My Vampire System Chapter 1796

: Human vs Human!

Once they decided what to do next, everyone stood up. The group that had initially come to invade the red base would now return to Green city to revive Vincent.

Xander would also be joining the group since he had the crystal and was the only one who knew how to use it.

On the other hand, Layla would be staying behind, and although she felt that she needed her friend here on the base to handle the affairs, in the end, she relented since she still had June, Kev, and Ashley to help her. As for her going with the group, that was a ridiculous idea since her people needed to stay here with them, especially in this challenging time. On top of that, Hannah had also decided to stay with Layla.

She said that she felt a little uncomfortable with the group, and since she was a follower of Layla, she wanted to stay that way as well. But, of course, if Quinn wanted to take back the powers he had given her, she would be okay with that as well.

However, the others thought it was unlikely, considering who Hannah had decided to help.

At the same time, Shiro and Vorden decided to return to the Blade ship. They were comfortable to help anytime if the group called them back, and after seeing Erin, they felt their old friends would need their help soon to deal with her.

In the end, a communication line was also opened, so they could come for help at any point and time.

While preparations were being made, and before they went off, there were a few things the others wanted to check out. So, stepping out of the mansion, they started to explore the vampire settlement.

“So, what are we exactly looking for again?” Jessica asked.

The large group divided themselves into parts, and Jessica, Lucy and Minny were in the same group.

“Just anything that looks of value or doesn’t really match up in the vampire settlement,” Lucia explained.

“When Laxmus died, apparently his shadow released many items all over the place. Some of the stuff looked good, and maybe we can learn what Laxmus did during his time alive.”

After some hours of searching, the group mostly found useless stuff, although they all found some handy weapons too. However, none of them could compare to Arthur’s sword. Honestly, it turned out to be quite a disappointing lot.

However, there was one large object the girls had come across. It was larger than a coffin in size while being round. It was something neither of them had seen before.

“This seems quite heavy,” Lucia said nervously.

The two girls ended up taking their findings back, and Minny jumped on the large object, not making it any easier for the girls. Eventually, they reached the mansion, where all the other search groups had also returned.

Minny jumped off happily to join the others.

“Minny would have helped, but my arms are too small,” Minny said, imitating picking up the object. “Look, I can’t reach.”

The others found Minny’s actions quite cute, but Lucia and Jessica, who had lugged the strange contraption halfway across the settlement, weren’t really in the best of moods to swoon over this little girl.

In fact, seeing Minny from behind, Jessica had a split thought of just kicking her.

“Be nice… remember the game plan, Jessica. You have to stick to the game plan.” She thought, putting on a fake smile.

“What do you think this is? And why did Laxmus keep it in his shadow.” Lucia asked.

The vampires at the scene looked at each other, especially Xander and Layla. Then, to confirm his suspicion, Xander went to have a closer look brushing his hand against it and even rolled the object to find its top.

“Yep, it really is what I thought it was,” Xander said.

“It’s an Eternal chamber. These things were what used to go underneath the vampire castles. In simple words, this is what the leaders used to go into for an internal slumber.”

Leaders were not the only ones who went into eternal slumber, but there were specific chambers that would be buried underground just for the thirteen vampire leaders, and this was without a doubt one of their chambers.

“We didn’t find anything like that,” Mitchell stated. “It must be the only one, but why would Laxmus have that chamber? Do you know which family it belongs to?”

Xander shook his head.

“There is only one way to find out, and that’s using blood from the same family because it’s the only way to open these things.”

“So I guess we could just try everyone here? I am sure we have vampires from all the old thirteen families bloodlines.”

Every vampire at the scene dropped a droplet of their blood onto the chamber, but there was no reaction. Still intrigued at why Laxmus would have such a thing, they decided to ask for the rest of the Red vampires to test their blood as well.

It was a long shot, especially since it’s been so long, and the bloodlines were diluted and mixed, but they also thought this might increase their chances. In the end, however, not a single vampire’s blood worked.

“There has to be a reason why Laxmus kept this on him. Maybe it was one of the original vampires? One of the others?” Xander pondered.

“At least it clears up one thing,” Muka said. “Laxmus wasn’t behind the disappearance of all the other chambers. He was one of my suspects in attacking the vampire settlement and destroying them.”

“But I doubt he would only have one on him. Maybe he was trying to collect the other leaders and originals as well?”

“Anyway, this leaves Bliss and Pure as my main two suspects.”

Pulling out his crystal, Xander decided that for now, he would place it in his shadow space. Since none of the vampires here could activate it, it was a waste to let it remain here. However, storing the chamber did put his shadow powers to the limit, and it was unlikely he could keep anything else in the crystal.

Still, there was Logan as well, who had samples of blood in his lab, and they were hoping that maybe one of the samples might break the seal.

“You know opening things like this isn’t always a good thing to do,” Jessica suddenly said.

“I mean, if Laxmus had it, maybe it’s someone as dangerous as Laxmus inside this chamber? Maybe I am wrong, but I believe it’s good that we couldn’t open it.”

Upon hearing this, the others realised her assumption also had some backing. It was quite possible after opening the casket could have led them into another battle. And all of them knew they were not ready for one, especially not in the Red Vampire base.

Once the group inspected other items and didn’t find anything else interesting, they began to bid their farewell. Jake had also returned after helping the vampires with their furniture and other requests, looking exhausted. His eyeballs were sinking in, and he was about to fall over.

“Update me on everything I missed once we get home,” He said, too tired to care about what happened.

Soon, the group exited the Red Vampire Base and returned to the ship. It didn’t take long for them to begin their return journey toward Green City, hoping to revive Vincent and find answers about either Erin or Quinn.

*** *** ***

In a dark room, someone was seated with his legs crossed. Just then, a marking of a single eye with two wings lit up on the said person’s head. It pulsed a few times and eventually faded away.

“Poor Laxmus. It looks like he had failed to achieve what Immortui wanted. However, he was always too greedy.”

“He cared for himself far too much and strayed from the original goal. It looks like I’m the last one left.”

The man thought as he stood up and gripped the sword next to him firmly.

“Who would have thought that the last of your loyal servants alive would be a human. I guess it’s a bitter-sweet ending. Now a human will kill all the other humans.”


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