My Vampire System ​Chapter 1765: The Legends Fight

The Legends Fight.

Two fists had collided on the vast icy planet in such moments that even the ground below them cracked. The Amra onlookers had never witnessed such strength in their lives and were pushed back by the aftershock of the collision. The guards in front of the gate wanted to join in to help Quinn, but they were quickly blown back into the tower walls by the shockwaves, just like everyone else.

Taking a deep look into the eyes of the other. Quinn was trying to figure out who this person could be.

A human that knows my name? And is this far out? I must have known this guy in the past. Quinn thought. It was then that a face had popped up in Quinn’s mind. It was one of the enemies that he would never forget, Hilston Blade.

But Hilston Blade was dead. This person couldn’t be him. Quickly thinking about it more and recalling Logan’s words, Quinn could only come to one conclusion about who the Godslayer was.


“Shut up!” Sil yelled as he pushed his fist further forward. A power boost suddenly came from behind his elbow as large flames flared out of it. The flames were gigantic, and the heat was heavy, as the ice where they stood instantly melted while the whole area behind him also began to melt as well.

The sudden surge in force had caught Quinn by surprise, and he felt like if he didn’t do anything soon, the attack would rip off his entire arm, and for the first time in a long while.

Quinn felt like there was the need to use one of his heavy skills.

Activating the soul weapon Immediately, Quinn gathered all the shadows to his right hand and condensed them. Now his arm up, till his elbow, looked like it wasn’t part of his body but it also meant he could take this attack at least.

“This power… it’s stronger than the last time I fought against him, but how is that possible? I guess should have expected this.”

“Those celestials didn’t give him the title of Godslayer for nothing. But I’m not sure how long Shadow Overload will work against him.”

After successfully blocking the attack, Quinn quickly leapt back. He had covered his wings in the shadow since he could still use them as if shadow overload was active. The only problem was that while the shadow was in this condensed form to stop attacks, Quinn couldn’t really use the shadow overload skill in the way he could in the past.

At least not with these few MC points he had compared to before, and not if he was expecting to block a few more attacks like the first one.

“Sil, it’s me, Quinn! Why are you attacking me? We can talk!” Quinn shouted.

“Talk?” Sil asked, placing both hands on the ground. “I’ve fought against a few of you, and I know these petty tricks. Do you think I will fall for this?”

“Quinn would never be out here, on this planet in the middle of nowhere, and you will pay for using my friend’s face like this!”

Quinn suddenly felt a chill on his legs, and upon looking down, he noticed they were beginning to freeze, and the ice wave was slowly coming upwards.

“The melted Ice from before… damn it, he’s using his brain.” Quinn had to react to one ability after another, and here was where the problem lay: Sil seemed to be stronger than before in terms of his abilities, and there was also the fact that this was the first time Quinn was facing a Sil who had access to every ability he had ever come across.

After freezing the ground, Sil was in the air and had two large whips of lightning in his hands.

They looked at least twenty meters in span as Sil whipped them once on the floor, instantly destroying the icy ground. The heat and the sparks instantly evaporated it, creating a sizzling sound of the steam.

“I’ve seen this level of power before in the game. If that thing hits me. I don’t think my regular body will be able to take it!”

And Quinn knew this would be troublesome since he could only use the condensed shadow to block an attack from one side.

Sil didn’t waste any more time and moved his arms back to whip the lightning at Quinn. They hit each other, creating a crackling sound from the sparks, and in the next moment, Sill pulled his arms, sending the whips towards Quinn, one towards each side.

“This damned ice will only slow me down.” Quinn used his strength to break through the thickness of it, and to be honest, Sil was quite impressed upon seeing this. That was no ordinary Ice.

“Fine, since you won’t listen to me and want to fight, let’s fight until you come to your senses!”

Quinn swung his own arms out, and two large long red auras instantly appeared out of his hands and headed towards the incoming lightning whip. Once again, as the two attacks clashed, they stopped mid air, and it looked like they were resonating.

All of this happened in a mere instance. Sil focused all his strength on the lightning whips while a red aura was countering his strength. The shockwaves from this attack were more extensive and even destroyed the walls and the icy ground around them.

[Item type soul weapon has been activated.]

Although Quinn wasn’t using his celestial energy because he wasn’t fighting against another celestial and didn’t want to go all out against his friend, he felt like he had no choice.

Red streaks ran up his arms like blood veins when using the item-type soul weapon because it was linked to Quinn’s blood and how it worked.

Swinging his arm down, Quinn couldn’t reach Sil with his weapon, but it caused an extensive line of blood aura to slice a cloud above in half. However, the attack had thoroughly missed Sil.

“I’m faster than him… but it’s those eyes.” Quinn thought.

As for the eyes, he was referring to, it was the ability that allowed one to see ahead of time. Quinn didn’t know how far in the future Sil could see with the current strength.

It was then that Sil threw down his lighting whip again, only this time, Quinn threw out his own weapon at the right time, hitting it away, and then charged forward. Quinn started to throw his arms out at a crazy speed, throwing outlines of red aura after aura.

By now, Sil had put his lightning powers away, and he was moving faster than the attacks, although this wasn’t exactly correct. Instead, Sil was switching between two abilities, one which allowed him to teleport and the other allowing him to see where the attacks would land.

Using these, he could carefully avoid everything while also getting closer and closer until finally, he leapt, teleporting right in front of Quinn, this time sending a flame kick right at the latter.

[Soul Weapon deactivated.]

[Nitro Accelerate activated.]

Using his still clenched shadow hand, Quinn raised it to block the attack, and at the same time, he threw his fist straight at Sil’s stomach, hitting him hard and sending him back into the air until he was out of sight.

“Shit… I forgot Sil was human, and I just threw out an all-out attack with Nitro Accelerate.” It just proved how tough of an opponent Sil really was, that Quinn had no choice but to use everything he had.

However, looking in the distance, it looked like there was nothing for him to worry about.

“My body… is not like your typical human.” Sil said, taking off his shirt and revealing his muscle-toned body, which was beaming with energy. Quinn could sense straight away that this energy was Qi.

Sil had his right palm facing the sky, and floating above the palm was an open book.

“It looks like I need a set of different abilities to deal with you. You are a tougher one than the previous guy I fought.”

He then placed the book away, and suddenly, as Sil walked, two more Sil appeared, and then three became six and so on. In front of Quinn’s eyes, Sil was multiplying.

“The great thing about this ability is once I have used it, it doesn’t require any more MC cells, and I can use another.”

It didn’t take long before more than a thousand Sil’s appeared off in the distance, now covering all of their arms with strong, powerful flames.

“Ah… Sh*t.” Quinn sighed. “This might be harder than fighting Athos.”


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