My Vampire System Chapter 1791

: To hot to handle.

The others who had been around Peter for a while knew he was a Wight. They knew he was an undead creature, a subclass of the vampires. And they were also well aware that Wights could raise the dead and turn them into their loyal servants.

However, they didn’t know that Peter was a bit special in that regard. Not only could he raise some types of undead that others couldn’t, but he could also have two undead at once. But, unfortunately, he had lost his favourite two Lesser Wights, Hilston and legs, who came from a five-spiked Dalki, during the Great War a millennia ago.

And, with Peter having gained additional power, there wasn’t really a necessity to have Lesser Wights. In the first place, he didn’t want to use anyone that would be weaker than the last two he had. Otherwise, they would just get in his way or slow him down. But now, there was a good opportunity for him.

Peter put his hand against Laxmus’ back. The latter’s body was in good condition apart from a few holes and scratches here and there, but the most important thing was that he wasn’t missing any limbs or anything that could make him any weaker.

In fact, he even had his wings out even after death, so Peter was hoping he had hit the jackpot. However, Peter didn’t realise that he hadn’t turned anyone into a Lesser Wight ever since he woke up from his slumber, not to mention that he had also received the celestial power from Quinn, which would surely affect his ability.

And sure enough, when the energy was leaving his body and going into Laxmus, Peter felt a tingling sensation like he had never felt before. Being a Wight had dulled Peter’s senses, but right now, he felt as if he had thousands of spiders crawling down on the hand that he had put on Laxmus. And no doubt, the large figure that Erin had killed not long ago began to twitch and finally stood up.

“Hey… hey! What’s going on? Didn’t Laxmus just die? How did he suddenly stand up?” June asked. Her lips quivered, mainly out of fear. She wasn’t alone. Most of the Vampires and Dhampirs at the scene didn’t understand what was happening.

There were certain beings that A Wight could raise and others that could not. And someone as powerful as Laxmus would fall in the latter category, not to mention he was in his most powerful form. However, seeing him stand up like this, almost everyone on the battlefield found it hard to believe. After all, Laxmus was one of the peak existences in the known Solar Systems.

“Come on!” Peter shouted. “You can’t rest yet. Finish the job you started!” He added, giving Laxmus a hefty slap on the back.

As he did, Laxmus opened his mouth wide, and at that moment, to everyone’s surprise, a red aura started to gather in front of his mouth. It was the iconic move that Laxmus had used multiple times while fighting either Erin or Layla. It was the Blood breath.

And seconds later, the red beam was launched and headed straight towards Erin.

Usually, Peter’s Lesser Wights could only use their physical power, and even that was affected somewhat, but Laxmus could still gather the red aura. Peter wasn’t sure if this was due to the upgrade in his power because of the celestial energy. Nevertheless, he was satisfied that he now had a strong minion by his side.

On the other side, seeing the incoming attack, Erin stabbed her sword into the ground again, creating a giant ice barrier. It was one of the active skills to reflect the attacks from the enemy. However, it hadn’t worked against Laxmus attacks for whatever reason. Either way, it had stopped the attack, although she had to put some of her Qi into the ice wall.

“Erin, you damn b*tch! This is for all those dirty looks you gave me in the past!” Peter shouted, throwing out a fist. Erin dodged the attack by moving her head, but Peter had quickly gone down to grab her shoulder and threw her straight to the ground.

“You’re freaking trying to kill Quinn’s wife?!” Peter shouted again, his whole body transforming into his celestial form. He now had his head-tail, and similar to Laxmus, a strange hardening black material covered his arms.

With Peter coming at her quickly, Erin pulled out the Katana blade she had just found.


A loud clash resounded as she managed to deflect attacks back-to-back.

“Since when did Peter get this strong?… I knew he was always powering up, but how… and if he’s here, does that mean… Quinn is as well?” Erin was surprised by her opponent’s strength as she charged up her blade to let out a large Qi attack that pushed Peter’s head-tail out of the way.

She then quickly took a step forward, bursting with power, ready to slash at Peter’s stomach, but before she could, a kick came from her right and hit her right in the ribs, sending her off again.

“Did you forget this isn’t a one-on-one fight?!” Borden shouted as he stepped into the fight as well.

And he was right because there was a certain Blade waiting for Erin for payback in the direction he had sent her.

As Erin’s body flew through the air, Jake had created a hardened pillar of earth and extended it out. Then, using the pillar-like bat, he swung it and hit the incoming Erin. The hit sent the latter in another direction, and when she fell, Erin coughed up blood.

For the first time since she came here, Erin was injured.

“They’re doing it,” Hannah said with a smile. “They can defeat the Dhampir Queen!”

The people who were fighting against Erin certainly weren’t just nobodies. They could have given Laxmus a run for his money, and now they were together against one opponent. Since Erin had already used her four kings to fight Laxmus, she couldn’t use them again for some time because they were still recuperating from the previous fight.

“We can’t relax. Guys, be on alert,” Jessica said. “So far, the dhampirs haven’t decided to get involved, but I can see them fidgeting. They’re ready to jump in and fight at any second now.” On the battlefield, Erin had twisted the handle of her Demon-tier sword while bearing through the pain and began spinning it around to create a vortex of flames around her. “I have already used up most of my Qi when fighting Laxmus, and now I have to not just fight him again but the others as well.”

“It’s not the real Laxmus, and I have achieved my objective… if I stay here, I will die, but if I leave, all of the dhampirs will most likely die.”

Erin was conflicted, but in the end, she had made her choice.

“I have to go!” Finally, she made up her mind.

Erin stabbed her sword into the ground, and to make sure no one could get close to her, she formed a fire barrier. Although no one was close enough to reach her, Jack saw through her actions and instantly sprinted forward.

“This is a defensive move! You think I don’t know you’re trying to run away!” Jake shouted as he created lightning in his hand and thrust it forward. But at that moment, a giant sword had come between his attack.

Jack had never seen this sword before, and it didn’t come from Erin. And as soon as Jake’s lightning touched the sword, a massive explosion went off, creating smoke throughout the battlefield.

“Let’s get out of here!” Someone shouted.

And when others turned towards the direction of the voice, they found it was from Erin’s most trusted ally, the Dhampir Flora.

Behind her was a teleportation portal and in her hand was a huge sword. It wasn’t just any sword, but the one which once belonged to a person named Arthur.

“Well, this trip has given us many rewards.” Erin thought.

She instantly appeared by Flora’s side and could sense several attacks coming her way. But Flora had already activated the teleporter for both of them to escape this place.

“Goodbye, all of you, but I promise this won’t be the last time you see me. I will not stop until I have ridden this whole world of every single vampire.”

“That is my promise, and I will make sure to pay back to everyone who got in my way today.”

She projected her cry throughout the settlement using her Qi as the fire barrier descended.

When the dust settled, there was no one to be seen at the same spot. The Dhampir Queen had escaped.


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