My Vampire System Chapter 1803

: Battle for home. (Part 1)

The system message was a surprise for Quinn. This prompt made him feel that there was still a lot for him to learn about his Celestial self. He knew this due to him currently being in the lower levels of a celestial that there would be more things to learn, but this message made him realise that even more.

The change in soul weapon was quite handy as he could control his celestial blood and his blood aura in more menacing ways compared to when he just used his standard blood control. The scythes he used could expand the size of the handle and the blade while they would emit a red blood aura from their ends.

On top of that, Quinn noticed that not only could he use his blood, but just like before when using his Soul weapon, the addition of others blood helped him become more versatile when using his blood moves.

“The system hasn’t come up much since I’ve turned.” Quinn thought.

“But then again, maybe it’s because I have changed and was going up against those that weren’t like me. Now, things are different.” Quinn said, tightening his grip on both of his weapons.

“Well, it looks like you one upped me for once,” Sil said, gathering the rest of his clones and creating one more as he quickly whipped out his book to change his ability.

The new clone had also picked up the spear, and now ten Sils with ten demon-tier weapons had lined up. “You got him to jump back… you scared him, which is a first.”

Looking at Sil, Quinn couldn’t believe what he was seeing. He knew Sil had a few weapons up his sleeve he had yet to use during their fight but to think the latter had so many weapons. Although it wasn’t working so well against Athos, perhaps because of the giants own set of weapons and limbs. It did make Quinn wonder how well he would do against Sil.

Sil had been fighting Athos alone this whole time and could barely survive. On the other hand, Quinn had only caught Athos by surprise due to his attention on Sil.

“It’s not a contest,” Quinn replied. “Besides… without blood, I can’t use these for long.”

[HP: 64/100]

Very rarely did Quinn have to keep an eye on his HP these days. There were a few reasons for that. One of them was that blood attacks didn’t affect his health anymore, but the Celestial energy was a different story due to it being trapped in his body.

Quinn had only figured out how to use it by literally making cuts on himself and drawing his own blood out. The soul weapons he was using acted a little differently, but eventually, they would also drain his HP.

“It’s the same for me, my friend. The longer this fight draws out, the worse it is.” Sil replied, thinking about his MC cells. Once his MC cells ran out, he would be helpless against Athos, and this was what they had to prevent.

With these thoughts in their minds, it was time for them to charge forward. Quinn ran across the ground, stomping his feet on the surface and using his blood control to control the hardened armour around him, which allowed him to move faster.

On the other hand, Sil was teleporting all over the place, putting his trust in the foresight ability once again.

This allowed him to dodge all the incoming attacks.

Athos was getting frustrated. stomping his foot, he created several cracks in the ground again, and the white light came out from these cracks. Knowing what this would do, Sil teleported all of his clones directly to where Athos was.

“I’ll hit you before you can use that crap on me!” Sil shouted as three of the Sils struck with the sword on Athos sides using flames and their demon-tier weapons. It imbalanced Athos, and at that moment, Sil was able to thrust his trident forward.

As he did, a stream of water appeared through the air, suddenly giving Sil a boost as he struck the trident deep into the giant’s shoulder. A successful hit had landed on Athos, but it was due to him now being distracted by another as well.

*** *** ***

The white light from the ground had hit Quinn, and he could feel it somewhat affect him, but thanks to the blood he had consumed, Quinn was in a slightly better state.

Just when he was about to swing his scythes, he saw Athos was getting his shield ready, and that’s when he decided to modify the attack plan.

Then, without any hesitation, he swung the scythes. However, mid-swing, they started to glow red as their form changed to the twin blade chain. Their pointy ends stuck into the shield, creating a small dent. Then using their ability to retract, Quinn pulled himself and flew towards Athos.

Seeing this, Athos, with his other hand, had his spear ready, its tip glowing like before, and using his strength, he it out, perfectly aiming for Quinn, but the latter was ready this time.

“That was what I was waiting for.”

[Shadow Overload skill activated]

Quinn had his demon tier chest piece on, and the wings sprouted in the back were wrapped by shadows. As for his legs, they were covered in his red blood celestial armour, and the twin tail chains were held tightly in his arms.

The shadow overload skill would usually shroud Quinn’s body with a shadow body upon activation.

As expected, when he activated the shadow overload, the Shadow enveloped his skin, but strangely, it went underneath the celestial armour, and one could even see the twin tails through the Shadow.

As the Shadow clad his body, Quinn looked less and less like a human, but he wasn’t bothered by this fact.

Just then, as Athos’ spear was about to hit him, he surrounded himself in his wings and deflected the attack.

The spear’s tip was so large that it nearly covered an entire wing, but at that moment, something strange happened. The spear went through the wing, but instead of hitting Quinn, it suddenly came out the other wing and was heading straight back towards Athos.

“Becoming a Celestial, and using my skills with this demon-tier equipment, a lot of things have changed.”

“I have found that the Shadow Overload skill and the demon-tier armour’s active skills meant that I won’t lose MC points as long as the Shadow is on my wings.”

“It acts like a condensed form of the shadow, but I can use its other traits just like I usually would when having the shadow overload skill.”

With the spear coming out from Quinn’s other wing like a portal, it headed straight for the shield and crashed into it. The shield didn’t break, but the momentum had pushed back Athos, but just then, along with Sil’s trident hitting his shoulders, the force caused him to lose balance as one of his feet rose, and he fell on his back.

Without wasting time, Quinn summoned several shadow portals over Athos position, and he then swung his two twin blades, creating countless blood slashes. As they went through the shadow, they began hitting Athos body.

At the same time, in the air, Sil had raised himself onto a pillar of earth and threw down his trident. It started to multiply and hit Athos on the ground. With each attack, Athos body sank deeper, and the two didn’t stop until they heard an almighty roar.

“ARGHH!” Athos, now enraged, leapt up from the ground, and the whole world seemed to react at that point. It shook from the force and aftershock when he landed in a different area from where the two were attacking. It felt like the target they were on had moved slightly as they felt a strange feeling in their stomach. It was as if the planet itself had moved.

Athos stood there in anger, huffing and panting, and had blood wounds all over his body from the attack.

He was hurt, but it looked like he was nowhere near his end and could still fight on.

[HP: 44/100]

“I have already used my blood bank… so how much time do I have left? It’s definitely not much, so I must end this fight as fast as I can.”

Thinking of this, Quinn decided to change his weapons to the blood scythes once again. It was his weapon’s strongest form and made it easier to drain blood from his opponent.

“Sil… we have to stop him from moving, use whatever you can… then we will attack him with all we got, and I meant it.”

“We must use everything at our disposal. I am sure that we can take him down.” He said.

“Oh… so you’re saying you would have lost to him without me here? Well, I have to admit, I feel the same way.”

“One hit from this guy, and I feel like I would have died. I would have been out of this fight if it weren’t for you. Also, I have a feeling someone is watching us up there.” Sil joked.

“Up there? Haha.” Quinn smiled, thinking of the Celestial space. “You’re right. Someone is watching us from up there, but we decide our own fate. Come, let’s finish this so we can finally get back home.”


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