My Vampire System ​Chapter 1778: Clash of the Red Leaders

Clash of the Red Leaders.

The screams constantly buzzed in Layla’s mind when she used the power of the Celestial Black Sword. She didn’t know what and whose screams they were, nor if everyone who used the sword experienced the same thing, or was it because she was a Hannya and was more in tune with others’ emotions?

Either way, she did know that it wasn’t just the screaming. With each scream, it was almost as if she was experiencing that person’s pain, what they had gone through. All those sentiments were rushing to her head, whether physical or emotional.

It was enough to make some people go mad, even if they had experienced this type of thing for a short while, but Layla was strong. She needed to constantly control her emotions to use the sword’s powers and her True Hannya form.

After all, the negative emotions were what powered her, which was why she believed that this sword was the perfect partner meant for her. The more pain she handled, the stronger she would get.

“Now I warn you again. I’m giving you all of my Energy here, or at least as much as I think your body can take.”

“If I give you any more, you’ll go completely mad. So try to finish this fight quickly… otherwise, you might even end up going mad!” The sword said.

Layla couldn’t respond because her concentration was focused on the sword while using this power, but she had heard the word loud and clear.

Laxmus was hovering in the air, with his shadow creating a larger version of himself that looked like a demon who had come to destroy the entire world. He was now angrier than ever and started to create a red aura sphere in his mouth and both hands.

The next moment, he fired them all directly toward Layla while flying towards her.

Seeing this, Layla stabbed her sword into the ground, which cut through easily. At the same time, multiple small black balls appeared all around the room. They were floating everywhere, and it seemed impossible to avoid all of them.

While Laxmus was flying, he had touched a few of them, and each time he did, a set of spiritual chains expanded from them, attempting to tie and slow Laxmus down, but he was quite literally a beast.

He continued to fly and would use the beam from his mouth to destroy the links of spiritual chains that were on him.

While lifting her sword, Layla noticed another attack coming toward her. So rather than spin the sword like the last time, she swung her sword and deflected the red aura at an angle.

It worked as the attack bounced and smashed into the wall, destroying it to pieces and the impact of this was enough to shake the entire building. Then, Laxmus fired another red beam, and Layla half expected it to come straight towards her, but instead, it left Laxmu’s hand and went to the ground.

“Below!” The sword shouted, able to sense the energy.

Layla immediately stepped back and tried to move around as fast as she could, but the red beam attack just began to get larger and wider as it shot upward. Finally, the dust settled as the red beam dispersed, and now most of the lab’s ceiling was obliterated.

As for Layla, thanks to her sword’s warning, she was still in one piece but there was a rather deep wound on her arm. But she wasn’t concerned about it because, in the next moment, flames appeared and enveloped the wound and now, the injury on her arm was almost non-existent.

“I can’t just be on the defence. I have to attack as well!” Layla thought as she lifted herself into the air with her telekinesis powers.

The sword began to glow yellow, and soon after, she began to strike the air as fast as she could. Each time large yellow lines of aura would come out.

Now the shadow around Laxmus started shrouding his fists, and he flew straight toward Layla. With the shadow covering his fists, he punched the yellow aura like it was nothing and instantly broke through it without receiving a single injury.

“The shadow is more condensed when he’s using it this way, and then he also has his natural strength… he’s a brute!”

On top of that, Laxmus’s speed was quick, as he had already reached Layla and crashed straight into her body. He pushed her through the walls of the Lab, breaking through them one at a time. Each time Layla back hit something, the force was so much that she felt like she was being hit by a spaceship.

Eventually, Laxmus changed his direction and pushed her upward towards the sky and out of the settlement. He then gave her a large kick with his foot, sending her far into the air.

Blood flowed from Layla’s mouth, and when she opened her eyes, she realized that she was almost touching the ceiling of the underground settlement, and not only that, Laxmus at the same time was charging another of his Red Aura attacks, by combining hands and mouth.

“What’s that noise I can hear… the screams of pain… but they’re not in my head.” Layla thought.

It was then that she noticed from this high up that she could see what was happening and the chaos unfolding in the settlement. It looked like a civil war was currently going on, and it was between her own people.

Whether or not she was a double agent, Layla had trained and lived with these vampires for a long time. One of her goals was to show these brain washed vampires a different point of view, but she could see some of them forgetting everything they had been through and attacking each other.

“This is partly my fault… And I need to deal with this!”

Layla held out her hand, and black balls appeared as she began to absorb the negative emotions from the fighting. At the same time, the black balls that had appeared earlier also started to move.

Layla was using her telekinesis to control the black balls, and each was moving fast towards Laxmus. It was too late by the time the latter noticed all of them around him.

They swarmed towards him, and if any of them touched him, it would create spiritual chains from the negative emotions and begin to bind him up. Laxmus tried to use his strength to break out of them, but there were just too many.

More and more chains started to wrap around Laxmus from head to toe, and eventually, they covered his entire body as if it was a cocoon.

While holding the sword towards her chest, Layla’s good eye, which had yet to turn back, was beginning to change slightly.

“I told you to stop taking more energy from me. What are you doing?!” The sword yelled.

The sword started to light up in a bright white colour, and its form started to change. It almost looked like when one would use a soul weapon. The black sword had changed entirely, and now it was in the shape of a bow.

The marking on the bow was the same as the sword and was placed in the middle. It was black, and one could tell that the bow was made from the same material as the sword just from its look because they were the same weapon.

As for an arrow, Layla opened her mouth. Usually, flames would come out, but bright yellow energy began to form this time.

“Mother, thank you for giving me your energy. Yours, mine, and all the energy I have been gathering up this whole time… I am going to use all of it for a good cause!” Layla thought.

She then took out the Qi Arrow from her mouth. At first it was small, but soon began to grow in size. As to why the arrow came out of her body, it was because it wasn’t ordinary Qi.

It was one made from her own life Qi. It was pulsating, becoming larger and smaller as if it was alive. Placing it on the bowstring and pulling it tight, Layla didn’t hesitate as she let it go.

After the arrow left, it didn’t end there, as she used her powers to spin the arrow and speed it up as fast as she could. The chains binding Laxmus were beginning to fade away, so she knew this was most likely her last chance.

However, just when the arrow was about to hit Laxmus, a huge explosion shook the whole settlement. Upon turning her head and staring in the direction of the explosion, Layla had a hunch about the person responsible for it.



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