My Vampire System ​Chapter 1773: Sides


After the incidents in Green City, many people felt anxious about the safety measures. The whole mood was as if Logan Green had let them down.

In the beginning, many people didn’t know about the attackers and didn’t believe the words of the witnesses when the latter said it was the Red Vampires who had infiltrated and were the main reason behind the chaos.

The main reason behind this, besides their trust in Green City, was that the death toll was only two. Considering it was an attack from one of the most powerful factions, the Red Vampires, this number was too low.

However, there were news outlets and sources from Earth that supported Pure and had spun this story as much as they could and even spiced it up to show Green City as a weakened hollow shell and the vampires as the scourge of humanity.

“Look, there is one thing you can’t change, and it’s the fact that the vampires attacked Logan Green.”

“He works closely with the Vampire Corps because he believes in the vampires more than his own race, and now look what happened.”

“The Vampires were the ones who attacked, rather than Pure!” One person had commented online.

“Just because there are a few bad apples doesn’t mean the whole tree is poisonous. The Vampire Corps even saved my Uncle’s life, and they have fought against the Red Vampires just as hard as any other group.”

“But, unfortunately, this latter group happens to be vampires as well, and if they were a group of humans doing this, then you would just say they are a bunch of terrorists!”

“To the one above, that’s my point. These vampires feast on our blood and eventually take over us. It’s in their nature.”

“The whole Vampire Corps thing is fake as well. Just a facade to confuse us, and I bet they’re even working with the Red Vampires.”

The human race was mainly split among three solar systems. Earth’s solar system had the most influential humans, and they were more directly involved in the political struggle between Pure and Logan Green.

The Beast solar system was full of individual-run factions with powerful Travellers, such as the Bree family. Meanwhile, the third solar system, where the vampires originally lived, was now inhabited by the Graylash family, who had agreed to stay neutral so everyone there could live peaceful lives.

Although humans lived across these three different solar systems and elected their leaders differently, Earth was similar to the old ways. There would be an official election and votes from all the planets in Earth’s solar system to declare which party should rule.

The current leader was Logan Green. A member of the now-forgotten Cursed faction that had saved the world, Creator of several inventions that made the lives of everyone more effortless, and he seemed like a genuine person who cared for people as well.

Still, due to the fear of an attack, either by demon tier beasts, the Dalki, or the Red Vampires, strength was an important factor when choosing who to lead them.

Logan had the Vampire Corps on his side supporting him. While the Pure had the Dhampirs, Although they were never officially recognised as a group, people knew they were working together. With the Red Vampires currently being the main threat people were starting to favour the presence of the dhampirs.

It was also why all of these groups had attended the Chained Faction Leader’s wedding, hoping to gain the favour of another influential faction and get more people on their side. After all, people had to be careful when choosing where to live and who to vote for.

Because of the history and the tension between the people who claimed to be part of one group or another, there was always a chance of a quarrel breaking out. If that did happen, they would also need to choose a side even if they aren’t part of the whole conflict.

With all of this, for the first time since Logan had decided to run for the elections, the polls indicated it was highly likely that Pure would come into power.

In the Green tower, Logan was cool-headed even after learning this news. But, truth be told, it did somewhat disappoint him, not in the results but the reaction from the general populace. Logan had stayed on this planet for the people. He had decided to help them because that was what Quinn would have wanted.

But now, many saw him as the villain because he was suppressing the Dhampirs and Pure from attacking the vampires. Nonetheless, he needed to focus on the task in front of him.

“Remember, the main objective, for now, is to save Vincent, not to take out the Red Vampires,” Logan said.

“While there, it would be best if we could figure out their system, how they work, their numbers and any important information.”

“All this information will allow us to hit the Red Vampires and get rid of them once and for all. Then the third objective would be to obtain the Red Heart, if possible.”

This message soon reached Peter, Muka, Mitchell, Minny, Linda, Jessica, Hannah, and Jake Green. But, in truth, Logan wanted to send his best people along with them to get rid of the Red Vampires after what they had done.

However, after reassessing the video, he knew that no one on their side currently had the strength to take on Laxmus, Jake Green could probably go toe to toe with him, but to win a fight was another thing altogether. On top of that, he wouldn’t be going himself because he feared the city could suffer another attack.

Whether it be Pure or extremist, he didn’t know, but he had to stay at least and protect in case anyone tried to take advantage of the ongoing unrest.

“Jake will be carrying a portable teleporter. Although I was the one who had banned these, this is an emergency situation.”

“If the situation gets dire, use the portable teleported to contact me, and I will come with reinforcements.”

“Apart from Jake, who will be in disguise, no one knows about this mission since you aren’t directly associated with any factions.”

“However, you are a part of Quinn’s group, which is why you are the best people to do this.”

“I don’t want to force any of you into this, but with the Red Heart in Laxmus’s hands, all of humanity’s lives are at stake.”

“And a group mainly of non-humans are trying to save it.” Peter couldn’t help but comment.

“Help is on the way” Logan smiled at the comment Peter had made. “They will meet you at the meeting point I have shared with Jake. I wish you all luck, and if I hear anything about Quinn, I promise to inform you as soon as possible.”

*** *** ***

At an unknown location on Earth, a large group of around three hundred were sprinting through a rocky mountain area at an incredible speed. They would either jump sideways or hop over difficult terrain while running straight ahead.

In the front of the group was one covered head to toe in a rose gold armour. In addition, she adorned a pointed helmet inclined backwards with a red feather on its side. This helmet covered most of her head and face, only leaving enough space for her eyes and cherry red lips.

Out the back of the helmet, one could see her waving blonde hair. Not looking back or slowing down, she continued to run ahead of the rest of the group because she was confident that whoever she faced, she could deal with them with no problem at all.

Then, the ends of her hair started to change in colour slightly, turning slightly black.

“It looks like we are close.”

*** *** ***

“The dhampirs will be at the Red Base any second now.” Agent four said, pushing his glasses back onto his nose.

“Yes… this is interesting to see what will happen. Because I’m sure both parties will be surprised, after all, I doubt “he” will do anything if his most faithful and hardworking servant is in trouble.”

“For now… bwe take the sidelines and do nothing as we watch this whole affair unfold, but we might need to act soon if things go… unexpected.” Zero smiled.

“I hope the Red Vampires are successful… and then we can move onto the next step.” Zero thought.


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