My Vampire System ​Chapter 1768: Two is better than one

Today, the celestial space was a bit livelier than usual. With new celestials appearing, more talks of celestials working together and also, the celestial named BB staying in the space for so long, it was clear it was not the space it used to be, and today too, something strange had occurred.

With a lack of new celestials, Xox was floating about, looking for people he could work with. Honestly, he tried his best to avoid a particular area due to what happened last time and didn’t travel too far from his own spot either. That’s when something caught his eye.

“What is going on over there? Has someone created a separate space in the space… that’s strange.” Xox slightly frowned as he started to float over.

He could see that around eight celestials were already in the new space and had gathered around a ball of energy. It was strange to see a new space in the current space because the celestial space created for all celestials was most effective on the flow of time.

The flow of time here was practically non-existent as compared to the universe. And although Celestials could create their own spaces that had a similar effect, something of this degree was impossible. Also, if anyone created a space inside the Celestial Space, it would have an opposite effect. It would increase the time flow, and might even bring it close to the universal time flow speed.

Xox being a nosy celestial, decided to enter anyway. He felt unusual and refreshing as soon as he stepped inside, and now he was on the other side of the translucent glass. He could still see others on the other side, but they were moving a lot faster, too fast for Xox to keep track of what was happening.

“This space sucks. Time is hardly slow here, if not at all!” Xox shook his head.

Despite entering the space though, Xox could see that the eyes of the other were still glued to the white energy. So, floating along, he finally decided to take a look for himself at what was going on.

“What… is that? What are you guys watching?” Xox asked.

“Zinker here has been following this Godslayer for a while, ever since that guy caused trouble on one of his planets.”

“And after learning he had defeated a couple of Celestial already, he continued to watch, waiting for the right opportunity, and it looks like he’s fighting against someone right now.” One of the celestials explained.

Now Xox understood the reason for the space. When looking at planets through the white balls of energy, due to the space they were in, the lives, actions, and things that occurred on the planet were non-existent.

This was a safe way to see the events of the planet first-hand while also not being directly on the plant itself. Moreover, it was a common tool that celestials of their own galaxy would use, not usually bystanders or others.

“The celestial he is fighting against seems to be quite strong. Does anyone here know who he is?” Xox asked, but the rest just shrugged their shoulders.

After all, all they could see in the celestial space were balls of energy, and there were many that were shaped like the human in front of them. As the fight went on, some began to cheer for the celestial, especially Zinker, who bore a grudge.

“Now I understand why you didn’t try to stop him. He would have killed you in an instant!” One said to Zinker.

That was when the fight started to heat up, it came to a disappointing end, they both laid down their weapons, and now, most importantly, they hugged each other and now chatted, sitting on top of the mountain. The others were confused as they looked at each other.

“Don’t tell me this Celestial knows the Godslayer? Has this ever happened before?” Xox asked.

“Thinking about it, I have heard of cases like this, but usually it only occurs if the celestial is not a born one, and to still know someone, they would have to be quite a young celestial.” The other explained.

Hearing this, it was then that a light bulb moment ensued to Xox. “Do you know what planet the Godslayer is from?”

“Yes, he’s one of the troublemakers from Earth,” Zinker replied.

The celestial ball, Xox, started to bounce up and down as a shiver ran through his body.

“That’s 13B, it has to be. I never knew he was that strong. Didn’t he just enter the space? How is he that powerful… and he’s with the troublemaker God Slayer?”

“Does he know all of the Godslayers… this is not good… this is not good at all. If others find out about this… what will happen to the Milky way Galaxy?”

*** *** ***

Both Quinn and Sil were now walking back towards the way they came. They would have loved to have talked about some of the olden days, but it seemed more significant matters were at hand.

“I have a ship that we can use, and I placed it in my dimensional space, so it is safe unless something happens to me, but as I said, I never really knew where I was going and was just hopping from planet to planet,” Sil explained.

“And did you manage to kill a few gods during that time?” Quinn asked.

“I’m not sure,” Sil replied. “So far, I haven’t come across anyone who called himself a Celestial. Also, in the beginning, I stayed close to the planets near ours and slowly moved out.”

“When I landed on their planets though, they would just send people after me to attack me.”

“It was the same on this planet as well. I’m not sure who the God here is. Oh yeah, I do recall two opponents who gave me a really tough fight, maybe you’re talking about them?” Sil replied.

The two had different experiences, and this was perhaps the title that they both had. Still, Quinn was amazed by what Sil had achieved but wondered just how far he had come from Earth. After chatting for a while, the topic of how to return to the Earth came up.

“We could just fly from planet to planet and try to find the one I came from, but that could take a long time. Instead, I think it will be better if we get Athos’ attention and ask him to send us back.” Quinn explained.

“And how do you plan to do that?” Sil asked.

Just then, Quinn pointed at a large object in the distance.

*** *** ***

“What is going on!” People from below shouted as they looked at the tower, the tower they had admired for so long. It had several holes inside it, and most of it was enveloped in flames.

It was clear that it was no longer the great building they once worshipped, and at the very top were two individuals responsible for the whole incident standing in a single room.

It was bright, and the floor looked almost like they were walking on water while there was a clear sky above.

“With the two of us working together, it went quicker than I expected,” Quinn said.

“It would have been quicker if you let me kill those inside the tower. These guys tried to kill us, so I don’t know why you are letting them off,” Sil complained.

“It’s because they are just doing their job, and remember, we are the attackers in this situation. We don’t need to kill others to get his attention but taking down his towers is another thing altogether.”

In this tower, there were only fifty floors compared to the hundred on the previous one.

And as they got higher into the floors, Quinn sensed an energy. He didn’t know what it was, but he realised it was part celestial energy mixed with something else that was a little familiar.

“It’s right here! This is the source of the tower!” After a thought, Quinn punched down the waterlike flooring, and as it shattered, he could finally see the familiar thing as he picked it up and held it in his hand.

“Will you look at that, a Nest Crystal!” Sil smiled. “Maybe we can kill two birds with one stone with this method.”


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