My Vampire System Chapter 1789

: Wave of yellow energy.

The people who knew about the Familiars, or had researched them or maybe were around when they were more common were shell-shocked upon witnessing the scene in front of them.

It was already incredible for a person to have two Familiars, but now, they were stumped upon seeing all four kings linked to a single person, because it was an unprecedented event for everyone at the scene.

Either way, it was something that they didn’t have much time to think about. Erin and Laxmus had moved at an incredible speed, and an immense amount of powers clashed at once.

The shockwave from the clash instantly destroyed the last remaining buildings around the area. It was an invisible wave that shook the air itself, and even though the buildings were made from reinforced material from a different planet, not from earth, the aftershock destroyed them.

The vibrations caused all buildings to crumble right there and then, including the one where the others were watching form. The very flooring collapsed, and everyone braced themselves.

The fighting throughout the large settlement was coming to a stop. Members of both factions were now more focused on saving themselves from the aftermath of the battle between their leaders.

After the initial wave that had crushed the buildings, more shockwaves came out, and the force was enough to send many to their knees. Both the vampires and dhampirs were strong, and they couldn’t help but wonder how such an energy force could make them feel this way.

When the shockwaves went through their bodies, it was like someone had hit them from the inside out. and eventually, a few of them even started to cough out blood.

“Is everyone okay?!” Xander shouted.

He was holding up the roof they were standing on a few moments ago, and because of the shockwaves, it got destroyed, and they fell to the ground. As for why he was holding up, it was to save his children from getting crushed.

“Dad, we are strong enough to hold that ourselves, you know? You don’t have to try and act all cool in front of us.” June shook her head, although the corner of her lips was curved upwards.

Meanwhile, Kev helped push the piece of rubble off, and the three of them looked to see if the others were okay, and that’s when they could see Peter standing upright, although half of the rubble and one whole side wall were on his head.

It looked as if part of a building fell on him, but he simply had just stood there, allowing it to crash on his hard head, but what was surprising and making the two kids snicker a bit was what he was holding.

He held Lucia in a princess carry in his hands, and his face was hunched over hers, staring at her.

“Did you get hurt?” Peter asked.

“N… No…” Lucia answered, and rather than be embarrassed and jump out of Peter’s arms quickly, she decided to stay like this for a few moments. Besides, Peter was strong, right? He could hold a frail woman like Lucia for a few moments.

“Hey, what about me…you could have protected me as well!” Ni shouted, pushing a few of the rocks off of her leg. She had seen Peter rush over and thought he would protect both of them, but he had just grabbed Lucia and didn’t even glance at her.

“Hey! Look!” Kev’s shout suddenly attracted everyone’s attention.

The energy waves continued spreading, but now a giant ball of energy also appeared where the two were fighting seconds ago. It was growing bigger and smaller as if the power was trying to condense itself.

“It reminds me of when Quinn… beat Graham,” Peter mumbled.

It certainly looked like that, but the energy here was different. Rather than Quinn condensing the energy and using his own powers, this was a clash of two powers, and the yellow orb of energy looked far more unstable than when Quinn had condensed the energy.

While Peter was thinking about this, the yellow energy was getting larger and larger by the second. Finally, it consumed the ground around it and had already reached the first set of buildings that were originally around the lab.

“This doesn’t look good!” Xander said. “Layla get out of there!” he screamed at the top of his lungs, hoping Layla had heard. Even now, it seemed like she was somewhat fighting against the Boneclaw.

Although the two were moving away from the enlarging energy sphere, they were still fighting and the closest to it.

In the end, Peter started running away while holding Lucia in her hands.

“As much as I would like to jump in at the last second and take out Laxmus or Erin, the most important thing is survival!”

Maybe because the celestial energy was influencing Peter, but he could feel that this expanding ball of energy was very powerful. However, it was not just him, everyone could feel it and knew they needed to escape it. So, without hesitation, everyone began to run towards the exit.

However, as everyone turned around to run, the yellow ball of energy instantly expanded. It first consumed Layla, and in the next instant, it had covered the entire settlement.

As the energy went and grazed everyone, they couldn’t hear, feel or see anything. When they opened their eyes, all they could see was a bright flash of white light in front of them.

This made many of them think that they were dead, that they were no more, and this was the afterlife, but after a few moments the light began to fade, and the first thing everyone noticed was the familiar ceiling of their settlement, where they lived underground, a large part of your life.

Most of the vampires and dhampirs were on the ground, and slowly they started to get up and turned their heads, wondering what had happened or what was going on. The buildings were still destroyed, but their bodies felt slightly weird as if the energy within them had been partly zapped.

Still, a few began to attack as soon as they saw an enemy dhampir or vampire.

As Peter got up, he checked if everyone around him was alright, and they were, but even he had collapsed and was on the floor.

“What happened… wait, what happened to the fight?!” Peter shouted.

He turned around, and with the whole settlement turning almost flat after the fight, it was easier for them all to see. Jessica, Minny, and everyone alive turned in the direction of where the great energy had come from and there, they saw Erin standing with her demon-tier sword in her hand. She wasn’t on her horse and had her back facing away from Laxmus.

It was the same for Laxmus. He stood motionless in his horrifying black form that looked far more frightening than a Bloodsucker. Both were unmoving, and anyone who noticed this had stopped fighting as they were waiting for either one of their leaders to move.

In the end… Laxmus’s large body collapsed and fell face-first on the floor. It fell straight, unmoving as if there was no support from his muscles at all, and at the same time, in the area around them, several items started to spew out, being chucked in all sorts of different directions. Some of the large, some of them small.

Laxmus had stored all of these items in his shadow, and now that he was dead, they were coming out for everyone to see, At that moment, Erin leapt up and caught two items, her blade and the Red Heart.

“I must admit it wasn’t as easy as I thought, but I have done it,” Erin said, placing the stone inside her armour and away in a safe place. Then turning around, she raised her sword.

“I can’t leave a job unfinished, can I?”

Saying this, Erin moved towards Layla, who was just now getting up from the ground. Since she was closest to the initial attack, she had taken the longest time to recover, and there was something else as well, she didn’t have her black sword. It was at least a few meters away from her. Therefore, there was no way for her to defend against the incoming Erin.

“Run, Layla!!! Run!!!” Xander shouted at the top of his lungs and had already started to run as fast as he could. Swinging his arms, he was throwing out his red aura, but he was far too far for his attacks to reach Erin. The projectiles hit nothing but the ground.

Erin then raised her sword at Layla and activated the first ring.

“Burn,” She whispered, and a tunnel of flames came out of it, heading straight towards Layla.

Layla tried to move, but it felt like her legs weren’t listening to her and all she could do was watch the flames come toward her to engulf her and the person she once called her closest friend, now become the person behind her demise.

“I owe Quinn a lot, so it would be unfair if you died here.” A voice resounded.

In the next moment, someone appeared between her and the approaching flames, and before she could even react, this person threw one blow at the oncoming attack, and instantly the flame dissipated.

“Vorden…” Layla whispered, her eyes widened upon seeing the person in front of her.

“Well tried, you’re almost right. I will give you another guess.” Borden winked.


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