My Vampire System ​Chapter 1762: Meeting of two legends

Meeting of two legends.

Just like before, a strange light appeared below Quinn’s feet and instantly enveloped him. Only this time, he knew what was going to happen, so he wasn’t afraid, and a few seconds later, when the bright light in his vision disappeared, Quinn found himself in a totally new location. Although he had expected this, the teleportation ability did make him quite curious.

However, for now, his attention was more on the place he was teleported to.

“Well, one thing is for sure, I’m not on the same planet anymore.” Quinn thought as he looked around.

As far as his eyes could see, he only saw barren ice desert. This place was cold and windy, but he had a few tricks to keep himself warm with the help of blood control. One thing worth mentioning was though, that this place was beautiful in a way and reminded Quinn somewhat of the planet on which he had fought against his first Demon tier beast. He couldn’t help but sigh upon remembering that fight.

Then, not letting himself be distracted, he focused more on understanding where he was. He noticed that there were large slices of ice randomly stuck out, they were not small but not big enough to be called mountains either. Rather, they were like bundles of titled needles, stabbed into the ground.

Then at the same time, there were also what looked like trees. Although they too were covered entirely in ice, it was hard to tell from a distance whether they were frozen or if they were purely made of ice and were a natural formation.

“Well, this is definitely not the same planet I was on. So does that mean all the celestials just teleport people as they please? Or did Athos succeed just because I was in his tower?”

“Come to think of it, before Bliss teleported me to the Amra planet, I was in her white space. So I guess this might just be something high-ranked celestials can do?”

“Doesn’t this also mean if I was a high ranked celestial, I wouldn’t be having all of these problems of trying to get back and I would be able to instantly teleport back to the Earth.” Quinn was a little annoyed thinking about it.

If only his condition wasn’t so strange, but in the first place, he didn’t want to force people into these things anyway. He wanted the others to give blood, in front of his statue, on their own will, without being forced to it.

“Still, I would have liked to know how I would have fared against one of these celestials even though I have a lower amount of celestial energy.” Quinn clenched his fist, getting rid of his celestial form and placing back on his usual set of armour with the shadow.

“It’s not impossible to take out a celestial without any celestial energy, and these things called god slayers are proof of that.”

“They said my power also belonged to a god slayer, so I guess I’m not exactly the normal celestial compared to them.”

“Which means most likely these gods will underestimate me a bit just because my energy is lower than theirs. I doubt most of them know about me or my history.”

After thinking of this, Quinn decided he should at least start the task at hand. After all, a Godslayer technically needed to be stronger, so this would be no easy fight. On the other hand, the incoming enemy would at least be on Chris’s level.

In order to widen his search, Quinn used the tier wings to fly around. Unfortunately, Quinn hadn’t been able to practise with these much or improve upon what they could do since in celestial space, items like beast gear didn’t work, nor did his shadow powers.

It felt great to use the special demon tier weapons with his shadow, which meant he could block nearly any attack, but after fighting against the Sedi rank, he realised there might be times or ways that attacks could still get through.

“I have been able to increase my celestial and blood powers to a good level, but if this shadow is also some type of God slayer power, then I should be able to keep improving this as well.”

“There have to be more ways, more skills on how to use it, but I have always just used it in whatever way the system has given me… and I haven’t used shadow overload in a long time either. Not since I lost a large amount of MC points.”

Thinking about this, a certain person appeared in his head: Arthur.

Arthur knew a lot about the shadow, and he had developed his own skills with it. So if there was anyone who could train him how to use the powers or at least train with them, it would be Arthur.

“However, Arthur is not here… I wish there was some way I could talk to him.”

While continuing to fly around the planet, Quinn honestly didn’t really know what he was looking for. He soon saw different beasts fighting against each other and just others living their lives like they usually would, but then there was something that almost made his jaw drop, and it made him second guess if he was on a different planet.

“Is that… another tower!”

Looking at it from afar, it looked similar to the one before but wasn’t identical. This one was a bit smaller in length and size and was the same for the city around it.

“I guess I am still in Athos Galaxy. So it seems like he must have set up these towers on every planet.”

Getting closer, Quinn retracted his wings as he saw the people outside, and they were indeed what he had guessed; Amra. Their armour and clothing were slightly different but other than that, they were the same in every other way as the people in Geo’s village.

Heading up to the gate, Quinn thought his best chance was just walking in and asking them if they had any information about a Godslayer on the planet. However, it seemed like there was no need to, as the Guards walked out and bowed toward him.

“Are you the one named Quinn Talen?” The Tower Guard asked.

“Yes,” Quinn replied awkwardly, not sure how to reply. “Were you expecting me… I don’t really understand what is going on.”

The two guards bowed politely, and after raising their heads, they gestured for him to follow them while saying.

“Our God has told us of your arrival. He stated that someone in your description would be coming to help us. Please follow me towards the tower our commander will explain everything.”

Since they didn’t seem to be attacking him on sight, Quinn started to go along with them for the time being. Just like they said, they escorted him to the tower and here, a strong force of around fifty or so Amra were waiting.

Quinn recognised the Sedi rank Amra, and there were ten of them in total, but there didn’t seem to be anyone higher ranked among the group of people. From what he could hear, they were the highest-ranking people in the tower.

Soon, a Dark Green skinned Amra, who went by the name Peb, started explaining to Quinn as the rest of the troops got ready.

“The Godslayer has been located on our planet. Our lord believes that we might not be enough to apprehend him with our forces.”

“Also, we have had reports of many high-level beasts dying on the planet. This opponent seems to be a strong one.”

“So we prayed to our Lord to send some support. and it seems like he has answered our prayers.”

Quinn didn’t know how to take this. He was only speaking with Athos a few moments ago, so how long had Athos planned to use Quinn to try and deal with his problem?

“Well, I’m here now anyway… and I have to do a job if I want to get…”


Before Quinn could finish his sentence, everyone heard a loud explosion at the front of the gate from where Quinn had entered not too long ago. Soon after, several screams followed, and there was panic as the people started to rush towards the tower, shouting and calling on the tower guards to help.

“It looks like our little problem has come to us. This should be a quick one then.” Quinn smiled and activated his wings flying in the air.

“I’ll try and deal with this one as quickly as possible, clear the area if you want everyone to live!”

After shouting those words, Quinn flew straight towards the gate, and he could see sparks off in the distance. They were vicious, large and almost pierced the clouds even though they were coming from the ground.

“That’s a lot of power. Is this some type of lighting god slayer? It reminds me a bit of Owen. Well, let’s see how they deal with this!” Quinn thought.

Without using his celestial energy, he summoned up bis blood aura, but he had created a large spear his band and threw it as hard as he could straight towards the target below to test the waters.

Using his blood control, Quinn sped it up and followed as quickly as he could behind the attack, planning to follow up.

As for the target, he was in the middle of attacking the Amra that was coming toward him. He would hit them or strike them with lighting, knocking them far away.

From above, the blood spear was coming toward him, and it seemed like the person was too distracted to notice the spear. But when it was just a few inches away, the person turned around and grabbed the spear with his bare hand.

The strength and momentum of the spear pushed his body in the air and set him back a few, but he eventually landed on the ground now the spear was in his hand.

“I can see everything, even your next move,” the person shouted, throwing his fist out, and in the next second, it clashed right against Quinn’s follow up punch.

“Wait a second… you, you’re a human.” Quinn said, noticing the person in front of him. He had seen many human-like beings, but not another human being, and here of all places.

“Wait, this God Slayer is a human?”

“Quinn?” The person gaped, equally surprised.


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