My Vampire System Chapter 1805

: Uproar in another world.

The celestial drain was a skill Quinn had only used once before and never on another celestial. It was his first time and seeing how Athos was on his deathbed and with no one to help him. It was the perfect opportunity to use it.

“I don’t really know how this celestial drain works. Do I get all of his celestial points? I don’t think that would be the case because gods are meant to reincarnate.”

“If I remember correctly, the system stated I would get his Celestial points, and when he reincarnated, the celestial points I gained would return to him.”

“But how long… until he reincarnates.” Quinn thought.

Either way, it would be a power boost for Quinn, even if it was temporary. It wasn’t his primary objective in the first place. They had somewhat failed their primary objective because they now had no way of getting home.

Quinn’s hand pressed Athos’ head, and the white energy rushed through him. It wasn’t a painful feeling. Rather it was quite pleasant, more pleasant than anything feeling he could even describe.

It was as if someone had been deprived of sugar for most of their life to have their first ever ice cream. It was truly magnificent, which was why Quinn also thought it was dangerous.

*** *** ***

Inside the celestial space now, the fight had come to an end; there were a few comments here and there about what had occurred.

“The infamous god Slayer still lives, and it seems like he has killed quite a skilled Celestial for the first time. Should we spread the news?” One of them asked.

“This is the type of news that is impossible to keep just to ourselves!” Xox almost shouted in excitement, and his ball body was quite sweaty at the moment.

“Too many people have witnessed the event, and you know it’s impossible to tell a celestial what to do… it will just cause arguments.”

“Well, what I want to know is who that other celestial is that is helping him. If they are celestial, they can enter this space.”

“If that’s the case with the two of them, they could plan to get rid of a large amount of us. I suggest that this matter has to be reported to the ancient ones!”

The others around the man nodded in agreement. They were quite fearful of what they had seen for more reasons than one.

“I’m sorry, but I’m quite new here!” A short celestial said, raising their hand, they were about half the size of a normal human but had a similar shape with a pair of forceps in their head, or at least that’s what the outline of energy looked like. “Is it really a big problem?”

“Athos was a strong Celestial so he should reincarnate and have plenty of followers. So, as long as the two of them don’t suddenly start killing us all, will it be a problem?”

Since they were a new celestial, they themselves had never experienced reincarnation. However, there were times when even celestials would die from those that weren’t even God Slayers.

“It is a problem because Athos might not be able to come back,” Xox explained.

“As you said, a Celestial can reincarnate as long as they have a follower, All of Athos’ dedicated followers were killed by the two we watched.”

“On top of that, the celestial drained his energy away. When draining energy, there is a chance that too much is taken, and it lowers our celestial powers to the point where we can’t reincarnate.”

“Even if that’s not the case, reincarnation has many problems in itself.”

“For one, the time it takes to reincarnate. What if a god reappears after 1000 years. If that were to occur, by that time, there might not be a single being alive that can remember Athos.”

“If that’s the case he is no longer a celestial and, therefore can no longer reincarnate. Then there are the cases where one has been reincarnated but lost their memories, another where only their soul and powers have been put in another being.”

Now hearing it from Xox, the new celestial really knew how dangerous it was. He thought due to the reincarnation that they didn’t have to worry, but with another celestial there and killing the god slayer. There was more of a chance that Athos would never come back alive again.

“Then doesn’t that mean we should report this to the ancient ones or the stronger celestials? Maybe they can come up with a plan to take these two out!” Another replied.

“Wait!” A voice shouted out to the relatively large group. “There’s no need to do that.” As for the one they could see speaking, it was none other than Bliss.

“Rember, that Immortui is part of the other realm that controls earth. If there is ever a large or serious problem, he will deal with it.”

“Even if he has to personally in some way. This is just a small hiccup in the 1000s of years to come.”

“Besides, you all know that if celestials were to come to Earth, it would attract all types of different Celestials trying to go there for their own purpose. These actions could cause infighting between us and in turn upset the balance!”

It was a plea, and many of them knew that. They knew who the god was in front of them. A fairly old one that had been doing things for a fairly long time, but it wasn’t her they were afraid of.

“Wait, the celestial and god slayer, don’t they both come from Earth? They both have a similar form, and if they’re fighting together, they most likely know each other!”

“How can you not keep a celestial from Earth in check, Bliss! Or maybe you are working with them!” Another shouted.

“Hey, wait a second, didn’t that B guy say he came from Earth as well. Yeah… the new celestial. You don’t think that was him we saw fighting right now.”

The talking between the celestials was getting larger, and it seemed like Bliss’s intervention had stirred up more conversation, only making their determination stronger to inform others about what was going on.

“What do I do now… do I inform Quinn…do I send him back… but if there is an attack on Earth from other Celestials, then we will need to prepare, Quinn will have to get as strong as possible.”

Bliss let out a big sigh as she suddenly disappeared out of the space.

Her interventions and her ability to see what would occur usually gave her issues. It just had given her major issues this time.

*** *** ***

Back on the planet that continued to shake and rumble all over, Quinn had finished using his celestial drain. Athos’s body was now slowly disappearing, turning into particles, and as he did, so did his other two dedicated followers.

“Come on, Quinn, I let you do your magic thing, but we have to get off this place now!” Sil shouted. Using his powers, a large spaceship was brought out from a portal.

Seeing this, the other three Amra that were not too far off were seen running towards Quinn and the others. Based on what he had seen, Sil knew these guys were friendly. After letting everyone on board the spaceship. It quickly blasted off, heading out of the planet’s gravity pull and into space.

A few moments later, and looking back, they all could see the planet explode right in front of them. A large force could be felt dragging the spaceship in slightly after the explosion, but the ship, using extra power, had blasted off heading out.

“You mean… we would have died if we stayed there,” Nock commented.

It was a close call, but to Quinn, who was staring off into space, it didn’t seem to be a reaction at all to the planet exploding. Instead, he was staring at nothing but the air in front of him.

[28 546/252 256 Celestial energy]

[Congratulations, you have received enough Celestial energy to level up]

[You are now Level: 4]

[Congratulations, you have received enough Celestial energy to level up]

[You are now Level: 5]

[The following skills have been obtained]


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