chance.”

“I just want to find Bliss. If you tell me where she is, I’ll be out of your way, but if you get in my way…” Before he could finish his words, the Celestial at the front had already arrived in front of Quinn. It looked like a giant beetle due to its outline and even had two large forceps, tentacles or whatever they were. As he charged toward Quinn, the latter lifted his hands and grabbed them before they could reach him.

“I can only use my Celestial powers here… so I’m a bit weaker, but I will have the advantage when it comes to hand-to-hand combat.” Quinn thought as he kicked the beetle in the chest. It had knocked the latter away, and particles dispersed into the space.

Before the beetle could recover, Quinn stepped in with his fast speed and sent an elbow straight towards the former’s chest, hitting him in the same spot again. It was a decisive blow that would have sent the Celestial flying if it wasn’t for Quinn, who had lifted his leg before that could happen, stopping him with his foot.

Dragging his opponent towards him with his foot, Quinn slammed his opponent’s face into the ground before stomping on top of his head, making his whole body disappear into nothing but particles.

“Celestial B has gone crazy! Is he really fighting in this space?!” One of the others shouted.

The twenty or so Celestials didn’t seem confident after witnessing what Quinn had done. They already knew he was strong, and only his Celestial powers were quite lacking. But now, with Athos’ defeat, his Celestial powers have grown exponentially, not to mention that he was already a master in combat experience.

“B, you might be a new Celestial, but even you should understand the consequences of fighting in this Space!” Another shouted.

“We just banned you from this place and decided not to take further action. You could have lived your own life without causing any more trouble for others and yourself.”

“Instead, you decided to act and made every Celestial as your enemy. There will be those you defeat here, that will hunt you outside.”

Quinn was looking at the floating particles. It seemed that destroying one of them hadn’t completely scared them. It meant either the Celestials didn’t care for their own or each other’s life, or the death inside this space wasn’t the same as outside.

Quinn predicted it was the latter for a while now, especially after hearing that they would come for him outside of this space, but there had to be some consequence.

“You are threatening me. My planet has been in trouble numerous times, and even now, all I want to do is to protect it. I don’t understand why none of you is willing to hear me out? Why are you so eager to make an enemy out of me?” Quinn asked.

“People like you… the ones that think you can control everything and have things go your way, are exactly like those on earth before. So I will warn you again, and believe me, for I am in no mood to joke here.”

“If you try to come to earth, I will ensure your death, and kill you over and over again, no matter how many times you reincarnate.”

Playing nice wasn’t working. It had not for a while with these lot, which was why Quinn had to change something, hoping he could strike fear into them. However, his words didn’t seem to work, as they all began to charge straight toward him.

Extending his hands out like claws, Quinn was ready. He dashed forward, flipping the first one over his back, and then with the next, he quickly gave out a shocking thigh kick causing them to be sent flying into the white space in an entirely different direction.

As for the next, he grabbed them by the head and started running forward, using their body as some shield as he crashed through them. It was strange fighting like this, not just for Quinn but for the others as well.

Since they were only in their Celestial energy forms, Quinn was still winning out, but that was when he began to notice something. Although he was doing well against the Celestials against him, there were more and more of them coming his way.

“Damn it! I just want to find Bliss. Will this get your attention? Will it? Will it?!” Quinn shouted in his head.

From the outside, Xox noticed how many Celestials were now running forward. Word spread that B was going on a rampage, trying to kill every Celestial within the space. Of course, with Xox not being much of a fighter, he started to float around with no intention of getting involved.

“I might be a bit late, but the other Celestials should be able to deal with him by now. Still, let’s just see how much damage he’s caused.” Xox stopped there because an entire crowd of Celestials, all of different shapes and sizes, was charging forward.

Suddenly, one Celestial that was as large as a tree could be seen starting to fall over, and on top of him was Quinn. However, he was unbothered by the fall and clawed one of the Celestials, ripping the energy from them, and quickly used his body as a base to push off his legs and dive into the others.

His speed was faster than most of the Celestials there, and the ones that could keep up could not deal with his power and skills.

“What is this… this is a first for Celestial Space. I think this is the first time anything like this has happened before. If this continues, even the Ancient Ones might get involved!” Xox shouted.

However, Quinn wasn’t coming out unscathed. He was getting hit by the faster Celestials, tossed with powerful blows and from each hit, he could feel his energy dissipating as his glow slowly began to fade.

However, his speed, power and skills never faltered.

“If this is what you guys got, then I welcome you! You won’t even be able to defeat half of the people from the Earth!” Quinn shouted like a mad man before throwing another punch, completely exhausted.

He could feel a strange strain throughout his body. It was almost as if he was completely disappearing. Still, Quinn didn’t give up as he kicked, pushed and clawed at everyone who came at him but even for someone as great as Quinn, as powerful as he was, it was too much. Just then, a giant tail hit him, and finally, the energy of his whole Celestial Space body dissipated.

“Is he gone… is he finally defeated?” Xox thought with excitement since the worst of his days was over.

But, looking around at everyone’s faces who had been there since the fight had begun, it was hard to tell if they had won. Then a shiver ran down his spine as a dreaded thought came to him: what would happen next?

How would everyone react to this? From the looks on their faces, he could tell no one now wanted to fight the real B. If he was this strong in here, he was definitely out of their league in the real world. Although this was the case for the majority of the celestials it wasn’t for them all.


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