My Vampire System Chapter 1804

: Battle for home. (Part 2)

Inside the Celestial space, none of the Celestials were chatting as they stared at the orb in the centre and closely observed the ongoing battle. Many wondered if they could survive or how long they could last if they faced these two.

The strength of this duo was certainly impressive, and it looked like the planet was already done for. They had tossed around too much energy for the planet to bear, and it was already on the verge of destruction.

“Athos will win, right?” One of the celestials asked.

“Look at his strength, and even after those attacks, he barely has a scratch on him. Not to mention, he has plenty of Celestial energy still to use as well!”

Although he was betting on Athos, his nervous tone betrayed his thoughts.

“You know, the Celestial energy isn’t everything. It allows us to do things that others could never imagine, but it doesn’t mean we will win all of our battles.”

“We can use only so much celestial energy in a fight, and it seems like the other Celestial is a Strong fighter along with the God Slaver. These two are a deadly duo.”

Biting her nails, Bliss continued to watch because she honestly wasn’t sure which side she wanted to win. Although Quinn was causing trouble for Earth, where she thrived and originally came from, she wondered if she was delaying the inevitable.

The other celestials and ancient ones had been trying to claim Earth for themselves for the longest time due to the abundance of life in and around the solar system. As for who would win this fight, it was too close to call.

However, according to Bliss calculations, Sil and Quinn were already at the edge of exhaustion.

*** *** ***

Bliss was right. The exhaustion was why Quinn decided to gamble everything on this next attack. He had no more cards to play. So all he could do was try to win with his strength.

“Remember what I said, Sil. I trust you!” Quinn shouted, running forward.

He held the scythes by the bottom of the handle and changed the shape slightly to create a small loop at the end. Then, putting his finger through it, Quinn started to spin it while still holding the other one steady.

His wings allowed him to fly slightly in the air to ensure the part of the scythe didn’t touch the ground, and in the next instant, Quinn flew forward. After spinning the scythe to a degree, Quinn gathered his normal blood aura rather than his Celestial one and began swinging the scythe swiftly.

As he did, a large tornado of blood came from the scythe. It ran across the ground, destroying everything it touched and anything that would come close to it, heading straight for Athos.

After a moment, Quinn swung the other scythe and did the same, and now there were two large tornados of blood heading straight for the giant. They had started small but had grown just as large as Athos himself. Seeing this, Athos grabbed his mace and his sword and swung them both down directly at the attack, destroying it and making it dissipate.

As soon as his sword had sliced through the blood tornado though, a large energy blast hit Athos on his shoulder, compelling him to grunt in pain as he noticed that it was the other one with his clones and demon-tier weapons. The one holding the spear looked like he could finally use his weapon in an attack.

“Taking on two of these is harder than I thought it would be… I need to get my act together!” Athos tried to concentrate.

As more Blood tornadoes came toward Athos, shadows appeared with different blood attacks on him. Seeing this, Athos started to spin his whole body and, while doing so, used all of the weapons he could to attack and block the attacks.

Mainly, Sil made the stronger aggressive attacks as his demon-tier weapons went to work. It was taking nearly everything for Athos to stop himself from receiving a vital blow. Once again, it looked like Sil was able to gather Athos full attention, as his ten clones had gotten in an equal distance around Athos, and all of them were attacking with various weapons and abilities.

Seeing this, Quinn thought it was time for him to act. So he continued to swing the large scythes, and now they were growing in size. They got larger by the second, and Quinn even started having trouble controlling the energy and supplying his blood to it.

[16/100 HP]

“That’s it, if this attack hits, we’ll win this fight!”

Quinn was flapping his wings once in a while so he would remain around chest height compared to the giant. His scythes spun and the range of the blade was now as large as the giant god himself.

For the first time, Quinn felt there was a strain on his body, holding the large celestial weapons. In fact, after reaching the 50 Health-Points mark, he realised it long ago. It was almost as if his body wasn’t special anymore since most of his blood was out of his body.

“It looks like Quinn’s ready.” Sil thought.

At that moment, using the teleportation ability and his foresight, Sil had teleported each one of his lines into a certain position. Instantly they all put their hands on the ground, and out of it, a solid large Ice pillar appeared.

They were giant in size, solid and thick. The pillars didn’t just come straight up out of the ground as if they were trying to hit the clouds. They had come out at all sorts of angles, going through Athos legs, going through his arms, and crossing each other narrowly, as ice touched ice.

Eventually the ten pillars, and went through all of Athos’ limbs, and were also crossing over in such a way that four pillars had trapped his head as well.

“This is it, Quinn, I’m out of MC, and I don’t know how long this will hold him for, but I can still use my weapons.”

All of the clones of Sil started to charge up their weapons as they were ready for one last attack.

At the same time, seeing Athos trapped, Quinn Swung both of his giant scythes from side to side, straight for Athos head planning to chop it right off. Athos could see his death coming before his eyes.

He was no fool to think that the scythes wouldn’t slice his head clean off. So he gathered his energy, his strength and power to fight out of the Ice pillars. As he did, they began to crack, but they were solid and strong, and the attacks coming from Sil were making it hard for him to charge up his energy.

“ARGHHH!” Athos screamed and lit up in a white glow. The ice pillars were destroyed breaking and falling to the ground, but the scythes had already been swung.

As he leant back, Athos followed with his eyes the tip of both of the scythes and saw them cut through the hard skin around his neck. Instantly blood started to squirt out and Athos was falling to the ground.

With two of his arms, he held his neck, but the colour in his eyes was fading, and he finally crashed on the ground.

As he fell, the white energy started to fade around him, and that’s when both Sil and Quinn knew it was the end of the fight.

Still a little concerned, Quinn was in his current form as he flew to Athos’ head, where one of Sil’s clones was standing as well. The two of them looked at his giant eyes slowly losing life.

“We just wanted you to take us back to didn’t have to end this way,” Quinn said. “It still doesn’t. We can find a way to help you, just agree to take us back.”

Athos’ pupil moved to look at Quinn, but in the end, he said nothing.

“You said you were a good guy, so why are you stopping us?” Quinn shouted in frustration.

Finally, Athos moved his lips.

“You’re meant to be on our side.” He said with heavy breaths in between.

Seeing Athos still breathing like this, and not giving up, Quinn felt like he had no option.

“My friends are more important than any of this celestial crap,” Quinn replied without hesitation.

“If you won’t help us get back to the Earth… then I have no choice.” Quinn moved over and placed his hand on his head.

[Skill Celestial drain has been activated]

[Athos Celestial Energy points will be added to your]


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