My Vampire System ​Chapter 1769: The strange Nest Crystal

The strange Nest Crystal.

Holding the nest crystal in his hand, Quinn observed it for a moment before attempting to do anything with it because he realised that the crystal didn’t just have the usual beast energy like he was used to. Instead, he could also feel celestial energy in it as well.

“I thought it was coming from the tower, but it looks like the tower is linked to the Nest crystal. It also reminds me of how the Vampire castles were linked to each of the leaders as well.”

“I remember that most of that was done through magic discovered mostly by Richard Eno.”

“Come to think of it, this celestial stuff is more linked to magic, and that was how the vampires and Eno were summoned in the first place.” Quinn thought.

That’s when Quinn noticed that there was a marking on it, the same marking he had seen on the two that stood by Athos side that time.

“This is a celestial marking. Is this how he was able to combine the energy of the nest crystal with his own powers?”

“These crystals are quite strange, but it makes sense how the tower was able to be powered, creating the space, and making something like this.”

“It’s just a giant celestial weapon created with a nest crystal.”

“Hey man, I thought we were in a bit of a rush?” Sil said, sitting on the floor and rocking back and forth. It was something that had become a habit of his when he was bored or thinking.

“Sorry, I was just trying to figure out how to use this to increase my MC cells,” Quinn replied.

Just as Quinn said that, as if the system had heard his wish, it popped up with a notification screen.

[A nest crystal has been discovered]

[The system has detected that the user has requested to increase one’s MC cells.]

[The system has detected that there is Celestial energy embedded into the crystal]

[Celestial points can be absorbed from the crystal, would you like to do this first?]

“Haha, what is this? Is the system actually being helpful for a change?”

“You haven’t come up much these days, but I think I prefer you to the olden days where you threatened to kill me if I didn’t drink blood in time.”

Either way, Quinn decided to accept the system’s request as it was a nice surprise because so far, he thought he could only get celestial points for defeating dedicated followers or from his quests, so it was nice to learn he could do it this way.

“I wonder, if I held celestial weapons in my hand, if I could do this as well.”

Immediately after accepting, Quinn felt a surge of energy enter through his hands and start to spread straight through his body. Unlike his Qi which centred around his body, the celestial energy was almost hidden in cells all over, which was why, when activated, it spread through his veins and more.

It didn’t take long, and the notification screen was a nice surprise.

[28546/41256/ Celestial energy].

“That was around 10,000 Celestial Points. Is that how much Athos used to create this tower?” Quinn started to think.

“The other tower was a lot larger, and the floors seemed to be more detailed. On top of that, how many towers does Athos even own?”

“This all means one thing, Athos has a lot of celestial points to play with, at least a lot more than me.”

Gathering information was Quinn’s preparation for what might come because it could be the first time he would go up against another celestial, and honestly, he was happy that he would have a strong ally by his side to back him up for this one.

[Would you like to absorb the next crystal to increase your MC points?]

This was the next step to increasing Quinn’s power. To develop his apparent God slayer ability, he needed the MC points to match or go up against them before that.

Quinn was a little worried that the process would take a long time, after all, it had done the last two times. When evolving and when heading into his slumber to wake up again, but this time, the energy was easily absorbed into his body.

He could feel it rushing into him naturally, and there was next to no strain on his body absorbing the crystal.

[20,435 MC points have been gained]

Quinn had to blink twice to make sure he had been reading the right number.

“This number is huge, it’s not as much as when Arthur gave me his, but he had been using the Shadow eater skill on others for years.”

“A single next crystal was able to do this much. After absorbing five, I would have been back to the way I was.”

“I wonder if Arthur knew about this, he could have increased his strength, or maybe I and Sil are only able to do this because of our special bodies.”

It was a hard one to guess, but either way, he now had a new way of increasing his shadow powers back to what they were, maybe even improving them. It was only then that Quinn was starting to understand that if Sil was doing this for 1000 years, he could do more than enough with his abilities, and perhaps he really didn’t show everything he had.

“It’s good, right, the feeling of absorbing a nest crystal is quite addictive. I figured it out when I saw some of the demon-tier beasts going after them. I thought there had to be a reason.”

“Honestly, usually, there are multiple nest crystals on each planet, but you don’t want to mess up their ecosystem so much by taking too much.”

“However, they’re hard to find and usually heavily Guarded. Even with my powers, there are nest crystals that are not worth it due to the beasts around them or just how much trouble it would be to get them.”

It was then that Quinn could feel the tower shaking, and a sinking feeling in their stomach could be felt as if the tower was starting to fall and crumble, and Quinn had a good idea why this was happening.

“There’s an easy way to find these crystals, and it was what we were planning to do anyway,” Quinn replied. “I bet in every one of these towers, there is a nest crystal, so let’s get going.”

Using Sil’s special powers, a ship was summoned, and the two were off. They didn’t really know where they were going but decided just to head to one of the closest planets. Once they reached the planet, they would fly around until they saw a living place, then there was always something else they would spot as well, another tower.

“It looks like he really does have a tower on every one of these planets. I know we’re in a rush, but this is killing two birds with one stone away.”

“It will help me prepare for whatever I have to go up against when I get back.” Quinn thought.

Just like last time, after landing and making a grand entrance, Quinn and Sil were able to enter the tower with ease and blast their way through the floors. Each tower was slightly different in the number of floors they had, but this one also had a nest Crystal at the very top.

“It’s getting easier because I can now use my shadow powers as well to help out. With the next tower, I’m going to have to start experimenting a little bit if that’s okay with you.” Quinn asked.

“I’ve got your back in all types of situations. I just hope your plan works,” Sil replied.

*** *** ***

At that moment, Athos was getting reports and watching this all from his seat on the 100tth floor.

“There is destroying all of my towers, and they are doing it with ease. All the hard work I built up over the years has just disappeared like that.”

“I’m surprised you chose this option, but you have left me with no choice.”


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