My Vampire System Chapter 1797

: A true Hatred.

A portal has opened in the vast hot desert. The use of portals was banned a long time ago due to a law that Logan Green imposed, and other planets and leaders agreed with it, but the technology was never lost and many still continued to use it illegally without fear of getting into trouble.

Similarly, for the ones currently using this portal, it didn’t really matter to them. Two figures, holding hands, were thrown out of the portal. They were thrown with great force and started to roll across the desert until one of them stood upright and pulled the other up.

“Are you okay?” Erin asked while brushing off the sand on her clothes. The armour she was wearing had now disappeared and she was in her normal attire.

“Yeah, I’m fine. My body’s just a bit hurt.” Flora replied while picking up the sword for the ground she had used not too long ago, but her fingers failed her when she tried to grip its hilt.

On closer inspection, Erin noticed how much of a mess Flora was in. Her entire body was bruised, and one of her arms was even twisted and broken.

Sensing her energy, Erin could tell it was feeble, and Flora had even made a large cut on her arm to power the sword. It was surprising how she was still standing. Erin was aware that her closest subordinate could fall over any moment if she didn’t get help.

“I have to thank you. Because of you, I could get myself out of a tricky situation. I’ll be honest, I didn’t think I would have survived that one. So let me help you.” Erin put her hand on Flora’s broken shoulder bone.

As Erin transferred Qi energy to Flora, it allowed the latter to heal more easily or speed up the healing process.

“Please, if you weren’t here in the first place, we could have never reached this far.” Flora shook her head.

After she absorbed some Qi, Flora purposely pulled away, not wanting to take too much of Erin’s energy because it was clear to her as well that Erin was extremely tired, in fact, the most she had ever seen, but due to Erin’s pride, she would never show weakness in front of others, especially to her followers.

“Who did this to you?” Erin asked as they began walking.

“You’re strong, so I can’t imagine many who could have troubled you, but then again, a few unexpected faces did turn up near the end.”

“It was the undead one. The same one from the wedding. His strength and speed were already beyond mine, but then it seemed like he had this strange energy, the same type the Red Vampires used to help them transform.”

“After that, he had powered up, and there was nothing I could do. Luckily, he wasn’t the brightest person and was easily distracted, allowing me to get away.”

“Who were those people? I’m not sure if they were with the Red Vampires or not?”

When talking about Peter, Flora’s body was trembling a little. It had been the first time she had been so overwhelmed like that. Not even the Vampire Corps leader, Andy, was that strong.

“Ah yes, him… he showed potential in the past, and it looks like he’s somehow able to become quite powerful.”

“Who would have imagined the weakest in the entire academy would reach this level.” Erin replied.

For a second, Flora wasn’t sure if she was hallucinating, but it looked as if Erin was smiling as if she was proud of this fact, and the way Erin was speaking, it was as if she knew the attacker.

Flora thought for a moment and then began to follow her leader.

Her teleporter was an emergency measure, but there was actually nothing here for them. They landed on Earth itself but they were dropped at a random location, and once they got their bearings or reached somewhere, they could head back or plan according to the situation.

As they travelled through the seemingly endless desert, Erin’s previous reaction was bugging Flora, and in the end, she couldn’t control herself and asked the questions.

“Erin… I don’t know if this is too personal and forgive me if it is, since I know you don’t like to talk about your past much.”

“But that undead, do you know him? And what about the others? Are you familiar with them as well?” Flora asked.

Erin’s steps halted for a moment, and Flora wondered if she would face the former’s wrath once Lin turned around.

“Yes, I knew him, but that was my life before I was who I am now, and even he was different in the past.”

“This was before the world even knew of Vampires. It’s been a long time since then, so it would be hard to imagine.” Erin explained.

“A world without vampires…” Flora repeated, imagining what that would be like. Of course, vampires existed, but they had just stayed in hiding, but for Flora and nearly everyone alive today, vampires had become a norm, and it wouldn’t be hard to encounter one.

“You don’t have to worry.” Erin continued.

Even if I know them, or whoever I face, I will never lose sight of the goal. I have lost too many people because of these vampires, and I know it is the same for you.”

“Your situation reminded me of my own, which was why I decided to turn you, like me. I knew you wanted to change how the world was, how tolerant and helpless everyone was due to the vampires.”

“And all because of what? Just because a vampire saved the world a thousand years ago. The funny thing is, this vampire hasn’t even shown up since then.”

Just because one of them has done a little good doesn’t mean that we can forgive all the evil they Have all committed and continue to do.

As always, Erin got heated when it was a conversation about Vampires, but at least Flora could talk to her about the past. This was the first time this was happening because she would never answer these types of questions before.

The walk was tiring, and since they didn’t know what they would face or who they would come across, going all out to run across the desert wasn’t the best option, and for now, their bodies were recovering the Qi that they had lost in the war.

“What is the plan for now?” Flora eventually asked. “The dhampirs, since we left them, it’s unlikely any one of them would survive.”

“A bulk of our forces were taken out before we even reached the settlement by that other leader, and now with the rest of them gone, there are only a few units of Dhampirs scattered here and there.”

“After they find out that we abandoned the main group like that, it might be difficult to convince and rally them up again for the cause.”

Erin remained silent for some time before finally giving a response. “There are only two large factions of vampires that must be dealt with,” She answered.

“The Red Vampires, who, after Laxmus’s death, will struggle and crumble by themselves, and the Vampire Corps.”

“Without these two, the vampires will cease to exist, but there is one problem. The Vampire Corps gets a lot of support from the Green family, but lately, a certain group has been able to turn the tide in support.”

“During that battle, Jake Green was present. With this information, there is a lot that we can do. However, building up the dhampir forces again for another fight against the Vampire Corps and the Greens would take too long, so we need to use someone else’s army to fight for or with us.”

Finally, the two of them saw the endless sea and a small port town on the shore. A wall was built around it, and there seemed to be many travelers and other people.

“There’s no Vampire Corps base, and you see the city flag in support of Pure. It looks like luck is still on our side. Let’s meet with Pure and get rid of all these vampires.

“They will all pay for what they did to me and others, whose lives they ruined. I will not forget that day… I will never forget that day.” Erin gritted her teeth.


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