My Vampire System Chapter 1772: The most infamous group.

Somewhere in the Milkyway galaxy, a giant ship, shaped like the front part of a handgun, was floating peacefully. It could hold around 6000 people, including a fleet of vessels ready to be used at any time.

It was one of the most advanced, state-of-the-art ships created with the help of Logan Green. However, not once had Logan Green ever stepped foot on this ship because it did not belong to him. Instead, it belonged to the infamous group, the Blade family.

The enormous ship was designed in a similar style to the Bertha ships back in the day. After all, it was what the Cursed family had used a long time ago, and when the Blades had decided to split away from the Cursed group, nearly all members had been part of the Cursed faction.

The Blade children saved from the island and raised on the Cursed faction ship had made it resemble the place as much as they could. Only now, it had a modern touch, and there were a few more additional facility areas than before.

At the moment, there were around 2000 people on board the Blade ship. It was nowhere near max capacity, but not all those on the Blade ship were members of the Blade family or had the Blade ability.

For one, many of the kids went on to have families and brought their families on board the ship. Some wished to follow in the previous generation Blades’s footsteps and learn the ability, but some just wanted to live a simple life.

Then, there was the orphanage based on the ship. Due to the original Blade kids feeling a bit like Orphans, not growing up with birth parents to look after them, they decided to open up a facility.

At times, the Blades would help out certain planets if there were tricky situations. For instance, even if a strong beast attacked a shelter, the Blades would send out a group of people to help them.

However, with fighting wars, there were always those left without any guardian, which was why they created the facility in the first place. There was everything on board the ship.

Shops, a canteen, a cinema, a school and so on. The ship was designed such that the Blades never have to leave the place, and of course, they could leave as they wished. If their role were significant on the crew, there would be rotations and such, but everything worked like clockwork and worked well.

One huge addition to the ship was the prison on the bottom of the ship. It worked like most prisons, but its main purpose for being built was to capture the Chained that didn’t deserve to be called human.

It was the Blades’ mission to capture these people and ensure they didn’t ruin the lives of others. If there were any children or they were young and had been taught by the Chained, they would attempt to raise them at the orphanage and send them to school.

No one believed that one should be punished for who their parents were, and the Blades knew that best.

Currently, the Blades were having a meeting inside one of the meeting rooms on board the ship. The head of each facility and department on board the ship were gathered here. These were not the strongest fighters but were the most respected among those on the vessel.

There was the head of education, head of medical facilities and more, and standing at the front of them all was a rare dark-haired person who was treated just like any other Blades due to being with them since the beginning. This person was Shiro.

He let out a big sigh as he looked at one of the seats that were currently empty. A digital plaque in front of it stated this seat belonged to the head of squad two, one of the three attack forces that the Blades used.

It was not the only empty seat, as squad one, right next to Shiro, was also vacant.

“I guess we just have to start the meeting without them.” Shiro sighed, wishing at least for this one they would turn up because this meeting would be pretty significant.

“Let me first update you on the projects we have been working on so far…”

Shiro went on to first talk about everything going on on the ship. Then, he congratulated a few of them on their achievements, but there were nervous looks on everyone’s faces because they knew that Shiro always did this when there was something concerning. He would praise everyone even for a minor thing before dropping a giant bomb on top of their heads.

“And now, unfortunately, we have to get to the unpleasant parts,” Shiro began as everyone in the room baited their breath.

“As you all know, we have received a distress message from none other than Logan Green himself.”

“Although he has asked us for help in the past on small things here and there, never has he asked for us to contact Sil.”

An image of the current Sil appeared on Screen. Everyone in the room knew of Sil. In fact, there wouldn’t be a person on the ship that didn’t know of Sil because of his achievements in the past and what he was doing was taught to them all.

However, nearly no one in the room had ever seen him, to the point where some even thought he was a myth, a fake who didn’t even exist but was talked about to keep them inspired. After all, over the last thousand years, plenty of newborns had his powers, but not a single one was able to produce a soul weapon like his that made up for the Blade family’s weakness. He was indeed one of a kind person.

“Unfortunately, we have not received a reply from Sil, nor has any of our monitoring equipment been able to sense him coming back this way.”

“I was sitting on this one for a while, hoping for Sil to arrive by now, but he hasn’t.”

“But one thing is clear: Logan Green needs our help more than ever, and if he asked for Sil, it would be at the level where the whole of humanity’s existence is at stake.”

At first, some department heads in the room didn’t believe what Shiro was saying. In their eyes, the world, even Earth, was now more peaceful than ever.

There were only battles between a few larger forces, but these skirmishes never involved the general populace. Of course, there were cases where Red Vampires had attacked normal humans, but by now, that was just something everyone needed to live.

It was only recently that crazy events started to occur. Once they saw that Shiro wasn’t laughing, those who chuckled and smiled quickly shut up. Even if they were at this ship’s top of the hierarchy, they wouldn’t dare to relax in front of Shiro.

“I left this information to the end for a reason.” Sill stated. “Squad One isn’t here because there have been sightings of Russ.”

“I know we believed that we had already dealt with him, but it turns out he’s alive and kicking. As I say this, Squad One is gathering information on him and trying to find his whereabouts.”

“He holds a large grudge against us, so he is a big threat as well, which is why I have decided to go help Logan Green in person. If Sil can’t go, then at least I must get there on time.”

Immediately, everyone looked at each other and started to whisper. Shiro was strong and was perhaps one of the strongest Blades they had. However, he was not at the level of Jake Green, whom they didn’t consider a Blade.

If Sil was as great as Shiro made him out to be, they were sending someone who was perhaps 1/1000 of the power that they needed to overcome the problem.

“I’ll be honest, but don’t you think you should just stay out of it? The Blades have made a good life for themselves, and we will be able to protect ourselves better. We’re stronger together.” One of the heads of the department said.

“I don’t want to offend, but there is a good chance that sending you out there won’t make a difference. So in the end, is it even worth it?”

“You make a good point, but don’t forget that I won’t be alone. There is a reason why I have been able to survive tough battles until now, but you are right…”

“I believe the Green need more power, so I wanted to discuss who we could send out with me while maintaining everything going here.”

The room was silent. There appeared to be next to no volunteers, but that was when they heard the door slide open. A rugged voice boomed through the whole, overwhelming the silence instantly.

“I heard everything, and I will be going with you. That should be enough, right?”

A man stepped inside the whole and soon sat on Squad Two Leader’s seat, nearly breaking it from the pressure and making it squeak. The others glanced at him but soon looked away, hoping to avoid eye contact.

The only person unaffected by his presence was Shiro himself. With a smile, he replied.

“Of course, you are welcome, Borden.”


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