My Vampire System ​Chapter 1770: Who is Athos?

Who is Athos?

Inside the celestial space, more Celestials were starting to gather around one particular ball of white energy. In the end, special space around the white ball was increased to accommodate everyone inside, and now there were about fifteen Celestials, all talking and discussing amongst themselves.

The floating ball known as Xox didn’t like what was happening. There would have been a sheen of sweat running down his ball if it was possible.

“All the nearby celestials have caught onto what is happening. It’s only a matter of time before this spreads and the others find out… But, unfortunately, I haven’t seen any others from Earth come here yet.”

“I don’t think they have even caught onto what’s happening, and they never even visit this place often in the first place!”

They were using the white ball of energy to follow the two individuals fighting each other not too long ago. The celestials found it interesting for a few reasons. Some of them didn’t really seem concerned, while others just wanted to see the outcome, but the majority were like Xox.

They had a hunch that this would turn into something bigger, depending on their next move.

Right now, they were witnessing the Celestial and Godslayer travelling from planet to planet, getting rid of the towers on those planets.

“Why is Athos allowing this to happen? They are destroying everything he has built up, those towers took a long time, and if I remember correctly, it helps him complete his condition.” One of the Celestials said.

“You think Athos is scared? Are you just visiting this section or something? If you think that, then you don’t know who Athos is.” Another replied.

Looking around, a few celestials had just heard of the news about Earth and wanted to see what was going on, so they weren’t caught up with those in this part of space. After all, the universe was large, and not everyone knew everyone

“Allow me to explain!” A floating ball said as it flew up high above the white energy where everyone was looking.

“I classify myself as somewhat of a scholar regarding these types of things.”

“I’m sure most of you know there are celestials that are born as one due to a belief that they have, and then there are those that are worshipped to the point where they become celestial.”

“Athos is somewhat of a mixed situation when it comes to this.”

“He wasn’t born a celestial, but his father was. So Athos was the child of someone great, and one day, Athos himself killed his father and took over his position.”

“The reason why it worked out that his son could become a Celestial after this is unknown, for it was a very long time ago.”

“So don’t be fooled into thinking that Athos is a weak god. He had strength before getting into his position.”

“At the same time, he has done well to continue satisfying his condition and has been growing and expanding.”

“Although you have seen the strength of these two, I don’t think most of us here have seen Athos making a move.”

The celestials were listening to the floating ball intensely, and it did change the opinion of a lot of them. Because some of them had experience and run-ins with Celestials that weren’t born, they often had gone through a lot to get into their position, and it sounded the same for Athos.

Another thing was that no one at the scene knew Quinn’s history either or what he had been through. They had no clue that Quinn also wasn’t a born celestial.

Just then, through the white ball of energy, they could see again that the two of them had destroyed another tower, taking its Nest Crystals to power up Quinn.

“How many towers have they destroyed by now? Although you say all of this, it is clear that Athos isn’t doing anything. If he isn’t a coward, I am sure there’s some reason.” A celestial explained.

“Oh? Feel free to act yourself if you wish.” A deep voice called out from behind, attracting everyone’s attention.

Upon turning around, the Celestials came across one of the largest balls of energy they had ever seen, and this celestial had six arms.

“Athos!” Xox shouted and quickly went down from the sky and closer to the ground floor hiding between the other celestials.

“It’s good to see you here. You haven’t been here in a while, have you.” Athos walked over and could see what the others were looking at.

“I see that there is some type of show going on with my situation,” Athos said.

“If you guys are really concerned, feel free to attempt to slow them down. As for why am I doing this, it helps with my condition.”

“It’s interesting to see how the Amra race reacts to everything that’s been happening.”

“I want to see how much hope they have in these towers, and what better way to show them a new goal when their god defeats the person who is the cause of all of this.”

“When the towers are rebuilt, I will revamp them better than ever, and more people will dream about entering the sacred place. Multiple towers will be able to be built on planets.”

“Lately, the Amra people have been dreaming less about entering the towers and enjoying their pleasant lives, and I am not an evil person.”

“I will not do what my father did and turn people into slaves so that they dream of a better life. Instead, will I use these two as an enemy and a stepping stone?”

The others didn’t say anything. Even the rowdy and confident ones were silent after hearing Athos’s words.

For a long time, no one said anything, but they didn’t want to leave either, as they wanted to watch what was going on and how Athos would react. It was then that the duo on the Amra Planet didn’t take long to take out yet another tower, and now, in total, they had gotten rid of six.

Quinn held the Nest crystal in his hand, and the power was seeping inside him. Seeing the smile on his face, for some reason, had made Athos react a bit.

*** *** ***

Quinn had just finished absorbing yet another crystal, and he had a smile on his face.

“I thought Athos would have arrived a lot earlier by now, but for some reason, he hasn’t done anything. Still, six Nest Crystals have given my shadow the kind of boost that it needs.”

[135,420 MC points]

“My shadow has regained the limits of what it was in the fight against Graham and perhaps is even stronger.”

“I can finally start to try new ways to use it, and if I get more MC points, maybe I will be able to do even better.”

Turning around, he saw Sil standing in the strange space, and just like before, the tower started to crumble. It was quite impressive that Sil never seemed to tire and was keeping up with Quinn easily.

Flying out of the tower, they landed on the ground. It was mostly meadow land on this planet, and the distance between the houses and the Tower was quite long.

It was one of their unique planets, and it looked like someone had already instructed the Amra race to clear off the area and get away to a safe distance because other than the guards in the tower, there weren’t many or nearly any people around.

They had all left, maybe gone into underground bunkers or left the city to get away from the aftermath of the two’s attack on the Tower.

Finally, the two landed on the ground, ready to decide where to proceed next.

“I hope we find the planet soon. Can’t you even remember what the planet looked like or something?” Sil asked.

Then, an immense amount of pressure suppressed them both, and turning their heads, they saw a literal giant landing on the surface, and by his side, there were two others as well.

“Who’s that giant?” Sil asked.

“Athos… he’s finally here.” Quinn replied seriously, his smile slowly disappearing.


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