My Vampire System Chapter 1800

: Push.

Two things were going on at once when fighting against Athos. After the two of them had decided to approach the Celestial from the opposite direction, Sil used his fast speed to sprint straight towards Athos.

“I must admit, you are much bigger than any other Celestial I have fought against, but size doesn’t mean you are stronger!” Sil shouted.

Just like with Quinn, the female golden Amra had decided to interfere in the fight and swung her swords down, but when it looked like Sil was about to get hit by the incoming attack, he disappeared from his spot.

And in the next instant, he appeared on top of her head.

He lifted his leg high, and with it, he had created a tornado of flames. Then, without hesitation, he slammed the kick on the female Amra. The fire quickly spread, and it looked like her whole body was about to be consumed in flames.

However, Athos had already fired an arrow, which flew through the air too fast for Sil to react, hitting him right through his stomach. However, when it hit him, Sil’s body disappeared from the spot, leaving no signs of injury or blood.

The female Amra was grateful that her God had saved her, but she soon felt an enormous force hitting her right at the back of her legs.

It was so strong that her leg skid forward, stumbling her whole body as she fell back to the ground.

As for the person responsible for this, it was none other than Sil, or to be more specific, there were a bunch of Sils, ten to be precise.

They were divided into two equal groups of five, and they were pushing each leg using their strengthening ability to the max.

They had secretly appeared there when the fight began, and using their mass amount of power and Qi, they had slammed the leg.

It wasn’t easy to pierce the large Amra’s of this level, which superseded Sil a bit. He noticed that the flames that had covered her body had done next to nothing as well, but still, it was enough to knock her down.

Athos shot another arrow, trying to target the Sils without his ally. However, they all suddenly disappeared and teleported onto the female Amra’s body, standing on her stomach.

“I can see every move you are going to make. There is a reason why the other gods could not kill me, and it will be the same.”

The Sils spoke in unison as he lifted their hands in the air, and blue sparks of lightning started to form in their hands. Then, swinging it down, several lightning strikes hit the golden female Amra’s body.

“If fire won’t work, then I’ll try lighting. And if that won’t work, I’ll just try something else that will!”

The strength of ten Sil clones using maximum illumination had just caused the entire area to light up to the point where no one could see anything, but the Sil who was at the center of it could see that it was still not affecting Amra’s body.

“This isn’t even the Celestial itself, and I have a bit tougher time than I usually would. So maybe I should take my chance, and instead of playing safe, I should go all out and figure out how to hurt her.”

Sil avoided each arrow, teleporting again, and it looked like Athos was reluctant to move from his position. But, at least for now, he could see that Athos was using his Shield to block an attack from Quinn.

While teleporting everywhere, using his soul weapon Sil was searching for a power that he could use, and he had finally found one he believed would be of some use. Just then, the female Amra regained her composure and was about to stand up again.

After quickly teleporting from place to place, in areas where he knew Athos could not hit him, Sil finally appeared directly behind the female. Then, placing his hand against her back, he was about to phase into it.

It looked like his hands were slowly submerging into her back, and he suddenly disappeared from the spot again. In the next second, the female Amra coughed up blood and her face paled as fear gripped her heart.

Her eyes turned red, and she began feeling a strange sensation all over her body. She knew something was wrong, and after a moment of thought, she turned toward her god and opened her mouth to speak.

“It was an honour serving you, my dear God.” These were her last words as flames erupted from inside out, spewing with blood from mouth and before burning her insides with flame. The same was happening to her eyeballs, which had burnt to a crisp as soon as the flames came out.

It was clear that the golden Amra female was dead. And with this, Sil had defeated one of the strongest warriors of the Amra race without much effort.

A few moments later, Sil appeared out from the top of her body, his arms covered in flames, and his whole body was sheathed in Amra blood.

His arms had evaporated off the access of their blood, turning it into steam, but the rest of him… there was nothing about Sil that made him look human.

“I can predict what you will do and where you will attack.”

“I can clone myself to create more of me, and I have the strongest powers earth has to offer, but do you know what the worst thing about me is? It’s the fact that I can always find a way.”

“Through countless abilities at my disposal, I can always find a way to kill anyone in front of me.”

“I knew you would be far more troublesome than the other one,” Athos broke his silence, “Which is why I wanted him to get rid of you, but I guess I will just have to do it myself.”

It was then that other Sils started to gather around him. There were eleven in total. The real Sil stood in the centre and lifted his hand, opening up a portal. A large trident dropped out of it, which Sil caught without trouble. He then spun it a few seconds before stopping its shiny reflective blue end into the body of the dead he was currently standing on.

The trident was clearly unique and was radiating with power. There was a crystal design at the bottom, while the handle went up like waves in a dark blue colour heading towards the top. Then at the very top, there were the three spikes.

All three were in different colour tips, blue, red, and almost transparent colour, while the base of the trident was still in a similar diamond-like pattern.

“You think a demon weapon will change the outcome of this fight?” Athos asked. “Compared to my celestial weapons, they are nothing”

Athos lifted up the mace and prepared his sword. Now that Quinn was gone, he could use all of his weapons toward the God slayer, and it looked like he was confident, but he wasn’t the only one who was.

“I just wish Quinn was there. That way, he could have seen what I had in store for him.” Sil said with a smile.

Just then, the ten clones of Sil standing around him lifted their arms as well. As they did, a portal appeared above them. And in the next instant, all sorts of weapons began to drop out.

One was Shield, another was a spear, one looked like a strange gun, and there were many others, all unique in their own way. However, there was one thing that all of these items had in common.

“You’re right. One demon weapon won’t make a difference. But with my powers and all these demon weapons I have gathered over the years. I think we stand a pretty good chance.” Sil replied in conviction.


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