My Vampire System Chapter 1801: Evolving Celestial.

Intense energy was emitting from Athos during the fight. It was so strong that it affected his surroundings. The ground was constantly quivering, and the smaller rubble would disappear altogether. In reality, they were breaking down into fine particles instead of condensing due to the power.

As a result, many were forced to get away from the fight. One of them was the other golden-coloured female Amra. She was tightly holding both swords and was constantly on the move, slashing through the rocks thrown at her.

“Hey, are we just going to keep tossing these rocks?” Nock asked while picking up anything he could find and hurling it as far as possible.

Even if they were to hit the Amra, the rocks would do nothing. It was as if a child was hurling a piece of dirt at an adult.

However, since there were three of them and each had four arms, these piles of dirt added up and were quite distracting.

“Do you suggest we fight this one head-on!” Dober replied, still picking up things from the ground.

All three were also stepping away from the fight to not get caught in the mess, and soon they had stepped out of the danger zone, and even the rubble around them had lessened. And now, their attacks slowed down a bit. However, the Female Amra was already annoyed enough by them.

She smacked the air with her two swords, releasing strange energy. Then, her swords began vibrating, and whenever the rocks came close, they would instantly get crushed falling to the ground before reaching her.

“How dare you embarrass me?!” the female shouted. “You haven’t even climbed the tower. You haven’t been through the things I have been through, and yet you dare to annoy me?”

Immediately, she dashed forward, covering the distance between them and her in an instant. Geo could see her blades swinging down. At that moment, he pushed Nock out of the way, and the sword went right between them. Hitting the ground, it sliced through, but it didn’t cause the ground to be uplifted like an attack usually would.

Both of them had barely survived the deadly blow and were safe from the sword, but Dober noticed that Geo and Nock struggled to stand.

“This weight! It’s like the other floors of the tower… what is that weapon!” Geo shouted.

Holding her sword in her other hand again, she was ready to slash it, to kill both of them in one hit.

“It’s not the sword that is causing that. It’s the power given to me by him!” She swung her sword, and Geo, at that moment, felt like this was going to be his end.

But just before it sliced him and his friend, a strange object coiled around the sword. It was red and black, with several glowing blades on it. Like a chain, it looped itself several times around the giant sword.

Suddenly the sword stopped. No matter how much force she applied, the sword would not budge.

“This strength…”

“Thank you for helping me out earlier. Now let me return the favour.” A voice suddenly said from above.

The next moment, the female Amra felt an immense force pulling her sword. When she tried to pull back, nothing worked, and even though she applied her full strength, she only lost her grip and fell directly to the ground on her back as she lost her balance.

When she regained her composure and raised her head to see what had happened, she saw a small figure with black wings and glowing red armour above her. It was hard to tell it was the same person, but after a moment, she knew it was the same person from before-one of the two that had attacked.

“I wasn’t planning to kill you, I wouldn’t have if you didn’t involve yourself, but I can’t just let these people die,” Quinn said.

The weapon from before was his soul weapon. The armour on his body was the hardened celestial blood that would be powered by his own blood. However, the strangest thing was that only one of the twin tail chains was currently in its chained form.

Meanwhile, the other one had transformed into a gauntlet that appeared on Quinn’s other hand. His hand was in a claw-like shape as the fingertips on the gauntlet began turning bright red by the second. Then they started to elongate, and a claw made of red aura appeared slightly bigger covering the entire gauntlet.

Suddenly, Quinn started to move towards the female Amra on the ground, but it wasn’t by his own will. Rather, he was being pulled forward.

With the single twin chain around the sword, Quinn was currently retracting the weapon back into itself and back into his body. Doing this was far faster than him running or at any flying speed as well.

Quinn had come down at an incredible speed, crashing into the hard Amra body with his claw hand as they ripped through any armour and hard skin she had. It was so swift and seemed effortless as if he was slicing his hand through a lake.

Blood gushed out immediately from the wound. Then, once his hand was in the body, he pushed it further in, and five lines of aura spread out from the gauntlet, ripping through her body and cutting it entirely from her stomach down to her legs.

When Quinn pulled out his hand, the female Amra was no longer alive. Retracting the claws, Quinn stood there and turned towards the other three.

Geo was on his backside, seeing Quinn hold his hand up as if he was in some victory pose and now seeing one of the greats of his race defeated so easily, he could only think one thing.

“Did we make the right choice… helping this man?” Because at that moment, honestly, he couldn’t be sure.

[3420 Celestial points have been added]

When using his celestial soul weapon, he had just learned that attacking his opponent with it would also allow him to use the celestial drain ability and gain the celestial points from the dead. Staring at the prompt, Quinn knew Athos had invested quite a lot in the two around him.

“Thank you, and you have another use as well.” Quinn said as he raised his hand, and the blood from Amra’s body started to rise up, and then it began to swirl around Quinn like a tornado.

Eventually, going to his celestial gauntlet. A large amount of blood had come out from the giant Amra, and it had all disappeared like that. What Geo and the other two witnessed was clearly a feat that only a God could accomplish.

Flapping his wings, Quinn was off again, heading straight towards Athos. It didn’t take him long, and he could see that the area where he was fighting once before had changed entirely.

There were enormous craters everywhere on the battlefield. The holes went so deep in some of them that lava had come out from below the crust, but it was easy to find where the two were fighting. One would just have to follow the energy.

That was when Quinn saw that Athos was somewhat fighting evenly with Sil. To be more specific, there were nine different Sil clones.

“Hey Quinn, this energy is making it hard to move. I could use a hand!” Sil shouted when he noticed Quinn while he swung his small sword, clashing against Athos large sword.

Then the two collided, and a large energy blast went above the sky, splitting the clouds and travelling far enough into space. The clash between Sil’s weapons and all of Athos continued, and the shockwaves were going everywhere, destroying whatever they touched.

Just then, one energy blast went right past Quinn, causing almost a nuclear explosion in the background.

In all honesty, Quinn didn’t know how much more the planet could take before it was destroyed. Placing both of his hands out, his gauntlet and the twin chain blade started to glow again, this time creating a completely new shape that he hadn’t used before.

When the red glow faded, one could finally see what was in his hands.

“It’s time to go back to my roots.” Quinn said as he held two giant red Celestial blood scythes. The scythes were a dark red, almost black. Where it was curved near the edges, it was shrouded in glowing red energy.


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