My Vampire System ​Chapter 1777: Chaos!


By now, nearly everyone in the vampire settlement had some idea of what was going on, and this was why most of them had gathered outside the large Lab where the Guardians were trying to keep things under control.

They had used their shadow a few times to either make sure to settle the rowdy ones or push back the confused and angry crowd from the Lab. But, as the numbers increased, the Guardians also had difficulty controlling the crowd.

It was clear that tensions were rising as the people were getting no answers, and these vampires wanted to know what was happening.

“You damned traitors!” A vampire shouted. “We should have first discussed everything.”

“I bet Laxmus found the red heart and has already decided what to do with it. This isn’t what Quinn would have wanted!”

“He’s right!” A female shouted, and soon a chant started among the crowd in Quinn’s name.

“Quinn! Quinn! Quinn!” The crown was getting louder. After all, most of them had joined with their belief Quinn, the last official king of the vampire settlement, wanted to protect the vampires at all costs.

“I just received some information, and according to it, Laxmus attacked Green City, and it looks like he retrieved the red heart after all. So it must be the reason the two are fighting!”

Eventually, news of what Laxmus had done would spread because there were too many witnesses. No matter how tightly sealed Logan tried to keep the information, it would eventually get out, and for the Red Vampires, who were already being ostracised by the whole world, this was terrible news.

And when they heard the vampire’s words, the other vampires in front couldn’t take it anymore, and a group of three started attacking. Not only were they running towards the lab, their eyes were red, as was the aura within them that had begun to activate.

It was the first time, rather than pushing forward, they had decided to attack, and seeing this, it didn’t look like they were the only ones planning to charge in either. They were heading straight towards one of the guardians, and by now, the latter would have used his shadow to push them back or grab them in the air, but he had done neither.

Ashley, who was around five metres away, was observing the situation. He had his own group of vampires to worry about, but the side to the right of him was undoubtedly more rowdy and active than his side.

That’s when he noticed a slight movement by the Guardian.

“Don’t tell me, he’s…” before Ashley could do anything, the other Guardian raised his hands and threw a small dagger at the incoming vampires. It instantly pierced right through the head of the vampire, and he immediately collapsed.

The Guardian then showed his hands, revealing that he had several more daggers ready to throw at any moment. The other two stopped in their tracks, and sweat trickled down their faces. They were too nervous about making another move in case another attack came their way.

Both of them were well aware of the gap between the Guardian and their strength, and now that they had cooled down, they finally understood how big of a mistake it was to go against the former. In fact, they were only eareless because they weren’t expecting him to kill them.

“What are you doing?!” Ashley couldn’t take it any more as he walked away from his position. “You could have just used your shadow to push them back. You didn’t have to kill him!”

The Guardian looked at the other vampire crowd, which had slowly turned silent, and no one seemed ready to charge forward.

“I believe the result of my actions shows for itself.” The Guardian replied. “They are no longer as rowdy as before.”

“They’re just worried,” Ashley growled. His fists were clenched and shaking due to the sheer anger and frustration he was feeling at this moment.

“They joined our group thinking that we would change things, and they just want to know what is happening, and now… you just killed someone, one of our own, just like that?”

The Guardian smiled back.

“I am a guardian, and he was just a simple Red Vampire. They need to listen to us. I see that I have done nothing wrong” Ashley frowned at the Guardian, walked up to the dead vampire, and lifted his corpse carefully.

“This vampire, does anyone know him?” He asked the crowd.

Then, a female vampire in the group, who had tears running down her face, raised her trembling hand. She looked like a young adult, maybe in her twenties, but it was hard to tell with vampires in the first place.

“He’s… he’s my father.” The vampire said, her voice choked at the end.

Holding the corpse in his two hands, Ashley walked over to her and carefully handed the body to the young vampire. Then, turning around, Ashley bared his fangs at the smirking Guardian.

“A life is a life! I was told there wouldn’t be discrimination based on ranks in this group! You… are just as bad as the ones who killed my family!”

Bearing one’s fangs at other vampires was a severe threat, and knowing this, the Guardian retaliated immediately. He instantly threw daggers toward Ashley. Just then, a shadow wall rose, stopping them in place, but then breaking through. Ashley ran towards the other Guardian with his blood aura hardened making a deadly claw-like hand.

“What are you doing? He’s trying to attack a fellow Guardian, stop him!” The Guardian shouted, expecting the others to come rushing to his side. But, to his surprise, the red vampires reacted first as they gained some courage and now charged in toward the other Guardians.

At the same time, not everyone in the red vampire group agreed with this, and the conflict began. This incident had truly set off the infighting between the Red Vampires.

Blood aura, weapons clashing, and screams of pain resounded throughout the settlement as the fight between Ashley, and the other guardians had also begun.

“Look what you have caused!” The Guardian said, using his dagger to smash Ashley’s claw hand away. His attacks were relentless, but the two seemed evenly matched in power.

“Sometimes small sacrifices must be made for the future.” Ashley replied. “You know, I almost forgot after all this time that Laxmus was the one who killed Paul!”

*** *** ***

Not far from the commotion, the family of three, Kev, June and Xander, were faring well. At least well enough to defend themselves. Both June and Kev were no joke when it came to vampires. Their aura could easily be considered at the same level as the Guardians.

However, the guardians had an advantage in their shadow and, at the moment, their numbers. So it was safe to say that the three were mostly on the defensive against the latter.

Just then, three guardians had charged in to attack, while two held back and used their skills such as blood bullets and blood slashes to support their fellow teammates.

Despite all of this, they could not hurt the three due to Xander’s mist ability and ability he had learned a long time ago, the one that had belonged to the tenth leader’s night. Also, shrouding his two children and himself in the Mist made it hard for them to locate.

While fighting in the Mist, they could attack from different angles, making it appear like they were in certain places they weren’t. The three guardians in the Mist were confused as they suddenly saw a large kick coming from their right.

One of them raised a shadow to block the attack, and another Guardian went to repay the kick with the fist. But his punch hit nothing but smoke. It dispersed, faintly revealing an image of a coat one of the three was wearing, but the Mist soon returned.

“I can’t believe I have to admit it, but I’m still alive right now because of Kev and June.”

“I know we trained them for this day and did everything we could to help them survive if something like this ever happened, but they have surpassed my expectations.”

“The only thing is, what do we do? We can’t hurt them, but they can’t hurt us, and if it’s a matter of time…”

Just then, the guardians on the outside attempted to do something. Rather than carefully aiming their attacks to support their teammates, they started to attack the Mist where the others weren’t present.

“Your ability is annoying, but it looks like you can’t use your shadow for some reason either.”

“We will eventually get to you if we eliminate this Mist by making you use more MC cells.” One of the Guardians smirked while saying this, and Xander knew he was right.

Can we win? Can we win with the three of us against five of them?

Just when he thought of this, everyone suddenly heard a loud bang. It was deep and low and sounded like it had come from above.

Turning around for a second, they saw that The explosion destroyed the outer region of the underground case, and the minor quake from this created a large hole nearly up to half the height of the ceiling.

“Someone has broken in… Is it the Dhampirs?” Xander thought, only to see a large group of people enter the base.


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