My Vampire System Chapter 1802

: Tasty Blood.

Moments before Quinn had arrived, Sil had given ten of his clones the strongest pieces of equipment he had stored away with one of his abilities. He had gathered these weapons over the last few years while exploring the world, defeating Beasts and Gods.

Each of these weapons in the past would have caused wars to be fought over them, and in all honesty, Sil had never used them against a single person before. However, Sil noticed something after seeing Athos strikes.

This Celestial was different from the last one he had met. This one showed no fear while fighting and kept on counter attacking. He didn’t even flinch or show reaction even after losing one of his strongest allies. There was something in Sil that was telling him he needed to do at least this much.

One of Sil’s clones pointed its spear toward Athos, activating one of the skills, and it grew larger. Its head now looked almost the size of a cannon, and he was gathering a large amount of energy.

At the same time, Sil used the ability of foresight to predict where Athos would dodge. After that, he would follow up with the other clones, each using a weapon, and then finish Athos with his favourite weapon, the trident. Sil had planned every strike.

As predicted, just before the spear shot out its beam of energy, Athos stomped on the ground, and several cracks formed below his foot, looking like spider webs. Through these cracks, the white energy emitting from Giant Athos came out, and the cracks eventually reached Sil.

“I saw this in my vision, but it doesn’t change anything!”

Sil stood at the perfect place and avoided all of the cracks. He knew where they would appear, and his first attack was ready to launch. However, just moments before his demon-tier spear fired, the light from the cracks rose.

At that moment, he suddenly felt a great weight on all his clones, It was so sudden and intense that all the Sils fell to the floor. Taking advantage of this, Athos had already shot an arrow, and it went right through the spear holder’s head, killing the clone as the spear dropped on the group and the gathered energy dispersed.

“What just happened… my prediction… nothing like this happened in it.” Sil thought.

Still, using his foresight powers, Sil started to teleport. Unfortunately, he couldn’t move too easily because the gravity around him had suddenly increased a thousand fold. However, as soon as he and the others stepped out of the unknown range, the pressure on them disappeared.

“So this is the range? His celestial power most likely has something to do with gravity, but why didn’t my foresight work?”

“Shouldn’t it be able to reveal everything that is going to happen? Or maybe it’s because it couldn’t predict how the Celestial energy would affect me.”

“It only knew how it normally would work. After all, what I see isn’t truly the future.” Sil thought.

Either way, Sil had second thoughts about using his foresight ability. It was the first time since using it with this much power and MC cells that it seemed to have failed him.

Instead of wasting his energy on the Foresight ability, he used all the different abilities and powers at his disposal and fired them toward Athos. Lightning, fire, wind, water, and earth were at their strongest levels. While using these attacks, all of the Sils charged toward him, including the one with the trident.

Seeing this, Athos lifted his large shield, which suddenly started to glow. When it did, all of Sil’s long-distance attacks changed the trajectory, and instead of hitting them, they slammed into the shield. And when they hit the shield, they dealt zero damage. There was not even a tiny scratch.

“Deal with this!” Sil threw his trident, and it started to multiply when it left his hand. One Became ten, ten became a hundred, and a hundred became a thousand. Unlike before, the shield didn’t seem to work on the weapon.

Seeing this, Athos once again stomped on the group, and the ground began to shine. And just when the tridents were about to hit Athos, they all began to fall as if something was pulling them.

However, the other Sils, with their weapons, were able to reach Athos.

They used their powers and weapons as best as possible and clashed against Athos. Sil knew he would lose out in a battle of strength as his clones were kicked to the side and crushed on the ground, but at times, an attack or two would get in and hit Athos back.

At the same time, Sil was looking for the right opportunity. The trident had reappeared in his hand as it was one of its abilities. It could come back to him no matter where it was.

He would throw the blade when he saw the chance, trying to cause a fatal blow. However, every time an attack came close, Athos would use a weapon or his shield to block the attack. And whenever he was overwhelmed, he used his Celestial powers to increase the gravity around him, causing everything to fall to the ground.

“Right now, neither of us have the upper hand, but there was a reason I didn’t create multiple clones of myself… my MC cells.”

“This fight has already gone on for much longer than I thought. I assumed he might tire out, but this man has a warrior’s spirit. It feels like he’ll keep fighting like this until his last breath!”

Just then, he caught a glimpse of Quinn flying toward him. As soon as the latter reached within carshot, Sil yelled out for him to help. He was getting frustrated, but rather than waiting for an opportunity to strike with his trident, this time, he was going on his own to create a chance for himself.

He could see one of the large hands with a sword coming his way. Sil pushed himself up with his great wind powers and then used the fire ability on his arm to thrust himself towards the incoming attack, and in the next instant, he quickly switched to a strength ability.

The trident and the sword collided, but they remained mid-air, as both powers appeared somewhat equal.

“I’ll give you a hand with that!” A voice resounded, and a red curved object appeared from beneath, hitting the bottom of the sword and chucking it up somewhat. Sil could see Quinn flying through the air with his two red blood scythes in his hand.

Quinn had already swung his hand, throwing the Celestial soul weapon scythe towards Athos, and the latter moved his shield to block the attack. As the red scythe clashed against the shield, it looked like the latter had blocked the attack well, but something strange happened.

As the scythe made contact with the shield, it looked like blood was oozing out of the end of the bladed part. It quickly spread around the whole shield like some type of plague, and going around the shield, it branched out, heading straight towards Athos. Using his other hand and a mace, he had managed to cut it before the strange red blood looking veins reached his neck.

At that moment, Quinn landed on the ground and swung both of his scythes into the floor, and the same thing happened. Two spots of blood marks started forming, and they quickly went across the ground in spider-web shape before shooting up and sticking directly into Athosa’s legs.

They had pierced and caused great pain to run through his body. Athos jumped up, and the blood web broke off again. However, from the very beginning of this battle, Athos was wounded for the first time.

Quinn started to swing his two scythes in circles spinning them. The blood that looked like hard ice icicles began to melt turning into a more standard blood consistency heading straight toward Quinn. Getting close the blood jumped onto the scythes, and as it was absorbed the energy was passed through, and into Quinn.

[Celestial blood has been consumed]

[Your Celestial powers have increased by 10 percent]

[Resistance against celestial power from Athos has been applied]

Upon seeing this, a smile appeared on Quinn’s face, and he raised his head to stare at Athos.

“Your blood… it’s quite tasty.”


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