My Vampire System Chapter 1806

: Share power.

The number of Celestial points was beyond what Quinn could think of, even though he knew Athos had an abundant amount of it. For instance, the latter created these large towers that had their own world within them.

Every time Quinn absorbed the nest crystals with the Celestial marking, he could tell that Athos put a large amount of celestial energy into them. However, after only completing his condition somewhat with many of those on Earth, he didn’t expect much.

“How many years were you storing this for? Getting those to complete your condition… and you gave it all up for what?” Quinn didn’t quite understand Athos reason for fighting against him. Maybe he was arrogant, or he just wanted to start afresh, or perhaps he had even grown tired of this whole thing.

Currently, Quinn was in the spaceship, and they were heading back to the Planet where Athos originally resided. Dober was helping Sil navigate between the parents to find out which one was the right one.

Dober was always interested in these particular things, even in the tower, which was why he had so much knowledge, even about creating vessels that could travel in space. Although, after finding Sil, they no longer needed a ship, they just needed to know the directions.

Now that Quinn and Sil had defeated Athos, they couldn’t help but wonder what would happen to the tower and how the people would react to this event. At the same time, Geo and the others tried to forget about the planet they had destroyed.

Although Geo didn’t know any of them personally, he seemed somewhat upset that all of the Amra, those of the same race as him, had died on that planet and could have been partially due to them.

All three of the Amra were in disbelief of what had occurred. Their God that they had never seen until today was suddenly defeated like that… and killed. It was a tale that they would find hard to believe if someone was to tell them.

When everyone was quiet on the ship and lost in their own thoughts, Quinn used the time to understand and see the new changes after levelling up. First, he wanted to know what he had achieved through levelling up, as there was a new celestial power with each level.

[Reincarnation has been unlocked for the Celestial “Quinn Talen”]

[Reincarnation will ensue upon your death. Death, natural or not, will incur a loss of celestial points, and this ability will use a certain number of Celestial points to activate]

[The time and the state of Reincarnation are unknown. Now that Reincarnation has been unlocked, it has been added permanently to the Celestial]

[Condition to activate: As long as there is one dedicated follower of the celestial or someone who remembers the Celestial and is still alive. (Apart from other celestials), Reincarnation will be possible]

“I’ve unlocked Reincarnation… now I really am becoming more and more like them, but it’s… harder than I thought.” Quinn thought as he realised that even though they could reincarnate, death for a god wasn’t always a safe bet.

Although he didn’t know why, perhaps it was because he was reading it on a system screen, but the information just seemed lacklustre. For such a special ability which could theoretically make someone immortal in a way, it just didn’t feel real to Quinn.

Especially since there were no power boosts like when he previously levelled up, just more skills he could use.

[You can now create a personal space]

[A Personal space is an independent space that celestials can create using their celestial energy. The amount of celestial energy consumed will depend on the size and stability of the space]

[The space created by a celestial will be fully under their control. And they can control the flow of time depending on the amount of Celestial energy available to consume]

Upon reading the second skill he had unlocked, Quinn pondered two things. One of them being about the Celestial space that he could already access. It sounded similar to that.

Does that mean the whole giant space was created by someone else? Maybe by a real god or something? or Is it just the universe acting like what that damned Bliss blabbers about all the time.

As for the second thought, it was to do with Bliss. The space she had created before she had taken Quinn away from everyone.

“I would like to test my personal space skill and see how it works.” Quinn thought.

“But now probably isn’t the best time. With this many Celestial points, I can start experimenting with more weapons and markings.”

This was something Quinn was looking forward to most. After fighting against Sil, he realised that there might be opponents in the future that his set of skills might not give the outcome he wants, but with weapons, he could make his arsenal much more versatile.

It was a close call in the fight against Athos. Without Sil’s help, Quinn would have most likely lost the battle.

Thinking about this, he remembered there was something else he needed to do as well.

He then stood up and walked over to the table where Nock and Geo were seated. Then, moving the chair, he sat across them and placed his hands on the table.

“I first want to apologise,” Quinn said. “I never meant to kill your God, your Celestial. I know you guys looked up to him. And honestly, I just wanted to leave this place and return home.”

“But unfortunately, the two of us were in a tricky situation, and for some reason that I am unaware of, Athos was trying to kill us. If we didn’t go all out, it would have been the end of us.”

The two were silent for a while. In the end, Geo was the one that replied first.

“You saved us. I admit this wasn’t what I expected, but our God was using us as a way to… force you to act. We saw that.”

“Your dispute and reasons are probably beyond what we can understand. I am just worried for my people and my race now that he is gone.”

“That is actually what I wanted to talk to you about,” Quinn replied.

“I gained a lot of energy after defeating Athos, and I… don’t know how much it will help, but I would like to pass this on to you. In fact, to all of you three.”

“I think you will be able to use it well to defeat enemies, help your people or create order in the race, which will soon become chaotic without Athos.”

The others didn’t understand what Quinn was saying, so he decided to show them when he returned. In the first place, he wasn’t even sure how much Celestial energy they could hold.

Quinn took a while to explain what he was going to do and what might happen to them. He also explained how this would link them to him, and if Quinn were to die, they would also. However, instead of hesitating, all three of them were over the moon after hearing everything and were willing to give it a try.

“Well, that’s a surprise, but I’m happy for you all,” Quinn said. “When we get to your planet, we will first gauge the situation, and then we will decide on the next step.”

“What about your people Quinn?” Geo said.

“I want to thank you for everything you have done, and I want to say that in the future, lthough we can’t help, you know, if there is ever anything you need help with… you can contact us.”

It was a good gesture, and Quinn shook Geo’s all four hands at once to take his word on it if the time would come. It looked like he had made a good ally on this short trip.

Just then, as they were approaching the planet, Quinn received a message from his system.

[You have received a message from Celestial “Bliss”]

[Would you like to read?]

“Hm? What is she trying to do?” Quinn thought.


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