My Vampire System ​Chapter 1783: The Queen Attacks

It was not the first time that Layla had a tussle with Erin. She was aware of who the person in the armour was. Because not too long ago, Layla and a group of the Red Vampires had gone out hoping to stop the Dhampirs’ advance.

The truth was Layla was hoping that she could persuade them to leave and turn around. After all, she had a special link with Erin. However, it failed, but in the end, a fight broke out, and she even needed the power of the Celestial Sword.

It only took a couple of clashes against her, for Layla to confirm a few things. One, the amount of Qi they both had at the time was relatively even, but the power of the Dhampir, among other things such as the armour and weapons, made it so that Erin’s strikes, speed and attack power were superior.

Then on top of that, there was the swordsmanship itself. Despite Layla trying to become a better swordsman, honing her skill with practice partners and more, she was no match against Erin.

There was no way she could beat Erin in a sword fight, which was why in the end, she had decided that if Erin wouldn’t listen, the best thing to do was to retreat and defend the base. She also planned to discuss with Laxmus the best course of action.

Unknown to her, Laxmus was busy with his own plans, and on top of that, there was the problem with Vincent that had distracted her from the incoming threat.

Looking at Layla, Erin’s eyes were emotionless even though she had attacked someone who once used to be her dear friend.

“Don’t you feel anything?… Was it so easy to attack me?… why… why do you hate me?… Is it because of your urges?”

“Have you just decided to give in to them that I’m nothing to you? No! I Won’t take that.”

Layla had shifted her leg back a little and then directed the Qi towards the wound across her chest. The next moment, flames enveloped the wound created by Erin’s sword slash and began to heal Layla.

At the same time, Layla’s right eye was black again, and the veins running up her arms had also turned black.

“I have agreed to be your partner! And I can feel your pain. You don’t desire to be killed by someone like this!” The sword shouted, powering her once more with energy.

Although the sword was helping Layla, it wasn’t the same as when she was fighting Laxmus since she had used up most of her Qi reserve in the arrow attack.

Erin looked quite surprised when she found that a single attack wasn’t enough to kill Layla, but just holding her sword in another position, around to her side, it looked like she was ready to go ahead with another slash again.

“I have to… observe… I need to see every moment and block this attack!” Layla thought, not even allowing herself to Blink.

As Erin moved from her position, it looked so light, so effortless. There wasn’t even any crack on the ground from her movements, yet a strong force was behind it, and the attack was swiftly heading for Layla.

At that moment, Layla realised it didn’t matter which way she swung her sword or how this attack would go.

“I just hoped my death wouldn’t have come from you…” Layla mumbled.

Before Erin could reach Layla though, an intense beam of red energy came out from the side. Erin moved her sword to block her body, and suddenly a large ice barrier formed around the sword.

The red energy beam was destroying the ice fast and pushing Erin back.

“Ah, this attack, I know this well. Earlier my powers couldn’t match yours, and I can see that you have a bit more strength this time.”

“Well, unfortunately for you, I have gotten stronger since then, a lot stronger… and it’s time for a payback!”

Erin’s eyes started to glow yellow. Her hair started to rise in the air. Then, encasing her sword in Qi, Erin began to slice through the red beam rather than blasting the attack on her own.

She cut through, not wasting any movement, she slashed upward, left, right, diagonal and across, getting rid of the red aura. She continued to cut through the red beam.

Just as she got about mid-way through. Erin sensed something Activating the third ring on her demon tier weapon, she stabbed it into the ground, creating a huge ice barrier.

Leaving the sword in its place, Erin quickly pulled out her other weapon on her back and in a single motion, she cut through what looked like three arrows. The arrows, however, didn’t break and instead burst into particles.

After cutting through the arrows though, a lot of black balls had hit her arms, and chains began to tie her up. Then, turning her head to the right, she found her ice barrier was shattered through and flying straight towards her was Laxmus.

If his breath attack didn’t work, he would use his fists, which was exactly what he had done against the ice barrier. And now that it was out of the way, he had gathered two more red beams in his hands and threw them out towards Erin.

This time, Erin felt like she had no choice. Her armour began to glow brightly. This wasn’t just any armour. Instead, it was a complete set of demon tier armour Erin had for herself. And the chains coiled around her arms disappeared when the armour began to glow.

She quickly went to grab the handle of her demon tier sword, and upon twisting the hilt, a red streak activated over the weapon, and the three circles on her sword started to light up.

Immediately, Erin slashed the sword out, sending out a ray of fire, which looked like the sword a giant snake made of flames was slithering out.

Redirecting the red beams towards the tunnel of flames, Laxmus had broken through, but he was no longer able to attack Erin.

Finding himself open, Laxmus jumped away and surprisingly landed not too far away from Layla.

At the same time, Erin had taken a step back as well, and now she was around twenty metres away from the two of them. The battle between Layla and Laxmus had already destroyed the area around them.

With everyone else having run off to fight the over dhampirs, no one was within the vicinity of the area.

“Both the Red Vampire leaders teamed up against me. I thought you pathetic vampires would have more pride than this. Do you see me bringing my teammates?” Erin asked.

Honestly, for Layla, who just had a life and death battle against Laxmus a few moments ago, leaving her on the brink of her death, it was strange for her to stand by Laxmus’s side. However, since she saw that Laxmus wasn’t looking her way and wasn’t attacking her right now, in that small interaction, Laxmus must have known as well.

If they were to fight against this person one on one, there was a good chance that even someone like Laxmus would lose.

“I’ll support you,” Layla said, using the sword in its bow form again.

“If it comes to fighting her with a sword, I won’t win. You’re better at close combat, and you have your shadow. I’ll help you the best I can.”

Laxmus didn’t reply, but no response was usually him agreeing.

“Both of you will fight me together? That will be better because it will only make me stronger!” Erin said with her eyes glowing an even brighter yellow. The dhampir energy instantly covered her entire body, and her hair began to fly back on its ends.

It was then that Laxmus started to chuckle.

“It’s really troublesome,” Laxmus said. “Enough for my master to decide to give me even more power… just so I can get rid of you. And that I will.”

“I will get rid of this troublesome “Godslayer” for him!”


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