My Vampire System ​Chapter 1784: On our side

On our side.

Since the Dhampirs had only attacked from one direction, the Red Vampires thought they might have an advantage. Therefore to contain the Dhampirs to one area, all the Red Vampires headed for the entrance from where the former had broken through and had begun the attack.

The vampires wanted to use the location to their advantage. And had decided that upon reaching the entrance, they would fire off their blood aura, use their beast weapons and everything at their disposal to attack the Dhampirs that were coming through.

However, the Dhampirs were able to push through, and even took down a large number of the Red Vampires for a few reasons. For one, the Dhampirs had all attacked from one location because they had predicted how the Red Vampires would act.

If they were all together, it actually gave a little boost to the Dhampirs being around so many vampires at once. Using this adrenaline rush, the Dhampirs could defeat the Red Vampires easier than they usually would have.

Another reason was the fears that vampires had in them regarding their counterparts. They believed that the Dhampirs were very powerful and dangerous, and this had already made them quite apprehensive about the incoming battle. But, regardless of all this, it wasn’t the only reason the Dhampirs had an easier time.

The main reason behind this one-sided battle was that the Red Vampires were already injured in the first place. So even if they didn’t feel any weaker, they were tired. They had been fighting each other a few moments ago and had consumed most of their strength and stamina due to strong attacks, and to heal their bodies from wounds.

Perhaps they were at 80 percent of their peak strength, but against such strong enemies, it was a considerable disadvantage. Eventually, the fighting spread out from one location. The Dhampirs had made the impact they needed to, and the Red Vampires were now retreating

The fighting had spread over several streets, on top of buildings, and even more throughout the city. Still, not everything was in favour of the Dhampirs as their progress was coming to a somewhat help due to one particular reason.

In each group of Red Vampires that were fighting, they had what they called True followers, the vampires with a marking. But, realising the severe nature of the fight, they had decided to transform.

These True followers, beaming with celestial power, took on all sorts of different forms, looking like different types of demons from all over. Their power was strong, and some were even able to kill a few Dhampirs here and there.

Something the regular Red Vampires hadn’t been able to do.

One of the females in a group of four was on a rooftop of one of the buildings. She had a helmet on, which only the captains of the Dhampirs had. Firmly holding back her enemies, Captain Ni faced one of these True Followers.

Some Dhampirs in her group were injured by the transformed vampire and were finding it hard to heal.

“Remember, our Queen is fighting the hardest of them all! She is going through the worst and having the hardest time of all of us! So the least we can do is help her out a little!” Ni shouted to motivate her people.

It invigorated the others’ spirit, and at that moment, all four of them split up. The others went towards Red Vampires, fighting them one on one, while the captain decided to go for the transformed vampire that looked like a regular vampire apart from all the tentacles sticking out from its back.

He held them out and went straight for Ni. She carefully avoided the first two, letting them hit the tile. At the same time, cutting the third and fourth tentacles going towards her.

Then she quickly swung her yellow sword, and a string of aura went out, and the True follower had done the same, swinging both hands, he created a criss-cross pattern in the air!

When both of the strikes had hit each other, to Ni’s surprise, her attack had lost out. Suddenly she was grabbed by the tentacle in the air and slammed into the rooftop.

Out of desperation, Ni had to grit her teeth and make the tough decision. She slashed her sword at her own foot, slicing it cleanly off so the vampire could no longer hold her. Because of the impact, she rolled towards the True Follower on the ground and using her good leg, she hopped up. She touched her satchel, but there wasn’t any knife so without hesitation, she threw her sword which hit the True Follower right in the middle of his forehead and killed him on the spot.

“This is a lot harder than we expected. We were told about the true followers, but for there to be this many of them?” Ni hopped over to where her foot was, and attaching it to her torso, she used her Qi powers to heal the wound until she finally reattached it.

One from her squad had died, and the other three survived. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the end of the battle for them, as there were others and many more things they needed to deal with.

“With all these True followers… this battle might be quite even. I hope our Queen can achieve her objective so we can retreat as soon as possible.” Ni said to herself.

“You are wrong about one thing” A voice said.

Suddenly, Ni felt herself in the air and wrapped around in shadow. She tried to use her Qi to disrupt the shadow, but it wasn’t working. Looking at who it was and how they were dressed, Ni could tell that it was a Guardian.

“With us joining in this fight, this won’t be even at all. Remember, you were the ones that had brought this on yourself, coming to us.”

It was true. Ni had forgotten about the Guardians, who were a step above the True followers. Although the Dhampirs were stronger than most of the vampires and vampire elites, they didn’t have many that could deal with an actual Guardian.

Flora and Erin were stronger than Guardians but were probably the only ones who could face them. This power gap was a pretty significant issue within the Dhampirs.

Holding out his finger, it looked like the guardians were ready to use a blood cannon on Ni making sure to finish her off once and for all. He thrusted his hand forward, and it had crunched back as a large force of red aura was sent Ni’s way.

As it was about to reach her, another energy came and hit the aura head-on.

“What is that… is it lightning… but why is it red? Ni was taken aback. Did someone just save her? But who?”

Over at other locations, strange things were happening as well. Another Guardian was hit in the arm several times, while one was hit in the back. There were also reports of a vampire hitting others. Blue lightning was flashing across the whole settlement. The attack was that strong.

Back on the previous battlefield, as Ni tried to regain her composure, a woman with a spear stepped forward.

“We made our choice,” Lucia stated. “We originally came here to pay back the Red Vampires for what they did to us. So you damn Guardians are our number one targets.”

Lifting the spear, Lucia swung it down at the shadow hand. It was covered in red lighting and had broken through the shadow, which surprised the guardian. Then, just as he was about to act, another attack came from behind, similar to the woman in front.

“What is going on here?!” the Guardian shouted, deeply confused.

Ni was now on her knees, thankful to the stranger who had saved her. She could tell she was a human and not a dhampir or vampire. She wondered what a human was doing in a place like this and even wanted to thank her, but before she could react, the tip of the spear was pointed in her face.

“They told me to make something very clear. We are here for them, but not to help you. So if anyone gets in our way, we will get rid of them too.”

*** *** ***

At the same time, someone else announced the same words.

“Now that you heard what I said,” Peter replied. “Tell me, why the F*ck did you just try and attack me?” Peter asked, staring at Flora after having just crashed on the ground, landing between her and Xander.


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