My Vampire System Chapter 1771: A Celestial spark.

Large meadows covered the current planet they were on, and fields of tall grass were spread across nearly the entire globe. Rivers and streams were few and far between, but there was still plenty of water for life.

Around where the Tower once was, there were a few houses, but they were far between. The houses were built crudely out of wood, as each planet seemed to have a different level of advancement.

For one, they didn’t have ships that would allow them to travel to each planet, so they didn’t even know that there were other planets with the same race. The good thing was that the guards had cleared the place of people. They have been sent away from the area of the Tower.

Quinn could tell this, and he was relieved of this fact. Not to mention that finally, the one and only Athos had arrived. However, he wasn’t alone. Standing by his side were the two females that had a golden shine to their skin.

The Tower had crumbled and turned into nothing but particles that dispersed into the air, and soon it was as if it never even existed.

“I thought we would be back at the tower the next time we met?” Athos asked, folding his arms.

“You have done a lot of unexpected things for a while now. Did you think it would go unheard? Or did you really do all this just to catch my attention?”

Moving one of his arms, he opened it up, and a white portal appeared. Then, quickly popping out of it were three small figures, at least compared to the others. These three were none other than Quinn’s accomplices, the three Amra who had climbed the Tower on the first planet with him.

“We’re finally out of that place! We’re finally out! Finally!” Nock shouted as soon as he landed.

Dober quickly cleared his throat as he used his head to direct the other into what was going on. Turning around, they could see Quinn standing with a stranger that looked similar to him, and around thirty metres apart were Athos and two others.

They were also quite far away from everything and were standing in the middle of a field whose grass reached their knees, around 100 metres away.

“This is our chance! I don’t know what happened. but we should run!” Nock suggested.

“Run? Do you think that we were just let out randomly? The person who put us in this situation is standing right there. There is no reason to run.” Geo replied to his old friend.

“I continue to prove to you I am not a bad person, I have released these three friends of yours, but if you do not change your mind, they might have to witness your death,” Athos spoke with an expressionless face.

“I asked you to get rid of my little problem, and although you didn’t get rid of him, you did bring him to me.””

It was a change of pace from the usual people that Quinn would deal with. Now he had one less thing to worry about and one less thing to be used against him if they were to go toe to toe.

“I know we talked before, but I want to talk to you again. The only thing I request is a way to head back to earth, for you to send us there if possible.” Quinn asked.

“Yes, I didn’t get rid of the Godslayer, at least not how you asked, but I can promise you.”

“If you can send us both back to earth or at least close to it, he and I will be out of your hair.”

“He will promise to never return to you again or come back to this part of the solar system. The end result is exactly what you want: peace.”

Athos looked to be thinking for a bit before he said anything but eventually answered.

“How could you trust a God Slayer’s word so easily? How do you know one day he won’t turn and go against you or come back here against your promise?”

“I trust him,” Quinn answered. “He is a dear friend of mine, and if you trusted me, then you should trust me enough to believe in those I trust as well.”

“I’m sorry, but this has gone beyond the point where only I am involved, so I have no alternative,” Athos replied.

“I will give you a choice, my fellow celestial. I can send you back, but the God Slayer must stay.”

Quinn looked at Sil for only a second before turning and shaking his head.

“I’m sorry, but not a chance.”

Sil was strong and had defeated celestials before, maybe he could even defeat Athos, but if Quinn left and Sil was to die, this was something that Quinn would never be able to live with.

“Very well, then we have no choice but to fight!” Then, upon moving all of his six arms, a spear, a short sword, a giant shield, and a mace appeared in his hands.

And in the remaining two, there were bows and arrows, but on a close look, Quinn noticed that there were no arrows and the bowstring that would be pulled was rather thick.

“You guys seem very strong, but you will be no match for us.” Athos stated.

“Whoa, this might be a bit tough. There’s three of them and like ten arms between those giants.” Sil smirked, not phased at all, even though Quinn was a little nervous, but it seemed like there was some strange new confidence in Sil.

*** *** ***

Inside the Celestial space, Athos had told everyone his intentions, and in the end, he had stated that there would most likely be a fight. In fact, he was so confident in his win that he had told the celestials that were watching to spread the word, as they would witness his power.

After leaving, that was exactly what those Celestials did. They had ample time to inform the other Celestials in the space that a battle between two Celestials was about to begin. However, what attracted everyone’s attention was the fact that a Godslayer was also involved in this battle.

It was certainly a strange situation, which was why so many were interested in witnessing the fight, and now there were around 1000 different Celestials watching everything that was taking place. In the end, the Celestials who made this space had to enlarge it so everyone could fit in.

It was then that someone who was really curious decided to enter the space. Some strange things were starting to occur, and some had attempted to get in contact with her several times. Finally, she had entered the space, no longer being able to ignore what was happening.

“This place… always makes me feel somewhat glum, which is why I don’t wish to enter it too often. Now, let’s see what all the commotion was about.”

It didn’t take long for the Celestial to catch the wind and get to the area that was talked about. She soon could see that the rumours were true. She stared into the white energy deeply as she looked at everyone involved and clenched her hands tightly.

“I have tried so hard to keep things in control… is it just impossible?”

“Earth is where I came from, so I have an attachment to it, but if others find out what is going on, it will be in big trouble.”

The celestial was none other than Bliss, one of the strongest Celestials who resided in the Milky Way galaxy. In a way, everything about to happen is my fault. I sent him here, hoping he would understand and learn the dangers of his actions, but it seems somehow he has managed to make things worse and catch the attention of everyone.

“My foresight doesn’t really work on other celestials, making it difficult for me to precut anything to do with him, or maybe it’s because he is a ‘Talen’.”

“Either way, if this gets out of hand and the unexpected occurs.”

“I may have to speak to him…” Bliss thought.


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