My Vampire System Chapter 1798

: In the casket.

Since the group was heading back to Green city, it didn’t take them long to reach their destination. It was mainly because the Red Vampire base was located on Earth, and they no longer had to remain in their stealth mode compared to before.

Another thing was that they no longer had Hannah with them, nor did they need to take a detour for the Blades. On their way back, the group had updated Logan on everything they knew so far. Logan reassured everyone and told them to leave it with him and ended the call shortly as if something else was bothering him. Either way, they would find out when they got back.

*** *** ***

Entering the Green city was never going to be a hurdle for them, and currently, everyone was in Logan’s lab for a few reasons. First, they gave the casket they found among Laxmus’ shadow items to Logan to analyse, and then they handed over Vincent, along with Xander’s Nest crystal.

Logan placed him in a big tube, with the nest crystal attached to a chest device positioned around Vincent. The scene reminded Peter a lot of when Quinn was in slumber, and with Vincent having a face that matched Quinn’s, it didn’t exactly help subdue old memories.

“Will Vincent be okay?” Xander asked as Logan wiped the sweat from his head.

“I honestly can’t give you a definite answer for now,” Logan replied.

“He’s in a similar state to Quinn. The nest Crystal isn’t properly absorbing into Vincent’s body, but it still is absorbing, which is the good news.”

“Let’s just hope it doesn’t take 1000 years for Vincent to wake up like Quinn,” Peter said, leaning up against the wall. He was frustrated with the whole situation, honestly. The fact that Quinn was nowhere to be found was bugging him even more. He wanted to find Quinn as soon as possible.

As for Logan, there looked to be something significant on his mind as well. Each time he looked at Jake, there was a large frown on his head, and he had chosen to hide behind Jessica, avoiding his father’s gaze.

“Come on, dad, tell me what did I do wrong?” Jake finally said.

“I helped them as you asked, and there were loads of things you didn’t tell me about them, like how crazy some of these people are.”

“Crazy?” Jessica said, turning around she moved away so Jake and Logan could make eye contact.

“I told you to stay low,” Logan replied. “It was the reason why you were hiding your face.”

“Yeah, and I was wearing it the whole time, just like you asked!” Jake replied.

“What’s the point of keeping on the hood if you go and display multiple and a different set of abilities?”

“Sure there were other Blades there, and if they were found attacking, it wouldn’t be so much of a problem, but you’re my son.”

“The son of the current leader and known to be one of Green’s Strongest forces. Pure can easily use this against us if they find out. Are you sure that you managed to hide well?”

This was a question Jake wasn’t too sure about. The hood didn’t cover his face, and at the time, he was trying hard to help the others take out Erin. In the end, he was sure that she had at least seen his face.

Seeing his son remain silent, Logan feared the worst but let out a big sigh after he thought about it. What could he do? Shouting wasn’t going to change anything.

“We will just have to deal with it, and as you said, without you, there could be a chance that some people could have died.”

“We should look at the bright side, and since I’ve heard nothing so far, it has to be good news.” Logan stated.

Logan also believed that the Red heart being in the dhampirs’ hands wasn’t such a bad thing. Laxmus would have used the power for the destruction of all of the humans in some way or the other. As for Erin, other than its raw power, it was unlikely that she could have any other use for it.

It was certainly an item that one couldn’t really use against vampires, and as far as he knew, the dhampires didn’t have a great mind. It was the problem Laxmus had as well.

They could use it because the Red Heart was incapacitated. Logan currently only knew three people that could get the full use out of the Red Heart. Himself, Vincent and lastly, Agent four from Pure.

“As long as it doesn’t somehow end up in Pure’s hands, we should be okay. That’s one less thing to worry about.” Logan said as he moved on to the next project the others had bought. The large chamber casket that had someone inside.

Several robot arms were holding up the object while others were scanning it. Images flickered through Logan’s computer as it was trying to find something. Words such as blood samples were being brought up, while references were coming up as well.

At the same time, fingerprints on it were taken, as well as DNA over the whole box to try and see who had been in contact with it as well, until finally, Logan had come up with an answer.

“Just as you all thought, that certainly is an Eternal Chamber originally created for the vampire leaders, kings and originals,” Logan explained.

“After going through blood samples and DNA, I have pinpointed our most likely suspect as to who could be inside this.”

“It seems like the most likely cause is Alex… Alex Way.”

Muka’s eyes opened up wide a bit when hearing this name. She had suspected it to be one of the other leaders, but for it to be the Blood Fairy?

“Should we open it?” Muka asked with hesitancy in her voice.

“I mean, you said before that there were many people after Alex due to the weapons he could create and honestly, a blood fairy might do us more harm than good.”

“A blood fairy… there’s a blood fairy inside that thing?” Jessica repeated. “What is a blood fairy? It sounds beautiful?” Minny asked.

The robots stopped scanning the device as Logan finally sat down, tired from everything he had been doing. Although his body was mostly robotic, his mind was still fully human.

“Even if we wanted to open it, we don’t have any other way.” Logan replied.

“I gave Alex’s blood to Quinn. As they say, all roads lead back to him. And I’m sure it will be a nice surprise for him when he does come back.”

Hearing Quinn’s name just seemed to depress the group a bit, and now they were lost again, with no lead. Besides that, there was Erin too. Although they knew Sera might know a bit about what had happened to Erin and the reason behind her change of behaviour.

Looking at all the glum faces in the room and realising that he would have to stay with these people like this for a while, Logan stood up and clapped, grabbing everyone’s attention.

“Okay, listen up. Learning and finding Erin is still essential, and the Red Heart can still be helpful to us in many ways.”

“We might even use it to find Quinn. So instead of sitting around here, I have a suggestion to make to you all.”

“There are people who have confronted Sera, and at the same time, keep in mind that Sera wasn’t the only one there.”

“Others know what happened to Leo, like the faction that’s most likely triggered Erin to act like this… Pure.”

Hearing this, the others believed what Logan was about to suggest.

“Pure and I have been working together, I can try to explain to them what happened to the Red Heart, and at the same time, we can set up a meeting between our two groups.”

“Why don’t we ask them what happened that day and what happened to Leo?”

In the end, the group agreed with Logan’s decision, and the latter made a call. Surprisingly, it didn’t take much convincing them to have a meeting between the two groups, but there was one condition.

The meeting was scheduled at the Pure base.


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