My Vampire System Chapter 1807

: Celestial trouble.

When Quinn entered the Celestial Space for the first time, he had learned about the message function. Opening up the system at that time, there was a long list of names to those he could send messages to, but he couldn’t send any because his Celestial level was too low then.

Also, there was another issue. Nearly everyone was under an alias, so he had no idea who they were, not to mention he didn’t know any of them either since the only Celestial he could think of was Bliss herself. At the same time, the Celestial Section of the System could only be accessed when one was in the Celestial Space, which meant that Bliss was in there at this moment.

“After teleporting me out here in the middle of nowhere, she is finally reaching out to me.” Quinn thought as his clenched fist slightly trembled. Although he couldn’t imagine what had gone on while he was away, there was only one plus side to it: he was now with Sil.

“I really want to just ignore this message, but at the moment, after we drop off Geo and the others, we have nowhere to go from here… and I am curious about what she wants.”

In the end, Quinn reluctantly clicked to open the message, and he was pretty surprised upon reading the message in the prompt in front of him.

[This message is paramount for you and the whole human race. I know we got off on the wrong foot, and you most likely hate me for things I have done, but everything I did is for the human race and its survival, so please do not ignore this.]

No introduction, no sweet hello, as expected from someone like her. Quinn continued to read.

[Your fight with Athos has gained great attention in the Celestial Space. Don’t return to the Celestial Space if you want to avoid trouble and help the Earth and everyone on it.]

The message said nothing more, and there wasn’t much for Quinn to go by.

“They know about my fight against Athos, but how? How were they even able to watch us fight?”

“Do they have screens in there or something? I didn’t see people doing that before when I was there. Then again, I was focused on my own goals and didn’t bother about anything else.” Quinn thought.

“But is she even telling the truth? Since my level has increased, I originally wanted to head to Celestial Space to see what else I could do.”

“I thought I could walk to one of the white energies and transport myself to their Space. But then there’s Sil as well. Still, there might be some information there that can help us get back to Earth.”

“And how did she know this was me? I didn’t use my real name. I just used an alias, B.”

There were many things that weren’t adding up to Quinn because he was unaware of what was going on in the Space while they were fighting against Athos. But, either way, there was one thing Quinn was sure аbout: Bliss was currently in the Celestial Space.

“Everyone, I will be meditating for some time. In fact, I don’t know how long it will take for me to get back, hopefully not too long.” Quinn said while crossing his legs to sit on the floor of all things and then closed his eyes.

“Hey… um, was he always like this?” Sil asked. “I mean like he seems a little weird.”

Just then, Quinn opened his eyes and fell to the floor like he was in extreme pain. Sil rushed to his side, and when he held Quinn, he noticed the latter was extremely sweaty.

“Quinn, Quinn!” He shouted. “What happened?”

Quinn slowly controlled his breathing and held his chest as he looked at Sil.

“I think… I just died.” Quinn replied.

*** *** ***

A moment ago, after Quinn had closed his eyes, he had entered Celestial Space, and in doing so, a couple of message prompts from the Space system greeted him.

[Due to the increase in your level, certain features have now been unlocked]

[Ability to send messages has been unlocked]

[Ability to travel in Celestial Space has been unlocked]

“This is great, just like I thought. Since Bliss sent me a message, I should be able to send her one now as well. Although, what do I send? I might just scare her away. So maybe it’s best if I just look for her first.”

“If I remember what that floating ball said, once I know who is who, then I just need to remember the feeling of their energy and then each time I come here, I’ll be able to find her. So I just need to run into her once.

With that, Quinn was on his journey, and almost immediately, he noticed a significant distinction in himself compared to the last time he was in Space.

While in Space, one only appeared as a pure form of their celestial energy and no distinctive features could be seen beside their outline.

This time though, his energy form was radiating with power. It had even grown quite a bit compared to before, and the change was quite apparent. “I can tell a bit more now that my level has increased. After fighting Athos, I have a rough idea of everyone’s celestial energy and how strong they are.” Quinn said, looking around at the others.

While walking in the Space, Quinn was mainly looking for those with a human-like figure since he could rule out all of the celestials that didn’t. However, he quickly latched on to the idea that something strange was happening.

As he walked past certain white balls of energy, some of them would whisper and glance at him.

“I don’t like this, I thought I was safe because of my alias, but it looks like something has happened. Bliss is right”

Just then, Quinn spotted a familiar energy ball he met last time. The ball of energy known as Xox also noticed him and came to a stop. After a moment of silence between the two, Xox instantly turned away before starting to dash, but Quinn was much faster and sprinting across the floor, he soon jumped in front of the latter.

“It’s nice to meet you again. Do you mind explaining why everyone is looking at me a little… strange?” Quinn asked.

Xox turned left, but Quinn quickly got in front of him. He turned right, and Quinn stopped him once again, and finally, he grabbed the ball with his hands.

“I don’t really know if there are rules against any infighting here or what happens if someone hurts others, but I don’t mind testing it out to find out,” Quinn said while clenching his fist, ready to punch the ball.

“Wait, okay, okay, let me explain, but can we get away from the others?” Xox whispered while looking around.

They soon arrived at the sparse part of the Space, which was a lot in there. Xox looked around before speaking to Quinn,

“Look, you have to get out of here, B!” Xox said. “The Celestials have all figured out that you were the one that took out Athos.”

“A certain group is after you, and if they see you or anyone else talking to you, they will do everything in their power to get rid of you and the person talking to you!”

“Wait, slow down. What do you mean? How did they figure out I’m me?” Quinn asked.

“Don’t you remember you were the one that told us you were from Earth?! There aren’t many Celestials from Earth, and many witnessed the match between the God Slayer and Athos.”

“Seeing a celestial there who helped the God Slayer and then because God Slayer is from the Earth, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out who you are.”

“People remembered you from the last time because you were doing strange things in here!” Xox’s tone showed his nervousness as he continued to look around to keep an eye out for himself.

Just then, Xox noticed something and decided to run off before Quinn could say anything else.

“Wait, I’m not done yet… help me find Bliss… I need to find her. You said you know everyone’s image readings, right?!” Quinn shouted.

Turning around while floating backwards, Xox only had a few words to say.

“Remember our deal from last time. I have nothing to do with you, remember that! So don’t drag me into the dirt with you.”

Hearing this, Quinn frowned, and after a moment of thought, he turned around.

And when he did, he finally knew why Xox had suddenly run off like that because now about twenty Celestials were standing in front of him, all with different shapes and sizes with varying amounts of celestial energy.

“B!” One of them shouted. “You teamed up with a God Slayer. We all saw it, so don’t you dare deny it.”

“You even killed one of us, which is why we have decided collectively as a group that you are not welcome in this space anymore.”

“We will spread the word and continue to spread it far and wide that Celestial B from Earth is no longer allowed here, and if anyone is to see him, they are to get rid of him by force!”


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