My Vampire System ​Chapter 1785: Crazy Group

Crazy Group.

The last way Jake ever expected to enter the Red Vampire base was falling through the sky. Perhaps it would have been a relaxing moment for him if it wasn’t for the fact that he was heading straight into a War zone.

Even now, still high up in the air, he could see blasts of energy shooting off in different directions. One attack nearly hit him, but Jake had to harden his arm and was able to whack it away.

“What aim was that… how did an attack from below get up here! Damn it Peter! Damn you all. Dad, you never warned me that I would be travelling with a bunch of idiots!” Looking around him, Jake could see that Peter’s attack pushed away everyone, and it looked like they would all end up landing in a different location. However, one person, in particular, seemed to be having a peaceful fall down.

It was the beautiful vampire Muka. She had her eyes closed as if she knew all of the attacks from below would miss her, and indeed, none of the attacks even came close to her.

“What kind of trickery is that? Anyway, I can’t focus on other people. I need to focus on my own situation. If I had known we would be falling, I would have brought a wind ability or something.”

In the end, thinking of his abilities, he decided the only thing he could do was harden his body and crash into the ground, which was exactly what he did. His hard body skidded and bounced across a whole street, crushing everything from the impact like a meteor.

It had even hit a few Dhampir and vampires, severely injuring them. When Jake could finally balance himself, he turned around and instantly covered both hands with blue lightning.

“I’m sorry, dad, I think I broke your portal, but in return, I’ll try to get rid of these headaches for you.”

Taking advantage of the confusion and chaos, Jake used his super-speed, rushed to a nearby vampire, and grabbed it by the head. Since his hands had the power of lighting in them, the vampire could feel pain going through his body, and in the next second, a sped-up hardened knee smashed the vampire in the face.

Just then, a whip of yellow aura had come towards Jake. Seeing this, he jumped and spun in the air, avoiding the blow. Then, as soon as he landed, he fired two lightning strikes at the attacking Dhampir, hitting her on the shoulder and in the stomach, instantly killing her.

As soon as the first Dhampir fell, another one came from the side and this one decided to use her weapon. When she jumped and swung it down from above, Jake lifted his hand and used his hardened hand to block the attack.

At the same time as lifting his hand, Jake stomped his foot, and in doing so, two spikes from the earth with hardened tips stabbed the Dhampir in the leg. This chance allowed Jake to quickly hit the man in the stomach and send him flying into another building.

“Lighting, Hardening, Earth and super speed. I love using all of these abilities together.” Jake smiled to himself as he continued forward and went to attack the other vampire that was straight ahead.

Since both Dhampirs and vampires were attacking him, Jake had no qualms about attacking both factions. After all, the Green family weren’t really on the Red Vampires or the Dhampir’s side. Both groups were headaches for the former.

However, when he threw out a fist of lighting, it stopped before touching the last vampire as a wall of shadow appeared in front of him.

“Oh, it looks like I hit the jackpot. I’ve been looking for you Guardian guys since you disturbed our tournament!” Jake claimed.

“There seem to be more annoying people joining this fight!” the Guardian replied, sinking into his shadow and appearing on top of one of the buildings away from Jake.

“But the darkness is our dominion, and there are shadows everywhere that I can use.” The Guardian stated.

It was then that something began to appear from the ground. Jake noticed that it was hard to see where the shadows were because of the dark inside the place. However, he could soon see whatever was coming out of the shadows.

“Man, you guys have more of these things… and I thought only he could summon them.”

Out of the shadow, beasts came out, but not just any beasts, these were the same types that Laxmus summoned in the tournament, and he clearly remembered that these beasts also had the shadow power.

At the same time, the other guardians were doing a similar thing in different locations. It looked like just the Guardian were not the trump card, but these special beasts were too.

The Red Vampires were pushing the Dhampirs back, much more than they could have ever imagined.

—— ——

Two people crashed from the sky at once somewhere on the battlefield, destroying the building from their momentum alone. One of them was Jessica, and because of the impact of the fall, she was a bit hurt and was coughing hard because of the dust.

Then, looking down at her chest, she found a little girl sitting on her.

“Are you alright? Did you get hurt, Minny?” She said in a pained voice, finding it hard to breathe.

Minny eventually got off, brushing a few crumbs from the building off her. Immediately though, she bared her fangs when she heard footsteps rushing into the building. Four dhampirs had their swords out, pointed towards them.

“Wait, don’t attack. I’m one of you!” Jessica said, quickly transforming her eye and making it turn yellow. Although only one of her eyes had turned, which the dhampirs found strange, they could recognise the energy well.

“Wait, that little girl, she’s a vampire!” One of the dhampirs shouted and immediately slashed his sword towards her. Jessica pulled out her dagger at that moment, parrying away the sword.

“Damn you guys, are you so cruel to even attack a little child?!” She shouted.

“That’s not a child, she’s a vampire, and we must eliminate all vampires!” Dhampir shouted.

Four of them at once would be a bit too much for Jessica to handle, but before Jessica could even move to attack, she saw that someone else had made a move. It was Minny. She was already in the air and instantly appeared behind one of the Dhampirs.

And while in the air, she had already transformed into her little devil-like form, and with a single swipe, she had sliced the Dhampir’s head off, and blood spilt everywhere.

As Minny landed on the ground, she quickly ran off again, swiping at the other dhampirs’ legs, and as she hit them, large chunks of their limbs would go missing.

“Get the vampire!” One of the Dhampir cried in pain.

“She’s too fast! I’ve never seen a vampire like this before. What the hell is she?!” another one screamed.

Honestly, even Jessica was shocked at this scene. She didn’t know Minny could be this… brutal, especially as a child. She quickly got a hold of herself and started to use her strings to attack the distracted Dhampirs’ legs and pulled on them, making them fall to the ground.

“Minny, you can stop now!” Jessica shouted, but another group ran into the building, and this time it was the Red Vampires.

—— ——

Outside, away from most of the fighting, one large scale fight was going on. Peter was attacking Flora with his special head-tail. He had transformed using his celestial energy, and Flora was on the defensive.

She was using all her aura and strength to stop all the incoming attacks from the head-tail. However, her hand began to turn numb, and whenever an opportunity arose, Peter would punch her straight in the stomach and send her flying into the buildings.

“Dad… who is that person,” June was shocked by this display of strength.

Xander was still in disbelief as he rubbed his eyes.

“It… it’s Peter, but how is he here?”

Then in answer to his daughter’s question, he replied, “Peter is someone your dad beat a long time ago.”

“You can’t be joking at this moment, Dad,” Kev replied, “That guy is a lot stronger than you.”

“I know,” Xander replied. “Which is why I’m wondering what happened to him?”

Just then, Peter returned from his fight and appeared on the rooftop in front of them. In his hands, he was holding half-unconscious and thoroughly bloodied Flora by her hair.

Peter had defeated the second strongest Dhampir just like that.


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