My Vampire System Chapter 1799

: The Giant God.

The audience in the Celestial Space was increasing with every passing moment, and more and more celestials were needed to support the area as everyone stared at the orb to witness what was about to unfold. The God Slayer from the earth, who was recently causing trouble for many, and a celestial were working together.

Watching all of this among the other Celestials was none other than Bliss.

“You’re an idiot, an idiot! And I guess I’m an idiot as well for sending you to this place.”

Bliss had a deep frown on her face. “How can you cause so much trouble no matter where you go? Now that they see you working with a God Slayer, they will guess that you are both from the same planet or have a connection.”

“If the others learn that a celestial has a connection with a god slayer, then we will become a bigger target than we already are. And of course, I cannot contact the other one.” Bliss sighed in indignation.

*** *** ***

On the Amra planet, the ground that Quinn and Sil were standing on started shaking violently. It was as if the planet was frightened of what was coming, of this battle.

After showing all his weapons, the weapons himself and his body started to emit and glow with strong energy. He was covered in a strange white light, constantly moving as if it were alive.

“I’ll take on the right side, and you take on the left!” Sil shouted.

“And a warning about this fight, don’t hold back, don’t play with these guys because they can cause serious damage!”

Sil was already off using super-speed to run straight towards Athos’ side. Since Quinn had battled with Sil not long ago, and considering the latter’s experience in fighting against Celestials, Quinn thought it wise to take his advice. And as he flew forward, the shadow was already wrapping both of Quinn’s demon-tier wings.

Heading straight for Athos, Quinn gathered his blood aura, and while doing so, he covered both his hands with two giant spinning blood drills. He could only wield one of these in the past, but he now had grown used to holding a powerful blood aura.

Seeing him coming towards them, one of the women by Athos side had pulled out two swords and swung them down towards Quinn. From the swing alone, Quinn felt he was getting hit by colossal pressure even though the sword hadn’t even reached him.

“What is it… is this gravity… or wind pressure? I don’t understand.” Quinn thought.

His speed had slowed down, but spinning at the right time, he avoided the sword strike, but a strange drag had pulled him down with it, and he felt even more pressure, forcing him to crash to the ground.

Quinn didn’t land very hard, but the pressure had pushed him into the ground, and that had created a crater. Eventually, another sword from the female Golden Amra was coming towards him. With no chance to get out, Quinn jumped up and threw one of his blood drills like a punch. The blood dril instantly clashed head-on against the sword.

The power clash was strong and immense, and it looked like Quinn had the upper hand in this battle of strength, as the sword was pushed back and caused the giant female to stumble around a bit. Seeing this as an opportunity, Quinn ran forward again and headed straight towards Athos, who had yet to move.

At that moment however, the female Amra had moved again, swinging her other arm down. But when she attacked, a large rock had come out at great speed and hit the sword, causing it to go off its trajectory. Quinn had been through enough fights to judge the sword would miss him and that it did.

The second it hit the ground though, Quinn used it as an opportunity. The sword was large, and jumping up, he pushed off the flat surface of the sword to give himself extra strength, and using the momentum, he spun his body and headed towards Amra.

There was only one blood drill, but he gathered the blood energy around him, turning into what looked like a giant blood drill ready to pierce right through Athos chest.

“Thank you guys for helping me out. I wasn’t expecting any help, but you have returned the favour. Just be careful.” Quinn thought as he looked out of the corner of his eye at those that had helped him.

Geo, Nock, and Dober were staring at the ongoing battle not too far from where the others were fighting. They had strange colored Green rocks in their hand, and it was Geo who had thrown and hit the sword.

“We’re crazy for doing this,” Nock said. His arms were trembling, and he nearly dropped the rock in his hand.

“How can we even consider going against those who have reached the 90th floor? The one that our god has rewarded the most.”

“Because this whole situation is crazy,” Geo replied.

“Who would have thought anyone would even be able to touch our god, and right now, we are fighting alongside someone who is on par, if not even stronger than our god.”

“We make our own decisions in this world, and I have decided to help him.”

Dober laughed at this comment. “I have long grown bored of the towers antics. Besides, this is how I always wanted to go out, with a blast.”

“Great, even though you think we’re going to die, I haven’t given up!” Nock said, hurling the green rock through the air.

As it flew, it created green flames. It was impressive, even for Nock himself, because he had never been able to do such a thing before.

Clearly, something was changing in him, and he was improving rapidly. After years of hitting a limit, it looked like he was finally reaching another stage, not that it mattered anyway, as the golden female just slashed her sword, slicing the rock right in half.

“This is going to be a hard battle… please end this fight quickly, Quinn.” Geo thought.

Quinn had made himself move faster as he controlled the blood aura at the right time and suddenly accelerated. He wanted to use the speed change to catch Athos by surprise, and he thought it would have worked, only that Athos had lifted the shield in time.

“I’ll smash through that thing and head back to earth!” Quinn shouted.

As his red aura hit the shield, he continued to spin it more and more. Although Athos hand was slightly trembling as he used his strength to stop, it looked like the shield was in perfect condition, not damaged.

That was when, using another hand, holding onto a spear, Athos pulled it back. His limbs seemed to somewhat grow from his body and even had extra joints, which allowed him to put strength while his body was still facing a particular direction.

Seeing this, Quinn quickly decided to stop his attack, and the red aura dispersed. Then, he covered himself with his shadow wings. The spear had hit the wings hard, and the others saw the shockwave coming from the impact as Quinn took the hit head on. He could feel the wind on his back.

Peeking through his wings, Quinn could no longer see Athos, nor could he see anyone else; instead, he was flying through the air at an incredible speed. The force of the attack was so strong that although the shadow blocked it, it hadn’t slowed it down or frozen it in place.

Finally, Quinn stopped using his powers and pulled out his wings.

“Just… how far was I sent back?… This raw strength, it’s stronger than any Demon tier beast or anyone I have faced before.”

If Quinn didn’t have the demon-tier wings covered in shadow, he was afraid that he would have died in that single attack.

“He’s not faster than me. But speed doesn’t do anything even if I attacked him at full speed and treated a large attack. This is all about power. I need more power.”

Donning his blue fang set away, Quinn used the tip of his fingernails to make a thin cut on his leg. Then, he hardened them to create a pair of blood-colored Celestial boots. Only this time, he had cut up to his thigh and continued to have the demon-like hardened blood all the way up.

“The chest piece only deteriorates if I use the Celestial energy through my body, but not when I power it through my blood on the outside.”

[Twin Tail soul weapon activated]

Small hard pieces of razor-sharp objects could be seen piercing out from his skin and were pronging over his shoulder. But luckily, the chest piece went around his body and over his shoulder. The bits that moved towards his chest only stuck in the piece a little. Although it was harming the piece it was only a little.


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