My Vampire System ​Chapter 1780: Five Choices

Five Choices.

With the location of the Red Vampire base revealed to them by Logan, the group was off, and it wasn’t strange to say that it was a bit of an awkward ride for this unexpected group. They had taken a spaceship that wasn’t utilised to fly at the fastest speeds since it was more for use on Earth than in outer space.

But the main reason Logan chose this spaceship for the group was that it created the least noise, so it was best for the group in this situation since they wanted to approach the destination in stealth. And honestly, stealth wasn’t the group’s best trait. Also, during the ride, there wasn’t much conversation between everyone. That was because they all hardly knew each other.

“Man, I don’t think I’ve ever been in a room before with so many people, and it was this quiet,” Jake said aloud at the Ship’s helm. It was on autopilot anyway, so there wasn’t much for him to do, but just in case, he was ready.

“Everyone is so quiet,” Minny said, drinking a juice box. Ever since Quinn had gone, er so-called three aunties, Jessica, Lucia and Hannah, were spoiling her. The only one who would say no to her was Muka, which made Minny think twice about becoming her new mother.

“Is it because dad isn’t here?” Minny wondered.

Although they didn’t want to admit it, that was most likely the case. Everyone in the room was related to Quinn, but they didn’t know each other well. Only Lucia and Jessica got on better than most because they had already travelled alongside each other for a long time.

Meanwhile, Peter was as antisocial as always, Jake was a loud mouth, and Mitchell took every opportunity to sleep and was even sleeping now.

“Dad? Who’s your dad?” Jake asked.

“Dad… dad’s name is Quinn. He went missing after… after.” Minny started to sniffle, and from the sound of it, it seemed like she would burst into tears any second now.

“Wow, so your dad’s the strong Quinn, huh? No wonder you’re so strong as well.” Jake quickly said, trying to change the subject.

“I never knew Quinn had a child though. We didn’t learn about that, and Dad didn’t say anything. So who’s your mum then?”

After asking this question, James could feel heat coming from the back of his head. He could sense the three ladies giving him a death stare, burning a hole into the back of his head. At this moment, Mitchell had woken up as well and was also a little annoyed because if Minny started to cry, it would disturb his precious sleep.

Although surprisingly, Minny didn’t cry and instead had her finger on her chin. She looked at the four girls who happened to be standing next to each other.

“Wait a second, is she doing what I think she’s doing?!” Jessica thought.

“She’s trying to decide who to pick as her mother? I thought she’d start crying because of her real dead mother, but it looks like she’s looking at one of us as her replacement?”

“I thought she would have said Muka straight away but I saw how strict Muka has been with her, which is why I have secretly been sneaking her juice boxes whenever I can. So it looks like my hard work has paid off.”

“If Minna likes me like a mother. Naturally, I will be spending more time with Quinn. If so, who knows what might happen.”

“After so many years, we could be… be… husband and wife!”

The thought had made her cheeks turn cherry red, but unknown to her, she wasn’t the only one with a red face either. Whether the other two were thinking the same thing or not was hard to tell.

Opening one eye and glancing at the situation, Mitchell was just thankful that Miny wasn’t crying and closed both of his eyes to take a nap in his seat.

“Quinn, you will certainly have your hands full with this many women around you. Maybe I should suggest to Master Quinn to allow me to give him a hand if he has too much trouble.” Mitchell was smiling to himsellf.

“Minny can’t decide. The little vampire said, “For now, Minny has no favourites. Everyone has done well.”

Turning around, Minny prevented the others from seeing her smile.

“What a bunch of weirdos,” Jake thought. “I just asked some normal questions, and this is what happens.”

“I think the quietness was better, Great Hero Quinn, you came back after millennia, and these are the ones you chose to be with? Then again, my father isn’t exactly a normal person either.”

While thinking of his father, the Ship received a call, promptly attracting his attention. And when he clicked on receive, his father appeared on the screen.

“I have some important information to give you all. From my radar, it looks like you aren’t too far away from the location of the Red Vampire base.”

“Using satellite imagery, I have been keeping track of the site and around it, and it looks like the Dhampirs are already heading towards it. They will reach the location before you.”

“Anyway, the more important thing is that you need to make a stop and pick up a few people before you reach the Red Vampire’s base.” The message ended there before the others could react, much less ask any questions.

“The dhampirs are attacking the red base?! It looks like the information Andy shared was true.” Hannah said, not knowing how to feel. The Red Vampire base was her home.

The location often changed, so it wasn’t home like in the usual sense, but the people and the community were what made it home to her. The other girls could see this, with Lucia looking at her.

“It’s going to be okay… we’re heading there to help.” She said.

“Are we?” Peter interrupted.

“Sorry to burst your bubble, but we are going there to give the Red Vampires payback. Don’t forget what they did to Vincent, and they’re the ones with the Red heart at the moment.”

“Yes, the dhampirs want to kill vampires, so they are our enemy as well, but right now, getting the Red heart is more important, no?”

“So isn’t it a good thing that the dhampirs are attacking? But if the dhampirs get the red heart, what are they planning to use it for?”

Silence struck the group. Lucia just said words of comfort and wasn’t really thinking about that.

“What Peter says is right,” Muka stated. “The strength between the two sides might be equal.”

“On the other hand, one side might also completely overwhelm the other, but we must pick a side in this fight because fighting against both sides wouldn’t be wise, nor would it end well for us.”

Jake was going to follow the others, but he would also follow his father’s orders the most. He was to hide his face and conceal his involvement in this incident. Because if the dhampirs found him, there was a good chance they would convey it to Pure, which could be a disaster for Logan Green.

It was too early to tell though, because even Peter was unsure. After all, one thing was for sure. if Layla really was on the other side, someone working for Laxmus, and Peter had to deal with her, then he couldn’t imagine telling Quinn of those details. No, it was impossible. It just wasn’t an option.

The Ship took a slight detour from their destination and entered quite a mountainous area. Eventually, it found a section where the ground was somewhat flat. However, it was surrounded by three large mountains that covered the place.

“Ah, I can see them up ahead!” Jake suddenly said, attracting everyone’s attention.

The Ship landed, and the rail descended, allowing the newcomers to get on board. Soon the group could hear people entering the Ship and coming through the doors individually.

“Oh, this is the backup Logan Green was talking about, right?” Lucia said.

“I doubt anyone they send will be of much use though.” Jake commented, his arms folded.

But when the door slid open, Peter’s mouth was left wide open as a face he never thought he would see again appeared in front of his eyes.

“Bo… Borden?”


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